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    The best rated beard comb.

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    Brand: Mason Pearson
    Review: 4
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    This Mason Pearson beard comb is my top pick due to it’s unique “rake” style design. The deep grooves and long teeth make it ideal for taming unruly beards.

    Your beard is a mess. It’s curly, crazy and all over the place. You, sir, need a beard comb.

    Other men let their scraggly beards grow in every direction. This is suitable on only two occasions:

    The first is if you’re a hobo. You call the local freeway overpass your castle, and your horse is a shopping cart. Your beard is home to any number of six-to-eight-legged things, and one can’t tell where mustard ends and ketchup begins. And you reek of swamp.

    The second is if you live in the Himalayas. Or Alaska. You built a log cabin with your bare hands and every day, you pull a giant, wriggling trout from the local stream. Your best friend is a bear named Freddie and you regularly take beavers out for a romantic dinner of wild nuts and berries.

    If you are neither of these two things and desire to instead take real women out on a date, use a beard comb, with a healthy compliment of beard conditioner. Pummel those wiry strands into submission with a few daily strokes of your fine-toothed, gentlemanly comb. Don’t put a bow in your beard or anything (we don’t want to be too extreme); just give your beard a quick combing through once or twice a day with a handy beard comb.


    Learn  more about beard combs.

    Wooden Beard Combs

    It’s popular in the professional bearding circles to use hand-carved wooden beard combs. The Evolatree company makes some of the most highly respected wooden beard combs, and their collection comes in a number of unique, masculine shapes. Here are my favorites (click the image to see pricing details):


    Stainless Steel Beard Combs

    The Chicago Beard Comb Company makes an excellent line of stainless steel beard combs, in matte, glossy, and brushed finishes. The craftsmanship on these combs is unparalleled. They come with leather sheaths, and some come with black finishes.


    Ox Horn Beard Comb

    Here’s a little luxury item for you. A beard comb hand carved from ox horn. This is particularly interesting to me, of of course, due to my alter ego.

    This is my favorite beard comb because I love the feel of horn. It is smooth, easy to clean, does not absorb oils, and sturdy. I hear that the hand-carved comb teeth can shatter, however I have never had it happen in my 2 years of owning this comb (conversely, plastic combs tend to loose their teeth easily in my hands).




    I really like it! I could do without the word “Oriental” on one side, but I’m just being picky now.

    Photo of the Ox Horn comb.

    Oxhorn with an Ox Horn.

    Metal Wallet Beard Comb



    This is a pocket sized glossy metal comb designed for beards with wide teeth. It fits in your wallet like a credit card, so you can keep it with you inconspicuously. A handy comb for the man on the go.


    Other Beard Combs

    Kent’s Comb Set



    A comb for every occasion. Kent is famous for their excellent comb and brush quality, and have been making combs and brushes for gentlemen for over 200 years. They are saw-cut, and hand-polished. They come from a static-free material and are injection-moulded. This set gives you a comb for all your needs at a great discount price. It includes:

    • Pocket Mustache Comb – Model 81 T
    • Rectangular Beard Comb – Model FOT
    • Curve-of-palm Hair Comb – Model R7T
    • Get the Kent Comb Set

    Mason Pearson Rake Style Beard Comb
    The best rated beard comb.

    Buy the beard comb from

    Hand-Crarved Baxter of California Beard Comb

    Baxter of California beard comb

    Buy the beard comb from

    Extra Small Fine-Toothed Mustache Comb

    Photo of a man holding a beard comb.

    Buy the beard comb from

    Tortoise Long-Toothed Beard & Mustache Comb by Kent

    A fine toothed pocket comb for beards.

    Buy Beanie Beard from

    Folding Pocket Mustache Comb by Kent

    Folding Beard Combs

    Buy the folding comb from

    I like how this one can be discretely folded up and placed in your pocket, preventing lint and other gnarlies from accumulating in the teeth.

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    1. I totally agree to the point of this post. beard hair was mostly getting curl when their grow. many of time beard hair get very messy to .so to maintain it we need beard comb.

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