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    Brand: Do Vitamins
    Model: VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula
    3.5 based on 99 reviews
    $29.95 New

    You can rebuild him. You can make him (grow) faster.

    Do your beard a favor. For too long it has been trimmed, plucked and maligned. Embrace your beard and let it grow free and strong with support by these beard growth pills, a new vitamin supplement that will make your beard grow longer, faster, better. Filled with all sorts of microscopic bits that help men function, this beard formula works as handy men’s multivitamin too. Use it in combination with the beard growth serum and–BAM! Instant Gandalf.

    A photo of beard growth pills in action.A Gandalf beard = hawt ladies.

    In addition to taking these beard growth vitamins, it also helps to take protein supplements, especially if you do not eat a protein rich diet, or if you eat a lot of fast food. Here are some supplements I have used:

    • Testosterone Booster – Testosterone supplement helps men with low testosterone grow thicker, wilder beards (while also helping fix an assortment of other male health issues). It has 4/5 stars on Amazon and over 100 positive reviews.
    • Beef Gelatin Capsules – 90% protein. Protein is essential for vibrant beard growth
    • Biotin – A vegetable protein. Helps metabolize amino acids. It goes hand-in-hand with the beef gelatin capsules above, or used alone if you don’t eat meat or animal byproducts.
    • Viviscal – Viviscal improves the health of beard hair, preventing thinning and actually thickening the beard hair fibers.
    • Advanced Men’s Formula – These vitamins strengthen hair bristles, discouraging premature shedding.

    Take up to three beard growth pills a day to make your beard grow faster. Your strands will break less often. Your beard will come in thicker and longer. More importantly, you’ll achieve the length you so desperately crave much faster. Gone will be your days of piddle-farting around with a teeny tiny beard of shame. Remind the world of your resplendent manliness with a new, long beard that waves in the breeze. You can do it. Your beard has faith in you.


    VitaBeard Beard Vitamin Reviews

    These are real VitaBeard reviews from Amazon.

    5/5 Stars, Review by Russel Mcallister – link

    Been taking these pills for a few months and found they really do work, due to work conditions I only grow a beard on holidays but find the beard grows quicker and thicker than it did when I didn’t take the tablets.

    5/5 Stars, Review by Ali Ayed Amer Almutairi – link

    Let met explain something , our facial hair as men need specific vitamins to grow better we don’t have this vitamins daily in our meals but this product solve this issue so you need to take it daily , im on my third day now on taking this vitamins and believe it or not i can now see that my mustache grows really better my beard grows well before taking this product so i ordered it specifically for my mustache and im pleased with the results so far and i will continue to use it i ordered two cans of it they should hold up for 2 months and after i finish them i will post pictures after and before .

    5/5 Stars, Review by Ely Suarez – link

    I’ve only been using this for about 5 days and I already see a small increase of facial hair. I was a bit skeptical at first about getting this. But so far, it has not disappointed at all. For anyone looking to buy this, I do recommend it. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot you will def get at least a small bit of growth.

    Learn more at amazon.

    Read more reviews.

    Jack Passion Uses VitaBeard Growth Pills

    Famed beard growth champion Jack Passion uses and promotes these beard vitamins on his website, and gives them rave reviews. If the world’s most famous bearded man uses the beard growth pills, then I’m fairly certain they’re the real deal.

    A photo of Jack Passion taking vitabeard.

    Learn more at amazon.

    Other Options


    A photo of beardilizer beard vitamins.


    Learn more at amazon.

    A slightly cheaper option is Beardilizer, The Dietary Beard Hair Complex. In addition to helping a beard grow (marketed as a beard multivitamin), Beardilizer also helps a cure dry itching and red chins and cheeks.

    Beard Active

    Currently out of stock.



    Learn more at amazon.

    BeardActive is only recently available in the U.S., but it’s been for sale in the UK for quite a while.


    This item is available in the United Kingdom only.




