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    The beard rogaine.

    Photo of beard growth serum cream.

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    Brand: Lipogaine
    Model: Rapid Beard Growth Formula
    4 based on 401 reviews
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    Now you too can grow a beard.

    With over 400 positive reviews on Amazon, Lipogaine is proven to jump-start beard growth, even for people in their 40s who have never grown beards, or younger fellows whose buds have not yet sprouted. Better than rogaine, this beard growth cream will penetrate your follicles and beat them up. Then, once they have squealed for mercy, the serum will force them to grow long, robust, and beautiful whiskers. No more patchy beard for you! This beard growth serum needs to be applied to the face every day, and when combined with beard growth pills and beard growth shampoo, your follicles will sprout like weeds.

    The Science

    Minoxidil, the primary ingredient in beard growth serum, works by increasing the blood-flow through your capillaries to your follicles, giving them the nutrients they need to grow lustrous, strong, and long. The only drawback is that if you stop using Lipogaine, your beard hairs will eventually wither and die, and you’ll be a baby-faced urchin again.

    Photo of beard rogaine.

    Similar to rogaine, this beard serum dissolves layers of built-up waxy sebum that clogs pores and chokes out growing beard hair. In short, this beard serum is a proven medicine for restoring beard hair growth, and has been used by men safely for decades.

    Pro-tip: If you believe your natural good testosterone is too low, consider using a safe testosterone booster.


    1. Slather the beard growth serum on your face
    2. Let it sit for a while (read the packaging). This is a serious commitment folks
    3. Wash off, and apply a beard moisturizer to keep your skin from being irritated

    It helps to take protein supplements, especially if you do not eat a protein rich diet, or if you eat a lot of fast food. Here are other supplements I have used:

    • Beef Gelatin Capsules – 90% protein
    • Biotin – A vegetable protein. Helps metabolize amino acids–goes hand-in-hand with the beef gelatin capsules above.
    • Viviscal – Viviscal is designed to strengthen beard hairs and prevent them from thinning. It also actually thickens current beard hair.

    Follow this regimen for many months, and you will certainly start to see results. Some men report improvement after only a few weeks, while others say that it takes 2-3 months before they see results. GROW A BEARD.

    Learn more at amazon.

    Need more convincing? Read this interesting article on io9 that breaks down the science.


    Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Lipogaine. This Minoxidil application is simply the pure product, and comes with a 12 month supply (so you only have to buy it once a year, which will encourage you to use it long enough to see results). As an added bonus, it’s FDA approved, and has been successfully used for over ten years. This product was personally recommended to me by beard transplant and regrowth specialist Dr. Alan Bauman in an interview I recently did with him.

    Photo of Minoxidil beard regrowth serum.


    Note: Lipogaine and Minoxidil are proven products with many great reviews. For the price conscious, I’ve collected some other beard growth serums that are easier on the wallet, but have not been tested as long as Lipogaine, which you can see below. Please read the reviews for each serum before you buy.

    More Beard Growth Creams

    Rapid Beard Growth Formula

    Rapid beard growth formula

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    Beard Growther Serum

    Image of the beard growther serum.


    Beard Growth Cream

    A photo of beard growing cream.

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    Beard Growth Balm

    A photo of beard growth balm.


    Beard Growth Serum

    A photo of a man's beard and beard growth serum.

    Learn more at amazon.

    Beard Growth Salve

    A nice photo of beard growth enhancing salve.

    Learn more at amazon.

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    About the Author

    Brandon M. Dennis
    Greetings, fellow beardsmen! I'm a beard health expert and journalist working out of Seattle, Washington. I'm also an author, marketer, and story-teller. Read my swashbuckling fantasy sea adventure novel, The Tale of Cloran Hastings, and click my name to learn more about me. Enjoy the site!
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    1. i want to grow a beard but ive got no sideburns, just a goatee… will these products really help me

    2. Hey is there any way to get this stuff in the UK…i have looked around and i cant find it

      • Yes, go ahead and click the link above. I’ll automatically direct you to the UK version of Amazon and show you the UK version of the product, if it exists. If it doesn’t exist, I’ll perform a search for you and show you the most relevant products you can get shipped to you in the UK :)

    3. I have a nice beard in a mustache but they don’t connect will this help Connect my beard to my mustache

    4. if you already have a small beard will this product help it grow longer and thicker

    5. hi oxhorn
      i’m 22, asian and managed to grow a goatee with a large bare spot at the center. as my goatee is rather thin and no hair grows on the sides on my chin. I live in singapore and tried buying the vitamins and beard growth serum but they don’t ship to my area. help an eager to grow a beard brother please?

