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    Photo of a nice big tub of heavy duty beard balm.

    $28.50 – 4oz, Extra Large

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    Brand: Honest Amish
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    $28.50 New

    Make it Sway.

    You’ve seen that guy. He has an epic beard, but it sticks out in all directions like a fellow encumbered with too much static electricity. His wavy strands look and feel more like porcupine barbs than a healthy, studly beard.

    Don’t be that guy. Get your beard in line with some beard balm. Rub it in your hands until it has the consistency of melted butter, and then massage it into your bristly man mane like you’re kneading dough. After a few applications, your manly glory will glisten like dew clinging to grass on a spring morning. Your beard will sway like a refined older gentleman who has seen a thing or two.

    Don’t be a porcupine. Balm up.

    How to Use Beard Balm

    Beard balm is not like beard oil. You have to melt it to get it to work. In this video, I show you how to use beard balm:

    Here are the basic steps:

    1. Scrape off a little beard balm with your thumbnail.
    2. Place it into the palm of your hand.
    3. Rub your hands together quickly until it melts, fully coating both hands.
    4. Apply liberally to your beard.

    More Beard Balms

    Beard Balm


    $14.95 – 1.6 oz

    Buy Beard Conditioner from

    Grave Before Shave Beard Bomb

    Beard balm by grave before shave

    $19.99 – 2 oz


    Baxter of California Pomade

    Beard pomade by baxter of california.

    $20.00 – 2 oz


    This beard pomade cream has a light hold. It tames rogue strands or styling your mustache, without making your beard rigid.

    Professor Fuzzworthy Gloss

    Image of professor fuzzworthy's beard gloss

    $15.98 – 1.3 oz

    Buy this Beard Gloss from

    Heavy Duty Beard Balm


    $16.50 – 2 oz

    Buy this Beard Balm from

    Stingray Bay Beard Balm

    Photo of Stingray Bay beard gloss

    $16.80 – 2.03 oz

    Buy this Beard Balm from

    Beardilizer Beard Balm


    $19.95 – 4 oz

    Buy this Beard Balm from

    Honest Amish XL Beard Balm

    Photo of an extra large tub of beard balm.

    $25.50 – 4oz

    Buy this Beard Healing Salve from

    Natural Man Beard Balm


    $12.99 – 2oz


    Henri & Claude Beard Balm


    $18.00 – 1oz


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