    Beard Envy

    This item is available in the United Kingdom only.




    More Beard Growth Supplements

    Below is a collection of beard growth supplements I have reviewed in depth. I’ve listed them in order of effectiveness and positive reviews. You should use these in addition to the beard growth pills to improve the health of existing strands, and to decrease beard hair thinning.

    #1) Viviscal

    Viviscal is a supplement that increases the health of existing beard hair, and keeps beard hair from thinning. It is backed by 5 positive clinical trials, and was personally recommended to me by Dr. Alan Bauman, a beard hair transplant and regrowth specialist, in an interview I held with him recently. It takes between 6-8 weeks to see results using this supplement, and you will see major beard hair thickening after 6 months. It has no known side effects, does not conflict with any known medicine or supplement, and has over 810 positive reviews.

    A photo of Viviscal beard growth pills.



    #2) Men’s Hair Regrowth – Advanced Formula

    This advanced formula is marketed for head hair, but it works equally well for beard hair. It is designed to strengthen hairs that already exist. If your internal makeup is slowly choking your current beard hairs, or preventing new hairs from growing where they otherwise would, these supplements will help keep what you have strong, and empower your dormant follicles to sprout.

    Note that the 60-pill pack is only a 30-day supply, so to fully test it, be sure to get a few packs.

    Beard hair regrowth formula.


    Learn more at amazon.

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    About the Author

    Brandon M. Dennis
    Greetings, fellow beardsmen! I'm a beard health expert and journalist working out of Seattle, Washington. I'm also an author, marketer, and story-teller. Read my swashbuckling fantasy sea adventure novel, The Tale of Cloran Hastings, and click my name to learn more about me. Enjoy the site!
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    1. Do any of these products truly work? If so, I’d have to buy them, because I want a large beard of awesome.

      • I’ve personally never used the pills, however reigning beard champ jack Passion uses vitamin supplements designed to grow his beard, and he personally endorses the product on this page. Here’s a PR release on the pills:

      • i have a question, i had laser hair removal done on my beard for my EX, now i my side burns won’t grow back all the way, Will these Pills help with that???

      • Hey, I got a problem of growing beard, beard is not growing, I have used some spray but not really much result, so what I can use from these tablets to get a full beard ??

        • Yes, I suggest using many of these products together to achieve the best result. Keep using the spray, but start taking the Vitabeard beard vitamins, along with a beard growth serum. You can also try using a beard growth shampoo in the shower.

          • Hey, first thing I need to know how to order them, second thing wants also to inform you that I got mustache and chin hair, and after I used the maxinol spray for a whole got sides hair but still thin and not full

            • Sure thing! Click the links in my last comment to find what you need.

            • u told me before i uses these products, so when i use vitabeard beard vitamins and beard growth serum and beard growth shampoo after i use these products 100% i will get a full beard?? and if yes, when they starts to work to get it??

            • Sadly, no one can answer all of these questions for you, because every person is different and responds different to treatments. You should always talk to your doctor first before embarking on any treatment or taking any supplement.

              That said, Vitabeard will help by giving you the nutrients your body needs to grow a beard. If you are already healthy, you don;t need Vitabeard.

              The serum and shampoos use minoxidil to force your follicles to grow, which WILL work–given time. You should use the treatments as often as the product labels suggest for at least 6 months before you will see new consistent growth.

    2. I was just wondering, if my genetics make it hard to grow a beard, would these pills and the serum help grow it faster?

      • Maybe. The beard growth pills will give your body the nutrients men need to stimulate follicle development and, hence, beard growth. I’m not sure about the serum, but it’s worth a shot!

    3. Okay so, don’t tell anyone, but I have a REALLY hard time growing any sort of hair. Everyone at school makes fun of me. Shoosh, I tell them, but they refuse to listen to my papping. It’s quite annoying. Anyhow, can you tell me which one of these products is best so I can impress one of my female friends who is… well she’s beautiful…..