    6. Can you use it if you’re between 16-17? I have a small stubble and I’m trying to grow it a little and was wondering if I could using the stuff above and if so what do you recommend? :)

    7. Brandon J. says:

      So I am taking a beard growth serum right now and my beard is actually growing and pretty fast well compared to how it normally grows or lack there of….. But the hairs on the left side of my face are growing extremely thin is this normal and if not is there something I can take or do so it may grow thicker

      • This is normal, based on your genetics. The hair follicles are likely there in those thin patches, but they have not been activated due to your age, genetics, or diet.

        Try using Lipogaine for months on these areas, and consider taking a beard vitamin to give your follicles the food they need.

    8. I have a question……if these products wake up your hair follicles, then why is it necessary to continue applying the product after the growth has started? I have a pretty good follicle count on my chin and neck but it thins out a bit on my face. I want to be able to grow a full, thick beard without having to buy these products over and over. Is it possible that some people don’t need to keep applying this stuff after the initial growth? What are your thoughts and suggestions?

      • This is only true with products that have mindoxonil in them–like Lipogaine and Rogaine. Products that don’t have minoxidil in them, like the beard growth vitamins, will not make your beard stop growing if you stop using them.

        There has been little testing done with the other products listed on this page, so I do not know if the same is true for them. My only suggestion is to try them, stop when you’re ready, and see what happens. At worst, your face goes back to where it is now :)

    9. Hello!
      I am 19 years old, and my beard is growing decently – except for my moustache.
      Should I consider the pills, or should I just wait and see?

      • Your upper lip will probably fill out over time, but it won’t hurt to start the pills now to speed things up.

        Hold off on the serum for a while. I usually don’t recommend the serum to folks until they are past 25.

        • Adel-Alexander Aldilemi says:

          Oh ouch, I ordered the serum before the pills. :S I guess there’s no harm to start with the serum before the pills is there?

          • Not at all! In fact, some men use both the serum and the vitamins at the same time.

            • Adel-Alexander Aldilemi says:

              Cool! I wanted to ask, I tend to use a facial exfoliator right before I go to bed, should I apply this before or after the exfoiliator? Also, is it fine if I just use it once a day?

            • Read the packaging before using, but yes, I think once a day is fine.

              The problem with using any product after the serum is that you might dilute the medicine, or strip it from your face. This is especially true with exfoliaters.

              I suggest you bathe, exfoliate, and then dry. Once dry, use the beard growth serum according to the directions that come with it. That way your pores are open, and your face can absorb the medicine more easily.

    10. Hello!
      What i need to help my chin beard grow more, cause it didn’t grow much evenly and is very fell of the chin are growing.what i need to take and use to help it grow thicker? TYVM

    11. Hi, I’m 22 years old.
      I have thicker hair under his chin, but on my cheeks are a lot of small, white, thin hair.
      On the neck hair is very little, some are white and thin, some are black.
      Generally, the entire face have a lot of small hairs that are white and thin.
      Only under the chin and cheeks, places are black.
      What do you recommend for me to the hair on his neck and across his face was black and thick?
      My dad and grandpa have a very thick beard.

    12. Hi, I’m 20 years old
      I grow full sideburns and mustache but no chin beard. I do have little chin beard but it’s not visible from afar or close. Also, my left sideburn beard grows thicker and faster than my right side. Between the Beard Growth Serum and the Beard growth Spray, which one do you think I should use?

    13. Hey Brandon, I’m still pretty much confused about how the serum works. I’m 25 and have patches on my sideburns. So are you saying if I use the serum and actually achieve my sideburns hair growth goal, I have to keep on using it?

      • Yes and no. The serum works by releasing minoxidil, which jump-starts your dormant follicles and gets them to start growing. But, if you stop using it, the minoxidil is no longer there to “open up” your follicles, and over time you shed them and don’t grow them back.

        However, if your body chemistry gets healthy when you stop using the serum, then your follicles will stay open, because there is less DHT (bad testosterone) to block them. Consider also using a testosterone booster to jump-start dormant follicles (or begin a testosterone-boosting health regimen).

        So, if you want to work yourself off of the serum, start taking beard growth pills and other supplements like biotin. Once you use the beard growths serum for a while and see results, you can stop using it. If you remain healthy and keep taking the pills (or change your diet and lifestyle to promote better beard growth), then you should be good to go, and you won’t need to take the serum anymore. That said, you can always keep using the serum safely and your beard will never be at risk of diminishing.

        • Thanks Brandon. One more question, are there any side effects from using any of these products?

          • The short answer is no. Lipogaine and Minoxidil are FDA approved and have been used by hundreds of thousands of men for decades. The long answer is that every man is different, and while it is very unlikely that you will experience any side effects, you should consult your doctor if you are worried. Please read any and all packaging that comes with the products you buy, to educate yourself!

    14. Hey! Do you have any beard grower? I really want to have a beard in my chin and in the side burn. Please help me, I can’t find any remedies. I really wanted to grow beard.

    15. I’m 23 years old and can only grow a thin mustache with 2 maybe 3 hairs on chin. What would you recommend in my case?

