Beard Growth Shampoo

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    $20.99 – 16 oz


    So you finally grew a beard, but the poor thing grows in thin. You can see right through it in the mirror. People ask you if you recently ate some brown cotton candy. It looks like a floating brown haze, making some question if you brushed your teeth recently. Your beard is a ghost of what it could be. You, my good lad, need some beard growth shampoo.

    Beard growth shampoo is designed to thicken existing beard hair. It helps keep beard hair from falling out, and makes existing beard hair healthy. There are two primary ingredients in a quality beard growth shampoo that do this:

    Niacin: Niacin is a stimulant that dilates capillaries under the skin, allowing more blood to flow to the follicles. This boost of blood brings much needed nutrients to your beard hair, allowing them to grow thicker, longer, and faster.

    Ketoconazole: Ketoconazole does a number of things to help beard growth. It kills unwanted fungus that can cause eczema, rashes, and beard flaking. It also scrubs follicles of excess sebum.

    Sebum is a natural oil that human hair follicles exude. However, it can harden into a crystal. If it hardens inside the follicle, or on top of the opening to the follicle, it can choke out beard hair and lead to ingrown hairs, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

    Ketoconazole dissolves crystallized sebum and sweeps away the detritus from your follicles, allowing beard hairs to grow freely, unhindered.

    Even though I can already grow a thick beard, as a man who suffers from beard dandruff, I use a beard growth shampoo every day for its anti-fungal and sebum-scrubbing powers. The added benefit of niacin is just a cherry on top.

    These are the three beard growth shampoos I recommend:

    Blue & Brown – Pura d’or



    $20.99 – 16 oz

    This is the best-selling hair loss prevention product on Amazon. It has retained this title since 2012. It has over 1,630 positive reviews. This shampoo, dubbed “brown & blue”, differs from the one below in that it focuses on  hair volume and sebum scrubbing. It is a thick shampoo that prevents further hair loss, but does not condition.


    Gold Label – Pura d’or


    $36.16 – 16 oz

    This “Gold Label” version of the Pura d’or beard growth shampoo is slightly more expensive but packs the same beard growth powers as its blue & brown cousin. The price is a tad higher because it includes a conditioning agent. The shampoo is thinner, and easier to lather into your beard. However, the potent sebum-scrubbing characteristics are identical to blue & brown shampoo.

    While the Blue & Brown focuses on volume (making your beard look thicker) this gold label focuses on a soft, conditioned beard.


    Lipogaine Big 3 – Beard Growth Shampoo


    $25.00 – 8 oz

    The Lipogaine Big 3 beard growth shampoo is designed to accompany the Lipogaine beard growth serum. The serum is a focused, beard growth application designed to fix patchy portions of a beard. The shampoo scrubs the follicles of sebum and includes niacin, which is an excellent supplement to the minoxidil within the serum. While designed as a companion for Lipogaine, you can use it by itself for general beard thickening.


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    1. Hi there.
      Your site is great and very useful. Keep it up man.
      When using lipogain, the bottle doesnt instruct to wash it of your face once used, and I was wondering weather you would say it would be damaging and bad to not wash it off after application.
      Would you be able to advise me on weather I should be washing it off after application or leave it on and get on with my day/night?

      • Do what the instructions say. The minoxidil (Lipogaine) will not harm your beard if you leave it on. Some men (like me) have very sensitive skin, especially if you have light skin, and minoxidil can irritate some faces. If you feel like the minoxidil is irritating your face, then I suggest keeping it on for an hour or so before washing it off.

        However, if the instructions don’t say that you need to wash it off, and if you never get a negative reaction, then feel comfortable to keep it on :)

    2. Jacquelyn says:

      Hello, I’m need some advice…my boyfriend has a beard, that needs help growing just in general. Its beautiful but he wants it longer, and thicker it seems to have stopped growing. What products would be the best to use? I’ve been researching but am getting overwhelmed with the choices and since I don’t grow a beard I don’t know. Please help, I wanted to order so he gets it for valentines day. Thank you! -Jacquelyn in KY

      • How long has he grown it? Most men reach terminal beard length after 1-2 years. Some men;s beards stop growing after just a few months. My beard, for example, too about 9 months to fully grow, and now it doesn’t grow any longer.

        You won’t really know until he stops strimming it. Make sure that he keeps away from trimmers and clippers for the time being.

        The only way to make a beard thicker is to force dormant follicles to grow using a minoxidil application. See my guide on how to fix a patchy beard for more info on that.

        As for now, he should use beard oil and/or beard balm daily to condition his beard. If his beard is fairly long, he can use beard wax to tame wild strands and style it.

    3. Berserker Sweden says:

      Love your site, bro! Keep it up!
      Vikingrespect from Sweden.

    4. Thanks !
      Greetings from Casablanca

    5. Love your site. I’m an African American male and was wondering which beard shampoo is the best. Also are they all natural?

    6. McPreBeard. says:


      So, I’m in a situation. I have a beard that I love and I have nice coverage in most parts of my face, my only problem is that my facial hairs themselves are thin. I’ve looked at other people’s beards and noticed how thick their hairs are and it seems to make the beard look fuller. I’ve considered a beard transplant (As I don’t grow under the corners of my mouth or my philtrum.) But the transplant will come later. Is there anything that can help my hairs themselves become thick?

      • Naturally, no. But, you can artificially force your follicles to grow hair. Use this beard growth shampoo, and then consider using a minoxidil substance. Check out my page on beard growth serum.

    7. vijay kapati says:

      Hi Pal,
      I haven’t read your guide but i love to grow beard and i admire your look.

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