      • Well my classy friend, it may be that you’re not old enough yet to grow a full beard. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping your body for full beard growth early. I recommend you try the Vita Beard Growth Pills, linked here on the site (go to the Beard Care section). These pills give your body the nutrients a man needs to stimulate follicle activity, and they should jump-start your beard growing adventure.

    4. Hello Mr. Dennis I am 15 (Almost 16) and I am aspiring to grow a beard. I am at the very embarrassing stage that everyone gets. Fluffy facial hair : ( So I shave about once a week however, once I get out the Fluff stage I want to grow a beard. These pills seem to work from what I have seen but I have one question. What are in these pills? Any preservatives? Coloring? Oils?


    5. i am aged about 24 years and i hav a problem of hair growing on ma face and my hands. i feel shame when my friends tease me that u dnt hav mustache and beard. so can u please suggest me the proper medicine to grow ma beard. please mail me.. thank u

    6. Carlo Burlat says:

      is it safe to take this medicine or freely can be buy through over the counter do I need prescription from the Doctor? and how much and cost of one bottle?

    7. hey can I get these at any stores other than online? CVS, Walmart, Walgreens….ect…??

    8. Are they avail in south africa?

    9. is it available in bangladesh

    10. I can already grow a beard, however it doesn’t get too large, I would like it to be bigger, and to grow in more on the sides. Will these help my facial hair grow in on the sides more as well?

    11. Bambambrandon says:

      I am able to grow a mustache and hair on my chin just not on my cheeks or not as much on my side burns will this help in those areas

    12. Hey guys 25 from the land down under
      I really REALLY want a beard but yet to even come close I can grow some hair but it’s mainly just around my neck.
      Which Pill is most suited for me for a fast Lush Beard??

      • Basically these pills are only going to help you grow facial hair if you have he genetics, if no one in you family can grow a beard, its highly likely you can’t grow one either. These pills are just packed full with vitamins that specifically help in hair growth, so like I said, instead of being a magic pill that gives everyone a beard, they just boost what hair you can grow.

      • Hi Shannon, welcome! Cody is half right. It’s true that your genetics play a huge role, so if none of the men in your family have beards, then it’s very likely you’ll have a hard time too.

        The other half of the equation is your own personal level of testosterone. Higher testosterone levels indirectly allow for facial hair growth, while too much testosterone can indirectly lead to premature baldness. If your family genetics simply produce lower levels of testosterone, or if your eating and environmental habits reduce your level of testosterone, then the right vitamins can “unlock” your personal family’s genetically pre-defined beard growth aptitude.

        These pills are vitamins that can help get your testosterone to a healthy, beard-friendly level. They simply allow your body to do what it was designed to do–grow a beard.

        If you’re in a hurry, you could try some testosterone boosting supplements, or begin a testosterone-friendly health regimen.

    13. Hey i’m 25 and have beard growth only near the chin. Does this VitaBeard help in hair growth in other parts of the face?

    14. Thanks oxhorn
      I tried to purchase the VitaBeard pills from this site but it said it wouldn’t allow to send to my address and I don’t have another address
      So do you guys ship to Australia Victoria ?? Or is there another site I can go to get VitaBeard?
      I have wanted a beard for years and have a nice neck beard lol but doesn’t seem t wana grow up my sides

    15. Thanks guys.
      I’ll try anything to get a beard I mean I have farcical hair I guess I’m just slow in tht area.
      I don’t think Amazon likes Australia or just my area.
      If you guys recommend the cream or sprays what one is the best?

      • I would try the cream first, and if that doesn’t work (give it a month), switch to the spray. Also, see if Beardilizer will ship to your area.

    16. r this is availlable in uae (ajman)

      • They ship from, and Amazon says they ship all over the world. However, I have heard other readers outside of Europe and North America say that Amazon won’t ship to their home. So, while Amazon says they will, I would go through the check-out process and see for yourself.

