Beard Growth Serum

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    The beard rogaine.

    Photo of beard growth serum cream.

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    Brand: Lipogaine
    Model: Rapid Beard Growth Formula
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    Now you too can grow a beard.

    With over 400 positive reviews on Amazon, Lipogaine is proven to jump-start beard growth, even for people in their 40s who have never grown beards, or younger fellows whose buds have not yet sprouted. Better than rogaine, this beard growth cream will penetrate your follicles and beat them up. Then, once they have squealed for mercy, the serum will force them to grow long, robust, and beautiful whiskers. No more patchy beard for you! This beard growth serum needs to be applied to the face every day, and when combined with beard growth pills and beard growth shampoo, your follicles will sprout like weeds.

    The Science

    Minoxidil, the primary ingredient in beard growth serum, works by increasing the blood-flow through your capillaries to your follicles, giving them the nutrients they need to grow lustrous, strong, and long. The only drawback is that if you stop using Lipogaine, your beard hairs will eventually wither and die, and you’ll be a baby-faced urchin again.

    Photo of beard rogaine.

    Similar to rogaine, this beard serum dissolves layers of built-up waxy sebum that clogs pores and chokes out growing beard hair. Then, the minoxidil medicine within the Lipogaine, sweeps away built-up DHT and blocks new DHT from forming (DHT, short for dihydrotestosterone, is the testosterone steroid responsible for stunted hair growth. While testosterone is necessary to grow an epic beard, too much testosterone in the form of DHT can actually cause a beard to not grow). In short, this beard serum is a proven medicine for restoring beard hair growth, and has been used by men safely for decades.


    1. Slather the beard growth serum on your face
    2. Let it sit for a while (read the packaging). This is a serious commitment folks
    3. Wash off, and apply a beard moisturizer to keep your skin from being irritated

    It helps to take protein supplements, especially if you do not eat a protein rich diet, or if you eat a lot of fast food. Here are two supplements I have used:

    • Beef Gelatin Capsules – 90% protein
    • Biotin - A vegetable protein. Helps metabolize amino acids–goes hand-in-hand with the beef gelatin capsules above.
    • Viviscal – Viviscal is designed to strengthen beard hairs and prevent them from thinning. It also actually thickens current beard hair.

    Follow this regimen for many months, and you will certainly start to see results. Some men report improvement after only a few weeks, while others say that it takes 2-3 months before they see results. GROW A BEARD.

    Learn more at amazon.

    Need more convincing? Read this interesting article on io9 that breaks down the science.


    Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Lipogaine. This Minoxidil application is simply the pure product, and comes with a 12 month supply (so you only have to buy it once a year, which will encourage you to use it long enough to see results). As an added bonus, it’s FDA approved, and has been successfully used for over ten years. This product was personally recommended to me by beard transplant and regrowth specialist Dr. Alan Bauman in an interview I recently did with him.

    Photo of Minoxidil beard regrowth serum.


    Note: Lipogaine and Minoxidil are proven products with many great reviews. For the price conscious, I’ve collected some other beard growth serums that are easier on the wallet, but have not been tested as long as Lipogaine, which you can see below. Please read the reviews for each serum before you buy.

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    1. i want to grow a beard but ive got no sideburns, just a goatee… will these products really help me

    2. Hey is there any way to get this stuff in the UK…i have looked around and i cant find it

      • Yes, go ahead and click the link above. I’ll automatically direct you to the UK version of Amazon and show you the UK version of the product, if it exists. If it doesn’t exist, I’ll perform a search for you and show you the most relevant products you can get shipped to you in the UK :)

    3. I have a nice beard in a mustache but they don’t connect will this help Connect my beard to my mustache

    4. if you already have a small beard will this product help it grow longer and thicker

    5. hi oxhorn
      i’m 22, asian and managed to grow a goatee with a large bare spot at the center. as my goatee is rather thin and no hair grows on the sides on my chin. I live in singapore and tried buying the vitamins and beard growth serum but they don’t ship to my area. help an eager to grow a beard brother please?

    6. Can you use it if you’re between 16-17? I have a small stubble and I’m trying to grow it a little and was wondering if I could using the stuff above and if so what do you recommend? :)

    7. Brandon J. says:

      So I am taking a beard growth serum right now and my beard is actually growing and pretty fast well compared to how it normally grows or lack there of….. But the hairs on the left side of my face are growing extremely thin is this normal and if not is there something I can take or do so it may grow thicker

      • This is normal, based on your genetics. The hair follicles are likely there in those thin patches, but they have not been activated due to your age, genetics, or diet.

        Try using Lipogaine for months on these areas, and consider taking a beard vitamin to give your follicles the food they need.