    16. hello how i shall take vita beard pills, before bed pills or before dinner time, and im a bodybuilder so all the day im taking protein and im 19.5 years what is the best time to take the pill for me ??

      • Great question! Always consult your doctor before taking supplements. Also, please read the indications that come with the beard growth pills, but I take them with my meals.

        • Thanks for the reply, i want to ask another question i have a light hair on my face and grow very slowly it takes maybe 3 weeks to come out and i feel like the growing stops after 1 month of not shaving it, and u must be really close to see the patchy hair on my face. Anyways, will Vita beard help me or shall it take another supp?

    17. For how long should i keep it before washing off?

    18. Hi Brandon,

      Just out of random, no idea how I came across this topic of beard. So am curious to know how stuff works. Have read a bit from your site and found it very interesting and have gain some knowledge in this. So now my question to you is:

      I am at the age of 27 and I have very thin fine hair on my cheeks, Even though after I have tried shaving them, when it grows back it is still as fine and thin like baby hairs. I have semi chin hairs, forms the shape of triangle and it looks like its countable but that’s it. As for my upper lips area for the mustache, I can see hair pores but only a few strand that is able to fully grow. I would like to know, what kind of product would you recommend me to use for my thin fine hairs to grow and look thicker. I am looking forward to try the products that you will be recommending me and will be observing how it would help me.

      • Thanks for commenting mate. I covered this topic in my post on patchy beards, here.

        In short, you should start by taking beard vitamins. If, after a while, this doesn’t work, try taking beard growth serum.

        Happy bearding!

        • Hello Brandon,

          I’m 24 years old and I barely can even grow a bristle.. I mean, it grows a little bit, on my chin and sideburns, and I mean a little… On my cheeks it grows by 4-5 hairs that barely can be seen. I would like to grow a regular bristle and then only a beard. What kind of product you could recommend for me that is the most matches to my issue?

          Thank you very much in advance.

          • Sure thing mate. I wrote on article on exactly what you’re experiencing. In it I suggest products you can use to fill in thin or patchy beard growth:

            How to Fix a Patchy Beard

            • I read the article that you wrote, and also there’s so many products to choose from, but I can’t decide which suits for me. What if I will use Spray beard growth? Also, If use a beard serum, which one is the most does the job? Because most of the serums are made for a hair loss on scalp of the head..

              Thank you.

            • Valid concerns Ruslan. Here is what I recommend:

              Start with the Beard Growth Vitamins. Use them for 3-months straight without shaving. You should see some positive results.

              If you don’t, then choose either the beard growth spray or the Lipogaine. Even though Lipogaine is designed for head hair, it works just as well for facial hair. A follicle is a follicle.

              Using the Lipogaine will work. You will need to keep using it to enjoy lifelong benefits.

    19. Thank you very much!
      I’ll keep you posted, regarding changes.

    20. Casper says:

      is there anyway I could possibly show you the beard I have so far, to pin point the problem then take some advice?

    21. which minoxidil cream is available to use in the uk?

      • Visit the Minoxidil cream I link to on this page. If the unit itself is not available, this website should direct you to other options based on your location.

        If all else fails, please try BeardActive–a beard growth vitamin which I’m pretty sure ships to the UK.

        Get BeardActive

    22. Is it best to start clean shaven when using minoxidil cream? or is it ok to keep the beard I have now and use it on the areas I want etc

      • Well you don’t need to use it on parts where you’re already growing a beard. You should use it only on bald spots. But, once those bald spots start growing, you’ll need to keep using it on those places, even after hair starts growing.

    23. marvin mendez says:

      which is better, vitabeard or beardilizer? i started taking beardilizer today but just noticed that vitabeard has better reviews and more users. Also are there any side effects to applying lipogaine directly to your skin? I’m thinking about buying one bottle of lipogaine to just start the process but i dont want any unnecessary damage from it, like any damage to my skin or anything like that.

      My situation: heres my dilemma, im 24 years old, i grow a little mustache and some hairs under my chin but its not thick, but you can tell its there. i grow some thicker hairs around my sideburn area but nothing on my cheeks. my older brother can grow a full beard no problem, so my guess is my genetics might have some potential for a beard of my own.

      any recommendations towards a “beard kit” of my own? vitabeard or beardilizer? lipogaine? beard growth spray (i like this one because its natural)?

      for now i will continue taking my pills, 3 pills 3x per day…

      • Both Vitabeard and Beardilizer are great brands. Vitabeard has been around longer, and is a more established brand.

        If your beard doesn’t grow in full, check out my article, “How to cure a patchy beard“, which you should read. In short, you should start taking beard growth vitamins, and possibly take a beard growth serum.

        Always check with your doctor before using medication or supplements, but yes, Lipogaine is generally safe to use along with beard growth vitamins, and yes, you can use it directly on your skin.