    17. In my family, Both my mum and father, Have very hairy genes. Its crazy. I’ve started growing out my beard. My main question is. If i immediately stop taking Vitabeard. Will my beard start fallout? Is there any side affects?

      • Likely no, beard vitamins give your body the nutrients it needs to activate dormant follicles to grow hair. Once activated, they’ll stay activated unless hindered by balding or stress. The vitamins should jump-start beard growth, but once you have a beard, you can stop the vitamins and your beard won’t fall out.

    18. Thank you ^^^ My brother told me that if I was too start, Then stop on the vitamins. The side affects would last a couple days. I shall never trust his information before.
      My next question, Is entering a beard competition with ‘Steroids’ for beard growth fair?

    19. What is the difference between minoxidil and VitaBeard ? What is the best?

    20. Dear Oxhorn, I’m working on my beard since Movember, and seems like missing quite some spots here and there, will this pills help me? if it will i will do the tauren banana dance for you..

    21. I just turned 18 and I’m pretty close to having a full beard. I’ve been growing it out for two months already and I’m very excited because I want to eventually shave the sides and keep a thick long goatee. Which supplement or pill do you recommend for thicker and more growth? Thanks!

      Also I posted a picture here if you want to see what my beard looks like

    22. I got a bottle of these off Amazon and couldn’t wait to start taking them. But when I I got the bottle I read it and it states something about not taking them if you smoke.. Well I do smoke and was wondering what are the reasons to not take these if I smoke.. Yeah I need to stop smoking lol..

      • Gosh! I didn’t know it said that. Well, I’m no doctor, so please consult your doctor first. But as for me, I smoke an occasional cigar and I have yet to have any problems with the pills. They are, after all, simply a men’s health multivitamin, and should be harmless. But if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor first.

      • Hey Jayson,
        Some studies have shown that supplementing with beta-carotene can be harmful to smokers by increasing their risk of lung cancer. Since VitaBeard contains 2500IU of beta-carotene per serving, they put this warning on the label. Hope that answers your question.
        Good Luck & Grow For It!

    23. I have only mustace and i dont have any beards, would these pills help me grow some beards ?

    24. Beard grows on my chin, but not my cheeks. I’ve been taking beardilizer for 2 weeks and I’m not seeing any changes. Should I have started with the cream? I bet Chaz Bono doesn’t have this problem?!?

    25. Greetings Oxhorn! I was curious to know what the UK equivalent of this product is called and well as the serum. I search for it on but no luck.

    26. Thanks Brandon!

    27. Just got these pills, not that I am in a hurry but would like to know how long does it take for these to start working?

      • It takes patience, but thankfully, we beardsmen are well known for our sage-like patience. After you stop shaving, start taking the pills and give it at least 3 months to see benefit. Remember, your follicles have been starved of beard-growing nutrients for years, so it will take some time for them to catch up. Keep bearding!

    28. anthony cavallaro says:

      Can you take vitabeard if you smoke ?

    29. HI! im tomi! i dont have side beard… it can help to grow?

      • You sure can. How old are you? Do the men in your family have beards?

        If you’re older than, say, 23, and you still can’t grow a beard in certain spots, then you need to alter your diet by eating protein and possibly taking beard growth supplements.

    30. Im 21, and my Father dont have long side beards and beards on neck and chin.
      I really wanted to have it… but i really dont know what to do..

      • Well, it looks like you’re genetically predisposed to not grow facial hair very well. That makes you a perfect candidate to try beard growth vitamins.

        Now, I’m no doctor, so PLEASE talk to your doctor first if you have any concerns, especially if you drink or smoke (I drink and smoke and am fine). But, with regular use, they should help.

        Also, be sure to take the pills with a meal filled with protein. Or, if protein is not a natural part of your diet, take protein supplements like beef gelatin capsules, or biotin.

        Please come back after a few months and let us know how they work for you!