    8. I have a question……if these products wake up your hair follicles, then why is it necessary to continue applying the product after the growth has started? I have a pretty good follicle count on my chin and neck but it thins out a bit on my face. I want to be able to grow a full, thick beard without having to buy these products over and over. Is it possible that some people don’t need to keep applying this stuff after the initial growth? What are your thoughts and suggestions?

      • This is only true with products that have mindoxonil in them–like Lipogaine and Rogaine. Products that don’t have minoxidil in them, like the beard growth vitamins, will not make your beard stop growing if you stop using them.

        There has been little testing done with the other products listed on this page, so I do not know if the same is true for them. My only suggestion is to try them, stop when you’re ready, and see what happens. At worst, your face goes back to where it is now :)

    9. Hello!
      I am 19 years old, and my beard is growing decently – except for my moustache.
      Should I consider the pills, or should I just wait and see?

      • Your upper lip will probably fill out over time, but it won’t hurt to start the pills now to speed things up.

        Hold off on the serum for a while. I usually don’t recommend the serum to folks until they are past 25.

    10. Hello!
      What i need to help my chin beard grow more, cause it didn’t grow much evenly and is very fell of the chin are growing.what i need to take and use to help it grow thicker? TYVM

    11. Hi, I’m 22 years old.
      I have thicker hair under his chin, but on my cheeks are a lot of small, white, thin hair.
      On the neck hair is very little, some are white and thin, some are black.
      Generally, the entire face have a lot of small hairs that are white and thin.
      Only under the chin and cheeks, places are black.
      What do you recommend for me to the hair on his neck and across his face was black and thick?
      My dad and grandpa have a very thick beard.

    12. Hi, I’m 20 years old
      I grow full sideburns and mustache but no chin beard. I do have little chin beard but it’s not visible from afar or close. Also, my left sideburn beard grows thicker and faster than my right side. Between the Beard Growth Serum and the Beard growth Spray, which one do you think I should use?

    13. Hey Brandon, I’m still pretty much confused about how the serum works. I’m 25 and have patches on my sideburns. So are you saying if I use the serum and actually achieve my sideburns hair growth goal, I have to keep on using it?

      • Yes and no. The serum works by releasing minoxidil, which jump-starts your dormant follicles and gets them to start growing. But, if you stop using it, the minoxidil is no longer there to “open up” your follicles, and over time you shed them and don’t grow them back.

        However, if your body chemistry gets healthy when you stop using the serum, then your follicles will stay open, because there is less DHT (bad testosterone) to block them.

        So, if you want to work yourself off of the serum, start taking beard growth pills and other supplements like biotin. Once you use the beard growths serum for a while and see results, you can stop using it. If you remain healthy and keep taking the pills (or change your diet and lifestyle to promote better beard growth), then you should be good to go, and you won’t need to take the serum anymore. That said, you can always keep using the serum safely and your beard will never be at risk of diminishing.

        • Thanks Brandon. One more question, are there any side effects from using any of these products?

          • The short answer is no. Lipogaine and Minoxidil are FDA approved and have been used by hundreds of thousands of men for decades. The long answer is that every man is different, and while it is very unlikely that you will experience any side effects, you should consult your doctor if you are worried. Please read any and all packaging that comes with the products you buy, to educate yourself!

    14. Hey! Do you have any beard grower? I really want to have a beard in my chin and in the side burn. Please help me, I can’t find any remedies. I really wanted to grow beard.

    15. I’m 23 years old and can only grow a thin mustache with 2 maybe 3 hairs on chin. What would you recommend in my case?

    16. hello how i shall take vita beard pills, before bed pills or before dinner time, and im a bodybuilder so all the day im taking protein and im 19.5 years what is the best time to take the pill for me ??

      • Great question! Always consult your doctor before taking supplements. Also, please read the indications that come with the beard growth pills, but I take them with my meals.

        • Thanks for the reply, i want to ask another question i have a light hair on my face and grow very slowly it takes maybe 3 weeks to come out and i feel like the growing stops after 1 month of not shaving it, and u must be really close to see the patchy hair on my face. Anyways, will Vita beard help me or shall it take another supp?

    17. For how long should i keep it before washing off?

    18. Hi Brandon,

      Just out of random, no idea how I came across this topic of beard. So am curious to know how stuff works. Have read a bit from your site and found it very interesting and have gain some knowledge in this. So now my question to you is:

      I am at the age of 27 and I have very thin fine hair on my cheeks, Even though after I have tried shaving them, when it grows back it is still as fine and thin like baby hairs. I have semi chin hairs, forms the shape of triangle and it looks like its countable but that’s it. As for my upper lips area for the mustache, I can see hair pores but only a few strand that is able to fully grow. I would like to know, what kind of product would you recommend me to use for my thin fine hairs to grow and look thicker. I am looking forward to try the products that you will be recommending me and will be observing how it would help me.

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