    24. Hi
      Am 25 year old and have mustache but not thick like others and few hairs on my chin only
      I want full & thick beard am from pakistan sugesstd me products for full & thick beard with fast growth.

    25. Hello I just wanted to know what to use instead of minioxidil supplement i already have biotin 10000mg and a multivitamin that i use for when I go gym so im covered in that aspect but I need something to wake up dormant follicles. Thanks

    26. Where to buy these products ??

      • Click on the big green “Buy Now” button and you will be directed to amazon, where you can buy the items.

        • Dear Brandon,

          Now I want to buy the right products.

          1. My sideburns are not thick and slowly growing so need to get it thicker and growing fast.
          2. My upper lips ad chin have thick hair but not many so I want to grow more new hair to be full of hair in this area

          Please let me know which suits No.1 and which suits No.2 hen can I buy it.

          Hope to hearing from you soon.


    27. Age 34 here… In the past I’ve used Rogaine/Minoxodil in liquid form on my patchy beard spots, (which basically is one large symmetrical void on my chin; below the “soul patch” but above the chin edge, & then directly across between each “mutton chop”. The perfect huge gap to screw up the connection of a full beard) but due to the alcohol content (30% v/v), which is used as the carrier for the Rogaine/Minoxodil product, the skin of the face burns easily. Very red, very irritated, with the redness lasting for days! The other so-called inactive ingredient is propylene glycol (50% v/v) which may have played a part in the irritation as well, but I don’t know. So needless to say I quite using it and was disappointed over not only the investment, but the impossibility of continuing with the product. However, If alcohol were not part of the equation I doubt this would be an issue. As far as Minoxodil in cream form, this may work better, if it’s a different make up. If only alcohol (and/or propylene glycol) is part NOT part of the ingredients. Is it??

      • I’m sorry for you! Minoxidil works, but definitely don’t take a product that irritates your skin.

        When you click the link, please read the ingredients list before purchasing, to see if it contains alcohol.

    28. Brandon, Im 17 and I’m experiencing small stubble and my sideburns are growing but not alot. Should I consider taking any beard vitamins since i really want a full beard but again im asian.

    29. Adel-Alexander Aldilemi says:

      Do I have to wash it off? It doesn’t say anywhere on the bottle.

      • Which bottle did you purchase? Lipogaine?

        It depends on the product. Some of them are leave-in medicines like lotions. These you don’t have to wash out.

        Others are more like shampoos. You use them in the shower, and then rinse them out, leaving the medicine in your beard.

        • Adel-Alexander Aldilemi says:

          Yeah I purchased the lipogaine. :)

          • Take a look at the bottle when it arrives. It will come with directions :)

            • Adel-Alexander Aldilemi says:

              Yeah I guess you’re right. It said just to leave-in. No where does it say ”wash it off” Would it be a better idea to apply my moisturiser after the leave-in lotion? I’m afraid that if I do that, I’ll just wipe out the lotion over areas of my face where hair isn’t meant to grow. :S

            • I would apply a very thin layer. I don’t think it is meant for your whole face. Just use it in places here and there to fill in patches.

              After you apply it, you can take a washcloth or wet wipe and wipe away any extra that got where you don’t want it.

    30. Hi, I’ve recently ordered Green Magic hair growth. It’s supposed to help head hair and facial hair grow thicker and quicker. Do you know if the product works well? Or know anything about this product for beard growth? Thanks!

      • Well, it has 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, with 23 reviews. Looks like the reviews have both good and bad things to say about it.

        I have never used this product before (this is the first I have heard of it!) so I’m sorry, I can’t tell you more.

        Let us know when you get it and tell us how you like it :)

    31. Hi I m 25 years old and I haven’t beard yet I m look like 17 year old boy.what I do? I m from Dubsi uae

    32. Evan JT says:

      Hey Brandon,

      Discovering these products have been a blessing – although I have yet to purchase anything. I am actually a transman (female-to-male). I have been on testosterone for over a year now. My facial hair is light, and just a tad patchy. However I do want to sport a nice full beard more than anything, which I have yet to gain. It has yet to change into coarse stubble as well. I’ve been really eyeing these products to help improve its growth. I feel like it would do wonders for my dysphoria. Although I’m not sure if I should really hold off until another year passes by, or if it would be okay to buy it now.

      -Evan J

    33. Hello so I’m 22 yrs old and I’ve been growing my beard for about 6-8months trimming it here and there to try and make it look better. I notice that i have some patchy areas on the sides as well as the mustache and beard not connecting. My hairs even though they seem thick they don’t look that way. what can i do to get a full beard to look good.

    34. hi mate, I’m 24 asian, would like to grow beard. Do u think these product will work? as we know most of asian has no beard. Thank you.

      • Asians may have a hard time growing beards, but they DO have beard hair follicles. This means that, yes, these products will work for you.