    31. hi, i took the beardilizer last month and i am really impressed for the result. then this month im taking vita beard because i saw some reviews that the content of the capsule is double compare to beardilizer. the problem, is im a smoker. beardilizer don’t have any problem with smokers, while vita beard does. and when im taking the pills, i got dizzy and my chest got squeeze-out-like. can you help me? thanks in advance!

      • Holy cannoli! On the one hand, I’m impressed that you saw such great results from Beardilizer. Kudos mate! On the other hand, I am very scared that you suffered when taking VitaBeard.

        Please consult your doctor, and until then, stop taking VitaBeard. I smoke cigars and tobacco pipes and VitaBeard has never harmed me, but cigarettes may be another thing altogether (which I don’t smoke). Still, I have heard very few others complain of these symptoms when taking VitaBeard. So I’m not sure what the cause is.

        Still, to be safe, please stop taking VitaBeard. It looks like you have had great success with Beardilizer, so champion on good fellow! And please come back and report to us if Beardilizer helps your beard grow even faster. I’m excited for you!

    32. oroghona johnson says:

      can we get these pills in nigeria..

    33. This may be a stupid question but is this going to promote hair growth all over the body? Because that’s slightly undesirable.

    34. I’m 35 and I’ve always wanted facial hair or a beard. I can grow some facial hair, however it grows in patches instead. And it looks lame. The dilemma is I was adopted. I’m mixed, Korean, white Japanese. I have no records of my biological parents. So I have no idea genetically what they looked like. Would these pills help me to fill in the missing patches on my face. So I can grow a beard. Or not? Thanks.

      • Thanks for writing Freddy. Yours is a very tricky situation! The short answer is yes–these pills will work, but only if you have mature follicles on your face, as determined by genetics, that simply need a jump-start. The fact that it can grow in some places is encouraging.

        I would try the pills for at least 3 months, and see what happens. Read the product reviews to see what others have experienced.

        As a last resort, you can always brute-force your follicle growth using the beard growth serum, which will work. You just have to use it forever.

    35. Brother what is Beard Active like? is it the same as VitaBeard?

      • It is very similar! I haven’t tried it, but it is designed to compete with VitaBeard. It only ships from the UK version of Amazon, for now.

        • Yes, cuz it is hard to get VitaBeard in Europe, Amazon doesn’t send to my country VitaBeard and the only site i found that does, hasn’t delivered me the product yet ( i’ve been waiting more than one month now…) i will write a review for you once i get the product

          • Thanks! Let me know how you like it.

            • Hey, it’s been 3 weeks since I took my first VitaBeard capsula and i think it does work. My beard is starting to show some results, the beard is really growing faster than usual, however i still have problem with some areas on my cheeks and i haven’t noticed any increase of mustache growth. But it is not a problem, since it’s been just 3 weeks. I bought 4 bottles and i will write review for others every month. I also bought a bottle of Lipogaine, but i’ve been using it less than a week so i can’t give any review at the moment…hope i will grow an awesome beard :)

            • Awesome news! Yes, please check back in often and let us know how your beard progress comes along. I’m excited for you!

    36. Dear sir ,Wheather vita beard and other relevant product can be deliver in India. . wat are all the side effects which you hav experienced and recommended to avoid. .

      • Since it is a simple male multivitamin, only specifically targeting beard growth, there should be no side effects. However, if you are concerned, you should always talk with your doctor first before taking any type of vitamin or medication.

        As for shipping to India, sadly I do not think these products can ship to India. I know they ship all over the world, to Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, and elsewhere, so please try shipping it to India to see if it will work.

    37. Can we use Minoxidil & vita beard at same time. If I start to use vitabeard means how much days i need to take that vitamin tablet

      • Yes, you can use both at the same time, as far as I know. But again, please talk to your doctor first before taking any pills or medications.

        Since this is a multivitamin, you need to take it to supplement your body with nutrients it lacks with your current diet. So, if you eat the way you do now, you’ll need to take the vitamins forever to maintain beard growth. If, however, you start eating more protein, and cutting out sugar and bad carbs, then over time you should be able to stop taking the vitamins.

