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    Brand: Newport Apothecary
    $19.95 New

    Also comes in oval shape. Or, get the complete Zeus kit:

    Brush your MANE.

    At last–at long last–your beard is long and mighty enough to be brushed, not combed. You have advanced from being a mere sheep with a fluffy coat. You are now a roaring lion with a mighty man mane that women adore, and men envy.

    You can’t trust your mane to bristles of some plastic rubber-coated girly brush. You need a brush made from bristles of a slaughtered boar. You need a brush infused with shards of brass and iron, to stimulate your budding follicles, releasing them of dead skin cells and built up nastiness.

    Brush it. Brush that beard with patience and vigor. Brush it like you would a horse’s tail. Stroke it like you would the prow of a ship that you built with your BARE HANDS. Take pride in your mantle of masculinity, and it will serve you well for years to come.


    Brush Strokes




    Another option is the military style boar bristle brush from Brush Strokes. It’s about $10 cheaper than the Zeus, and is very popular, with over 100 positive reviews on Amazon. It has a glossy, oval handle in a lighter wood, with boar bristles in multiple colors.

    I prefer the Zeus because it has a rough finish without gloss in a darker wood, which feels more masculine to me. I also like how they chose only the black boar bristles from the animal for the Zeus, instead of including the silver ones, which adds a nice extra touch. But, the Brush Strokes is an excellent option for the price conscious.

    Premium Beard Brushes

    Kent MN1B Gentleman’s Beard Brush

    Beard brush


    Beard Brush from

    This is truly a luxury item. It was created by the famed Kent brush company in England, which has been making men’s grooming brushes for over 240 years. This one is wildly popular with men, enjoying a 5-star rating with over 20 reviews on Amazon.

    Instead of going with the wood’s natural color, they stained this beard brush a dark ebony color. Contrary to the Zeus, they chose only the white bristles from the boar, creating a striking contrast. You won’t find this one on a bargain shelf, and for good reason. This is only for men wholly committed to their beards.

    Beard Brush Cleaner


    Over time, dead skin and plucked hairs accumulate in a beard brush. These can be quite a nuisance to clean out. Using soap and water alone will leave you plucking hair and gunk out for days. Instead, use this beard brush cleaner. Insert the cleaner at the bottom of your beard brush bristles and scoop outward, purging your beard brush of all sorts of built-up nastiness.

    More Beard Brushes

    The above brushes are my recommendations, but I have collected an assortment of other beard brushes below that are popular and have good reviews. Take your pick!

    A Beard Brush With a Handle


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    Oval Black Bristle Beard Brush


    black beard brush

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    Cherrywood Beard Brush

    Cherrywood beard blush

    Beard brush from

    Aluminum Beard Brush

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