        Minoxidil stimulates the follicles to grow, even if you’re genetically pre-disposed to having a bald chin. SO, snag a 3-month supply of Lipogaine and you should be good to go.

    35. Noe Ortiz says:

      Hi. I just recieved the lipogaine and the package says it for your scalp. But I bought it with the intention to use on my cheeks where my beard is thin. So my questions are:

      1. Is lipogaine (minoxidil) safe to use on my face? Even if the package says for scalp??
      2. The package includes a dropper. Should I use the dropper? Or use my hands to apply the solution?
      3. Last question. The package does not say whether or not to wash off the solution or to leave it on

      • Lipogaine was created for scalp hair, but it works on the face too. (And anywhere else follicles are present on your body).

        Please read the instructions that came with Lipogaine. I think you are supposed to leave it on your face. Please contact the company that produces Lipogaine to verify.

        You should be safe to use your hands to apply it. The dropper is for precise measurements.

    36. Dear my friend brandon,
      Today i decide tobe a beard man, but i havent beard genetically. So, i buy this weapons:
      Kirkland liquid, biotin and also beard oil(honest amish)
      My friend, please give me the best way and usage squence and dose to make my all weapon works. Of course my goal is growth faster, and healty.

      Thanks you fellas.

      • Sure thing. Start taking Biotin immediately. This will improve the health of existing beard hair.

        Next, use Kirkland minoxidil anywhere you want your beard to grow. Follow the instructions in the package.

        Finally, use the beard oil early in the morning to condition your beard before going to work or school. This helps keep your strands strong and healthy.

        Good luck mate!

        • Thanks brandon,
          So, what the best timing to apply this items? I mean, i use biotin at night before sleep with minoxidil at chin, then at the morning i use the beard oil after take a bath. Fyi, I start this with no beard anywhere in my face and im 24 years old. Please my friend, give more details applying..
          Thank you..

          • Use the Biotin vitamin in the morning with breakfast. Use the beard oil in the morning right after your shower (the steam helps your beard absorb it better). Finally, use the Minoxidil ONLY on patchy places where hair will not grow, as often as the directions that came with it tell you. I suggest using it at night before bed, so your face cab absorb it during the night.

    37. Hi, I am a south asian 18 year old, i have been trying to grow facial hair (I have never shaved. My facial hair is black same as my head hair). I turn 19 at the end of august and there has been no heavy hair growth. the hair on my face is quite light. I have a bit of thick hair on my chin and thats about it. I have light hair on my cheeks and a light mustache. I have tried natural oils such as castor and jojoba oil to try stimulate hair growth but no luck. What would you recommend me doing?

      I eat normally, I have a protein in my diet and also take protein shakes, I take supplements to make up for fish and nuts as I am allergic to nuts and fish.

      • It sounds like you are doing everything you should. Most likely, your genetics are telling you that you’re still too young. Do you have grown men in your family that have beards? Ask them how old they were when they first started shaving, if they remember.

        My advice is to grow into it. You really don’t need to worry about not being able to grow a beard until you are in your mid-20s.

        That said, you can always force your whiskers to grow early by taking Lipogaine, and applying it to your face. It should work at your age.

        • Hi Brandon,

          My dad has heavy/thick facial hair and my mum has had her hormones checked recently and she has been told my the doctor that she should (without shaving.waxing) have heavy/thick hair, it runs in my family even my uncles/cousins also have heavy facial hair. My dad has said at 18 he had a thick beard.

          Is pure sesame oil good for hair growth?, my doctor has prevented me from using lipogaine as it can affect my blood pressure (apparently :s )

          • That’s a shame! I’m glad you talked to your doctor. Lipogaine dilates small blood vessels, but it shouldn’t affect your overall blood pressure. That said, always trust your doctor over some guy on the Internet (me!)

            Sesame oil is sadly not a good substance to promote beard growth. As a carrier oil, it is mainly good at conditioning your beard, not encouraging it to grow.

            Instead, I think beard growth vitamins are your best shot.

    38. Heyy !

      I just bought some rogaine foam, can I use it on existing facial hairs or just where a have no facial hairs ?

      Cheers man !

    39. Can I get the Black Phomthong product in Larnaca, Cyprus.

    40. Hello Brandon I want to know what other products wake up dormant hair follicles apart from minoxidil. I don’t want to take it at the moment as I just recently had a heart problem. So I want to know what else I can take. I currently take biotin 10000, rapid hair growth formula and a multivitamin but I havnt noticed any real difference. Would be much grateful for advice. Thanks

      • Hey, to wake up dormant hair follicles my dermatologist told me to take equal amounts of PURE SESAME oil and PURE CASTOR oil, heat it up till it is warm and massage it on your face where you want hair… they both increase blood flow to the face/hair follicles…

        • Any time you apply a hot liquid or oil to your skin, it will dilate your capillaries and increase blood flow to your follicles–temporarily. But as soon as your face cools down, these benefits go away.