    38. Vita Beard Booking was failed due to delivery address was not in Bangalore. From where I can able to purchase this product in bangalore or any related phone numbers to purchase the product. Plz suggest to procure

    39. I have beard on chin and sides and itz nt full on face so what should I do to grow beard wholly on my face

    40. Dear sir,
      i have 24 years of age and till now don’t have increase of my beard and chin.
      i don’t have a sufficient hair growth in my body.
      it is s big problem and i cant face my friends and colleagues.

      can you suggest any formula for the growth of my body hair?
      waiting for your reply


    41. Hey brother…it’s been 7 weeks now since my first pill….my beard is starting to show some results, but i still have to struggle with the time factor which is my worst enemy hahaha :)) Lipogaine is also starting to show some results, i’ve been using it for 3 weeks now…i believe true results will show in about month or two…i’ll let you know how things are going for me in about 2 or 3 weeks. Peace to all brothers out there!

    42. Shannon James Mclachlan says:

      hey guys
      I am a 25 year old from Australia i have trouble growing hair its slow and not full at all i can grow it around my chin and neck ok but still not lush or full the hairs are to far away to even have a decent goatie but i want a beard sooo bad
      i cannot grow hair on my cheeks or even connect up the stash to the chin.
      i need maybe a combo of something’s to help me grow hair everywhere and make it full and lush as well so also fill it in.
      aswell as how long will i need to take them for or is it a life long commitment?
      My family Genetics are not the best as my family tree is VERY small and mostly Unknown.

      so as i was saying Men I need SERIOUS help to complete one of my life long goals of having a Lush Thick Full Manly Beard
      would there be a combo out there that will work for me?
      Cheers Men

      i am that committed to My Dream Of Having a Beard I have A Beard Tattooed On My Pinkie Finger

    43. shannon james mclachlan says:

      is there anything I am able to do and take a combo as such to help me with the cheeks and sides as that doesn’t grow bugger all hair
      pills sprays serums?

    44. shannon james mclachlan says:

      thank you very much for you reply
      I am having trouble with purchasing the products as amazon will not let me
      so I have to go through another site
      which is stronger and the difference between vitabeard and Beardilizer?
      aswell as how long is recommended to take these products for?
      life long?
      aswell as would like to ask about trimming what little facial hair I have back does that have any positive affect on new hair growing?

      thank YOU SOOOOOO MUCH

      • Trimming a beard does not make it grow faster. However, trimming your split ends can keep your beard healthy. See my article on trimming a beard, here:

        How to Trim a Beard

        As far as I know, both Beardilizer and Vitabeard work equally well. If you try them both, let me know which works best!

    45. BeardedBogan says:

      G’day mate! I am 20, I have a question, I am looking at growing a ducktail beard, I have a curly beard so I will more the likely be using the straightening cream to pull off the look, I have no issue with growing a beard, but I want it to be thicker, it is too thin for my liking hence why I haven’t managed to pull off the ducktail, yet

      Will these pills hell with that or are they more so designed to give more length?


    46. My beard is quite full (save for small strips on my chin between soul patch and handlebars) but my beard is kind of soft. It feels almost young. My families genes are incredible, like my father had a beard down to his waist line for a while, but mine doesnt seem to do that well, should I just give it time? Will it ever become more rugged/thicker?

      • How old are you? Usually, men with thin beards who have strong family genetics will grow thicker beards by their mid-20s. If you’re concerned about it, try taking some men’s multivitamins and eating enough protein. The Vitabeard vitamins on this page work wonders.

        • hey sir , i serious need vitabeard am from nigeria i was scam 2times online abut this very drugs ,so i need pple that sale it over there to send it to me b4 i make any payment

          • Hi there drake, processes all payments and shipping. This website does not handle purchases or shipping. If will ship to Nigeria, then you can be confident you will receive your item.

