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    Billy Jealousy Beard Grooming Kit

    Photo of a beard care kit.



    The Billy Jealousy beard grooming kit gives you a cleanser and beard styling gel with a handy brush. While thin on included items, it does have an excellent price. See below for more beard grooming kits.
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    Beard grooming is a lost art. Your grandfather and his grandfather were experts. After all, any refined gentleman of that bygone era was raised to take exquisite care of his facial arrangements. Their knowledge, it seems, is lost to time.

    Let that not be so! Take ownership of your manly mane by grooming it daily. I’ve assembled a collection of beard grooming kits to get you started. Each kit comes with different items, so read the contents before purchasing to make sure you get what you need.

    Beard Grooming Kits

    Mustache Grooming Kits

    We all know that taming a mustache is an art in itself. There are an assortment of combs, waxes, and clippers you can choose from. Below is a small collection of the best mustache grooming kits:

    Stern Mustache Grooming Kit

    Image of a mustache grooming kit.


    Since mustache grooming is such a unique beast, it requires some specialty tools. Not any garden-variety comb will do. No, you need one to comb the kinks out, and another, stiffer comb to apply mustache wax. This kit comes with everything you need in a beautiful wooden box that will look stunning in your bathroom or garage. This kit contains:

    • Mustache wax
    • Mustache comb
    • Mustache brush
    • Mustache scissors
    • Wooden container kit


    Other Mustache Grooming Kits

    Not everyone needs a hand-made wooden case or top-quality items. Below is a collection of discount mustache grooming kits that are sure to fit your budget.


    Shaving Kits

    While I don’t condone the shaving of the beard, some men like to tighten up their beard styles by shaving the cheeks, or shaving the under-beard. For that task, nothing is as good as a safety razor.

    Merkur Safety Razor Shaving Kit

    Image of a safety razor shaving kit


    This safety razor set includes a Merkur safety razor, which is the world’s top manufacture of safety razors. This kit includes the following:

    • Merkur long handle safety razor
    • Shaving soap
    • Badger bristle lather brush
    • Chrome-plated stand for safety razor and brush
    • Chrome-plated soap lather bowl

    This is the same kit I’ve used at home for the past 4 years. In that time, it hasn’t rusted or fallen apart, and I am absolutely in love with the Merkur razor. The razor alone is over $50, so this kit is a huge bargain. You can see my collection of other safety razors here.



    Grooming Lounge Stuffed Leather Beard Grooming Kit

    Beard grooming kit with razor


    This shaving kit is what your granddad called a “dopp kit”, which is an essential for every man’s bathroom cupboard. It comes with a 100% real leather travel bag which, by itself, retails for over $150. The safety razor has a real ivory handle. Truly, this is a luxury item for gentlemen only. This kit includes the following:

    • 100% real leather travel bag for toiletries (dopp kit)
    • Face Wash
    • Shave Oil
    • Shaving Cream
    • After Shave
    • Ivory safety razor
    • Chrome safety razor stand


    Other Shaving Kits

    Here are some other discount shaving kits. They aren’t as good of quality as the previous two, but the are much easier on the wallet. And they work.

    • Simply Beautiful Shave Set – $85.86 – This kit has much of the same stuff as the previous one, only the soap bowl is plastic.
    • Van Der Hagen Shave Set – $33.79 – All pieces are plastic, except the lather bowl. Does not include razor.
    • Discount Shave Set – $8.99 – All pieces are plastic. Does not include razor, nor razor stand.

    Conditioning Kits

    Mountaineer Beard Oil + Beard Tamer Combo

    Photo of a beard conditioner set.


    This affordable kit comes with a beard oil, for keeping beard strands healthy, and a beard balm, for giving your beard shape and keeping it soft. Cheaper than most stand-alone oils and balms, this conditioning pack is quite a bargain. This kit includes:

    • Beard oil
    • Beard tamer balm


    Summertime Beard Oil Kit

    Photo of the beard oil conditioning kit.


    The fine fellows at OneDTQ came up with this nice collection of beard oils that not only smell great and hydrate your beard, but protect you from the mighty rays of the sun. Your beard already protects your chin from from the sun, but what’s protecting your beard from getting thin, wiry, and looking like straw? This stuff.

    This kit includes:

    • Sundown beard oil – 1oz
    • Sun Defense beard oil – 1oz
    • Cooling Blend beard oil – 1oz


    Other Beard Conditioning Kits

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

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