          Sadly, there are no special beard growing qualities to sesame seed oil or castor oil that I know of.

          If you try this method, please report back top us and let us know how it works!

      • Sorry to hear about your heart problem! Short of using minoxidil, a good beard growth vitamin is your best bet.

        • Thanks for your concern and I take a multivitamin already that I used from when I used to go to gym from optimum nutrition is there a real difference?

    41. I am 21 and I am having only 4-5 strain of hair. However they are increasing at a rate of 1-2 strains of hair every year, that’s way too slow. Please give me some suggestions on what shall I do. And I am from India, please also help me in finding this products over here. Thank u in advance!

    42. McPreBeard. says:

      Does it really wither your hair away if you stop using it? Or was that a figure of speech? I’d like to have a free, independent beard that owes to no master.

      • Your beard remains as long as you keep using it (assuming we are both talking about Lipogaine), but once you stop, the NEW beard that only grew because of the product will eventually fall out and not grow back, until you start using the product again.

        • So what would be the point to using this if it just goes away when you stop? You’d have to really depend on this product a lot and buy it regularly, right?

          • Yes. It’s kind of like hair dye–the dye in your hair lasts for a while, but eventually, you will have to dye the hair again.

            It takes a long time for beard hairs to fall out. Sometimes a beard hair will fall out on its own in 3 months. Sometimes it will last 6 years. It is different for each person.

            When you use minoxidil on your beard, it deflates the capillaries in your face, allowing nutrients in the blood to reach your face follicles.

            When you stop using minoxidil, your capillaries gradually return to their former size. This chokes off nutrients from reaching your beard strands. New ones won;t form (where they did not in the past), and old ones will remain until you naturally shed them. Then, they will not grow back until you use minoxidil again.

            Remember, existing beard hairs that grow well without need for minoxidil will continue to grow like normal, even if you stop using minoxidil.

    43. LonesomeBeardsmen says:

      Will this actually grow whisker hairs or will it just increase vellus hair? And is there anything that will make my vellus hair thicker? I seem to have those little blonde hairs in the places I wish to grow more beard hair.

    44. Hello, i’m a 22 years old guy with beautiful mustches and a bit if hairs everywhere, but with a lot of holes, I’d love to grow my beard but my father and almost my parents haven’t got it. So my question is: will this really help me? If yes, which product will you suggest for my case? And there’s possibility to buy it in UK.. Wait for answers, thanks you in advice!

    45. hi my age is 25 im having very very thin mustache and goat beard. can you please give me suggestion to grow my mustache and beard.

    46. Are their alternativsles to lipogaine? I have VitaBeard and soon beard oil. Both cost roughly $25 plus the $25 from Lipogaine, on a monthly supply limit that turns into quite an expensive passion every month.

    47. Beardtook says:

      I read an article that says minoxidil “may cause a severe drop in blood pressure and decrease collagen, making your face age faster”
      Is this true?

      • Where did you read that? This is the first I have ever heard of such a thing. Please share your reference–I’d love to look this up.

        I wouldn’t think this is true. Men have been using minoxidil for decades with great success. Minoxidil works simply by dilating capillaries, increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. I don’t see how this could harm collagen.

        If you’re worried, consider using minoxidil as directed, and a good facial moisturizer in the morning before the day begins. This will help prevent early aging.

        • Beardtook says:
          • Thanks for sharing. The article does not cite its sources, and makes a less than convincing argument. Personally, I’ll ignore their advice.

            Instead, let’s look for side effects, as reported by expert organizations, including the US government, and webMD:

            Neither of these sites list “decrease in collagen” as a possible side effect of using minoxidil. Nor do they mention anything about “aging faster”.

            Since minoxidil is available “over-the-counter”, it has been determined safe by the appropriate governmental regulating agencies. This means that the risk of harming yourself or using it improperly is so low, that governmental healthcare officials do not require approval from a doctor before allowing you to buy it.

            If you are in any way concerned about your health, please contact your doctor FIRST before buying and using anything containing minoxidil. He will be able to tell you if he thinks you are at any risk by using it, because he knows your personal health situation better than anyone.

            But, with all of that said, there is no evidence I can find that minoxidil makes you age faster, or reduces your blood pressure.

    48. Beardtook says:

      The packaging box for Lipogaine suggests that I use it twice daily. That’s been quite hard since I have an odd sleep/work schedule. If I don’t use it twice every single day is it going to effect me? There are a few days where I don’t even get to use it once. Is it pointless at this point? I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks so I don’t expect to see results yet. But I don’t want to waste this either.

      • If you don’t use it at least every day, then yes, it’s probably a waste of time.

        I’m like you–I HATE using medications twice a day. However, I finally developed a routine that works for me.

        I force myself to take a shower every morning. The first thing I do out of the shower, is to apply my lotion/medication/serum.