    47. Pls sir hlp me I don’t even no where to start purshas it I have not buy somthing online befor. My friend is the one hlping me on this case but I don’t need him this time cuz I don’t trust him can I get the drugs from u plz or can u hlp me to purshas it or maybe phone numbers to call or email God bless u

      • Hello Drake, thanks again for commenting. I suppose there has to be a first time for everybody, when it comes to making a purchase online. I’m glad yours is today.

        First, these are not drugs. They are beard growth vitamins, considered safe enough to be sold over-the-counter.

        Second, please read the text on this page. At the very top I list the price of this item, which is $29.95.

        Finally, please click the big, shiny, green “BUY NOW” button directly underneath the big, shiny, green price, listed at the top of this page. This is the only way to buy the item. As with most online businesses these days, there is no option to order by phone or mail.

        A company called processes the purchase. If you don’t know, Amazon is a credible business that has been processing transactions honestly and in a timely way for over 15 years now. They are safe to work with, and they can ship items to most places in the world. They do not ship everywhere, so please see the detail page on Amazon by clicking here to see if they ship to your location. In order to make the purchase, you will need a credit card, debit card, gift card, or PayPal account.

        I hope this information helps you make a purchase on!

        As a final reminder, you must click here to make the purchase. I’ll write it in all caps, on a line all by itself, just to make sure you understand. Thanks!

        CLICK HERE

    48. afiqaris says:

      Im keen on purchasing the vitamins,(Vitabeard).Im from Malaysia,South East Asia.
      What kind of postage methods do you recommend or is there a neighbouring supplier closer to where im from.
      How much would it cost me to courier the vits to malaysia.

      • Hello Afiqaris, unfortunately, I don’t know any other seller of the beard growth vitamins than the one I link to here.

        This seller ships from Amazon, which has a number of shipment centers around the world. But every seller can choose whether or not they want to ship outside the USA.

        The only way to find out is to try to purchase the vitamins, and see if they ship to your location.

        I hope that helps!

    49. Hi, I’m nearly 19 and have only on a few hairs coming through on my chin and moustache and I want to be able to grow a full blown beard but I just don’t know if I should use both the serum and the vitamins or just one or what, I’m also a little worried that I would have to keep using the serum, if I used the serum and then stopped using it will my beard never grow again without using the serum?

      • Not at all! If you stopped using the serum, only those hairs generated BY the serum will eventually fall out. Any hairs you previously had will remain. I suggest starting with the vitamins, and then use the serum in the vitamins don’t show sign of improvement after 3 months.

    50. Dear sir madam I hv no beard I want beard pls suggest me for full beard

    51. Hi Brandon!

      Loving the beard community ur website is attracting! i have a question, i have a fairly short full beard, i’ve been really looking to growing it out completely for quiet a while now..but i have a few problems, i have a few scaring on my checks dude to some acne from back in the days, so my beard doesnt seem to grow faster and completely there..:-/ and on a whole my beard is ALOT thicker on my chin only [i used to sport a goatee from highschool and ever since].

      Do u think these pills will help with these problems? im starting to wonder if the thickness is lesser on the rest of my face other than my chin [goatee] is due to my past acne scarring.


    52. Oso Peludo says:

      Dear Ox, greeting you from Mexico. I am 32 years and in the last five years I have decided to use full beard, but I have repeatedly discouraged because my short hair does not go with my beard, and I shaved my beard .

      Is why I want to know if these growth pills, help my beard and hair grow like a Viking.


      • Thanks for the comment Oso. Beard growth is a slow process and requires patience. That said, yes, these beard growth vitamins will help your beard grow better.

        If you want to help your hair growth too, try using biotin.

    53. Aris Indonesia says:

      Hi Mr. Dennis! I’m Aris in Indonesia. I hope some of your products can help me to grow a full beard in my face. Do you ship to Indonesia?

      • Hello Aris, fulfills all orders, so these products only go where Amazon can go. If Amazon ships to Indonesia, then yes, these products (some of them) will too.