        Then, I forget about it all day until bed time. Before going to bed, I apply my second dose. In this way, I get both doses each day, and am reminded to take it by doing something I have to do anyway–shower and sleep.

        Do the instructions tell you to cover the lotion with something so it doesn’t rub off? At night, I wear bandages over the areas where I apply the lotion, so that it does not rub off during the night. I have found that applying medication directly after taking a hot shower is a good idea, since the heat from the shower opens your pores, allowing your skin to absorb the medication faster. In the morning, if I wait and apply it until after my shower, I typically just put on my clothes and leave for work. I don’t need to worry about rubbing it off, as my skin has already absorbed it.

        Let me know how it goes for you!

    49. Beardtook says:

      The package just says apply twice daily, approximately 8 hours apart. That’s tough for me because I work graveyards, and I usually take a nap later in the day. If I apply it at least once a day should I be fine? I also have another question. My uncle, who already has a full beard, started drinking 1 protein shake a day and he said that his beard was even fuller yet. Is that something I could do as well? I’ve already started it. It’s a 60g shake.

      • If the package says use twice a day, then you really should use twice a day. If you only use it once a day, then I would not expect to grow a beard very fast–if at all. Are you sure you can’t use it twice a day? How about just before work, and then right after your nap?

        Yes, protein shakes can help. Protein is essential to good beard growth. While most people get enough protein they need from their diet, those who don’t should take protein shakes or supplements to get the protein they need. If you feel that you lack protein in your diet, then I suggest taking some protein supplements like these, or a protein shake. Always check with your doctor first, however, before taking any medication or supplement.

        Additionally, you can consider taking testosterone supplements to boost your testosterone, which is important for full beard growth. See my article here for more details on testosterone for beards.

        This is my recommended testosterone booster, but as always, get approval from your doctor first before starting any medication or supplement.

    50. Friend Brandon, have you heard of the Doo Gro products? It another one of those “Grow your hair back” products. The last beard I grew, sometime last year, grew longer and faster than this beard and I used Doo Gro on it. I know there’s other things to take into consideration. Diet, stress, the seasons, amout of lumber chopped, etc. I just wondered if a product like this could actually work on a beard. It seemed to for me at least. (But I was an unexperienced beardsmen back then)

    51. Hi Brandon !

      I’m 21 and i’m asian. Well i’ve been researching about how to grow a beard for asians, and every time i ended my research i only found 1 answer, asians can’t grow a beard. That sucks.

      Well i’m a little bit afraid to try some products for beard growth due to their side effects . I have a thin mustache and some hair on my chin. my sideburns are pathetic . I really want to have a beard, it doesn’t have to be thick, just a normal beard. Any recommendation on what products should i use. ? Thanks Mate !

      • Hello Al, thanks for posting. The online sources you foudn are wrong–Asians can totally grow beards! In fact, I’ll work on a blog post about this in a few days.

        In short, anyone with follicles can grow a beard out of them. This even includes women.

        As always, please consult a doctor before starting any medication or vitamin. The product I recommend on this page, Lipogaine, will likely work for you, as long as you use it consistently.

        As for the side effects, they are minimal if non-existent for most people. Your doctor will tell you if he thinks you will suffer from side effects. Most people experience none.

    52. hey…… anyone help me how start growing a beard……. i am 20+ now… there any best cream in amazon below 500 rs…… pls hlppppp :-) :-)

    53. Aguer Garang says:

      Hello my friend, I’m 25 year old from nairobi Kenya and I have a patchy beard. I would love to grow a long healthy beards. would the lipogaine help patch up my beards allow them to grow thick and long? And do you guys ship to nairobi Kenya.

    54. Hey Brandon, Two questions: First any issues using beard oils with the Lipogaine that you know of? Secondly if you stop the Lipogaine does it only effect the hair that it helped grow or does it have effects to the hair that was already in place also? Thanks in advance for your help.

    55. Hey. I need A beard here my 15 years old I try but warm water on my face it dosen’t work I try rubing my face it doesn’t work I need a beard plzI try every thing I got in mind so can you help find the best beard growth products for me plz

      • Hello Joey. You are too young to have a beard. Most men don’t grow beards until they are in their 20s. Be patient my friend, and do not rush! If other men in your family have beards, then you will have a beard someday when the time is right. Do not be embarrassed for not having a beard yet. It is normal for 15-year-olds to not have beards. It will grow in one day, and then you will have it forever.

    56. ,thanks

    57. Hi I am already turned 21 but my beard is not yet grown.. No sideburns nothing..
      Please help me out..

    58. Is lipogaine and minoxidl not used for hair loss on the top of your head?

    59. Hey Brandon!

      I’m 16 turning 17 in a month! I grow a moustache, sideburns and chin hair! But I can’t grow any on my cheeks, is there any explanation for that and any remedies?

    60. Hey, my problem was that had to grow beard, but now all beard seems it full but the problem is that big space on sides has only light hair can only be seen in light area, so question is how to let these light hair go to darker and darker??

      • If your beard hair is blonde, then there is no way to permenantly change its color other than using beard dye.

        If you’re talking about thin, silky, “vellus” hair–the kind of hair young boys have on their faces–then this can be turned into true beard hair by using a minoxidil treatment like Lipogaine.

    61. Hi brandon i’m using the normal minoxidil spray if i get lipogaine can i combine them together ? And does lipogaine cream is better that the normal minoxidil spray hope you answer as soon as possible thanks

    62. Hey, i just ordered the lipogaine serum hoping to get some results .. I’m 24 and literally can’t grow facial hair.. but a goatee and some ridiculous hairs around my jaw.. i also ordered the proteins and started working out again to boost some testosterone hope this helps as well.
      question is will the hair actually fall off if i discontinue the product? – so that means i will always have to use it? just wondering

      • It takes a while for the hair to start growing in full. You need to use the minoxidil for many months–even 6 months before yous ee satisfying results. For best results, use it every day.

        If you stop using it, your hair will not fall out immediately. It will take many months, or even a year, for each individual hair to stop its growth phase and fall out. But yes, if you stop using minoxidil, it will eventually all fall out again.

        • Thank you for getting back to me ! I started today with the pills and the minoxidil in the morning yet to take it again and use the serum at night .. Quick question how low does it has to sit on my skin as today I don’t mind since its Saturday but in the mornings when I bike to work it might be a problem ? Should I just let it sit there and don’t rinse out ? Or you recommend something better ? The directions aren’t as clear as I would like please hope you get back to me soon and thank you !

          • According to the Mayo clinic, let it dry and do not wash it off. Wash your hands well after you are done using it. Do not use shampoos, moisturisers, or any other substance after applying minoxidil. But, as always, check with your doctor for instructions specific to you.

    63. hey Brandon,

      In what order is it recommended to use the beard growth serum, beard growth shampoo, beard growth vitamins and the beard growth moisturizer?

      I haven’t shaved in a month and I can see some very light hairs coming in. I can only imagine they’ll only get darker with time. I do plan on using the regimen you mentioned to give my hair follicles some assistance. do you recommend I use all 4 products at the same and if so in what order?

      • Start with the vitamins and the serum at the same time. You will be in this stage for many months. When you have developed a short beard, start using the shampoo. Eventually, it will get too long to use the serum–then, continue taking the vitamins and continue using the shampoo.

    64. Hi Brandon,

      I’m 23 and for the first time really starting to grow out my beard. It comes in fairly full, the only problem is that I have a gap/patch on either side of my chin where the hair from my sides is supposed to connect to that on my chin. I can tell that there are a couple small hair follicles in the gaps/patches that are growing in but at an extremely slow pace and spread out. It almost seems as though if I waited longer eventually they might fill in (the gaps have definitely gotten smaller since I was younger). Would you recommend that I wait to see if it fills in naturally, take beard growth vitamins, or use a product on those areas to try and stimulate hair growth?

      Thanks for the help!

      • If it hasn’t grown in naturally by now, it likely won’t. However you can wait until your beard gets longer, and see if it covers those patches. If it doesn’t, then use a combination of the beard growth serum and beard growth vitamins.

    65. Hey Brandon, i’m an asian and i just turned 18 and i have facial hair below chin and sideburn but it is not very full and connected, i am wondering should i take supplement and if yes which one, do i need to eat both biotin supplement and beard supplement or one of those two? I am not going for the minoxidil option because i am only 18 at the moment. I was hoping you could give me some insight on how to maximize the growth. Thanks bro

    66. Hi Brandon,
      I am 34, and I have good mustache and beard, however I have a few empty patches on my face that leaves my beard to look incomplete.
      I don’t want to grow thick beard, I just want to grow hair particularly on those empty patches alone without disturbing the full beard. What do you recommend. Shall I use the Kirkland minoxidil on those areas?
      Please advice.

    67. Hey brandon,

      I like your site and your articles. They’re very detailed and is helping me a lot in my journey to grow a beard. Just one question; Isn’t Minox 5% full of side effects? What I mean is if I try Minox in my beard, will I have the same side effects as if I used it in my hair?

      Also, I found another guide online – which does seem to be very complete and they don’t even mention Minox once. Do you happen to know why? Did the author intentionally left out the product because it is not natural?

      Looking forward to hearing from you on this.

    68. Actually, you do NOT need to use minoxidil forever on your beard, and many guys documented their beard journey on YT. After hair becomes terminal, it will stay there, usually after one year, on some men it takes less, on some more, but the hair will stay, it is not the same as with the scalp hair for which you need to use it forever. On the face you just wake up dormant hair follicles, and after they become terminal, they will stay. That is awesome.

    69. Mrityunjay says:

      My testosterone level is going to very low ,my T level checked by doctors,what i do now

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