        Please check with Amazon to see if they ship to Indonesia.

    54. Great post! I really want to try vitabeard, but Im living in Norway. Any way to get them here without going broke?

    55. My father has never grown out his beard but he does have a full stubble on his face. I am 22 almost 23 in a few months but still have patches when it comes to facial hair. Does this mean I wont be able to grow a full stubble like my father? I noticed you mention 23yrs as a general cut off, or am i just a REALLY late bloomer?

    56. So I had an infection on my face a while back on the sides of my mouth going downward. This the part where a mustache and beard connect. I used antibiotics to kill the infection but ever since then, this spot will not grow in. I am 23 years old and can grow facial hair around this spot but there is a huge patch where it doesn’t grow. Ive tried to find out why but ever since the infection it just won’t grow on the sides of my mouth. I feel like the infection messed up my face but i dont know. If i grow my beard out it would look awesome its just that spot that won’t grow will these pills help grow this in? I really don’t know why those follicles are stuck

      • How long ago was the infection? Did it damage your follicles and develop scar tissue? If so, then it is possible that those follicles are permenantly damaged, and they will no longer grow hair. If this is the case, then the only thing that will grow hair there again is if you have a beard transplant.

        If, however, your follicles still work, then they just may need time to heal. Once healed, these beard growth vitamins will surely help. You can help them along by taking Lipogaine, which is a beard hair growth serum.

    57. Hi dude. I am 19 years old and only grow patchy sideburns, facial hair on my chin and patchy facial hair under my chin. The little bit of facial i get actually grows pretty quick. Like i could shave my facial hair on my china and under my chin and within 2-4 days it will be centimeter or half. But how can i get the rest of my face to get facial hair quicker? I used two tubs of vitabeard and it didn’t really do anything at all. I have purchased some serum and i can see if that does anything. But my father told me he could grow a full beard by the time he was 18 so i don’t see how my genetics would be much different? But hopefully you can help me out. Thanks a lot. :)

    58. Hi my 14 years old I need a beard fast my friend Kyle watter has one but I want one now be for hight school will these pills help me

      • I have some hair on my lip but do these pills make grow a longer beard

      • Hello Joey, thanks for your comment! At 14 years old, you are too young for a beard. Some boys grow beards at very young ages. I grew mine at age 15. However, many other boys do not grow beards at all until they are much older. My brother didn’t grow a beard until he was in his 20s.

        It is very normal for you to not have a beard at 14. My advice is to not rush nature. Do not take any pills or creams to help you grow a beard until you are an adult. You will probably grow one all on your own when you get older. Someday, your beard may be even bigger than Kyle’s! But for now, be happy with a young face.

    59. Hi again will these pills make grow the longest beard

    60. Thanks for your help

    61. Hey mate, I’m wondering if you can recommend one of the pills ? I grow a beard well, but I’m looking to fasten and also make my mustache thinker.

      From Australia, thanks mate !

    62. Hi brandon

      I use minoxidil 5% with testosterone booster my beard start growing so great ? I grow a fine beard the problem is when i shave it grows so slowly and i know that i have to use minoxidil forever i ordered vitabeard 1 month supply so my usages is minoxidil 5% + testosterone booster + vitabeard is there anything else should i add to get better result ?

      Thank and sorry for my english i’m arab

    63. Hi brandon another question what is better spray minoxidil or foam minoxidil i ask maybe 6 doctors 3 of them say foam and the others say spray i’m very puzzled right now so what is better foam or spray ??

    64. Hi brandon can i’m using minoxidil 5% right now can i use beard growth spray too to speed up the result ?? Or one is enough ?

    65. I’m wondering if I can take bear dicier I’m 16 my facial hair grows but it does not grow big and thick

    66. I’m 23 years but i don’t have beards and i would love to see my face with with beards because i want to feel the man in me. Please is there any way you can help me. Note neither non of my brother has so. please help me if you can

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