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    Brand: Har Vokse
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    Your beard is patchy.

    Some men are cursed by the gods with a patchy beard. Sure, that little bit on the tip of your chin grows fine, but your cheeks are as bare as a baby’s hindquarters. What is a classy chap to do? You can’t fight genetics! Or can you? This beard spray is designed to cure the patchy places and, in only one month, allow your feeble face follicles to grow a fully, manly beard. How? Don’t ask questions! Who knows what amazing man magic allows this beard spray to nurture your pores in the studliest way possible? All that matters is that it works.

    Beard Spray

    The manufacturers use catch phrases like “organic” and “all-natural”, but men like you and I don’t care about that nonsense. Instead, we’re more concerned with the results, and thankfully, this magic beard growth spray packs quite a punch. Your sissy follicles will be begging for mercy when your new, robust whiskers start penetrating the skin in the most gruesome way possible. You’re welcome, boys.

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    This is not a cheap product, but they have a 60-day money-back guarantee. The instructions say that it takes between 8-12 to see results. Thus, you have 4 days after 8 weeks of use to return the spray for a complete refund if it doesn’t work (8 weeks is 56 days, what).

    See the doctor, who designed the spray, explain how it works in this video:

    Buy Beard Growth Spray

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    Beard Growth Spray


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    Beard Thickening Spray

    Now, I’m slightly embarrassed to bring this option up, but let’s talk about it and you be the judge. Men have used spray-on hair for decades now. Some of it works. Some of it is crap. I found some stuff that has over 900 positive reviews, and comes in every shade of hair imaginable. If it works for head hair, why can’t it work for beards?

    Granted, it won’t give you a Gandalf beard. Instead, I see this as being used to fill in small patches in shorter beards, or make a beard look thicker. It is made from a keratin material that clings to existing beard strands, making them look thicker and longer. This spray-on beard is certainly an option for the adventurous.

    Beard growth spray


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    Greetings, fellow beardsmen! I'm a beard health expert and journalist working out of Seattle, Washington. I'm also an author, marketer, and story-teller. Read my swashbuckling fantasy sea adventure novel, The Tale of Cloran Hastings, and click my name to learn more about me. Enjoy the site!
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    1. David Radmanovic says:

      Can I get any of these in Australia Melbourne?

    2. It’s Been Almost A Month Still Haven’t Got Them…

    3. Does this stuff actually work? I have acne scars which i think are the cause of my sissy baby patchy cheeks. Has anyone actually used this?

    4. Hey, is there any place I could order them from Europe?

    5. So I, like many, grow great chin hair but struggle ever where else on my face. I grow hair but not enough to call it a beard its more of a peach fuzz…. I am wondering what would be the best product beard growth spray or the beard growth serum??

      Thanks Man!


    6. Beard growth spray ..100% positive on this formula..Obviously wont give you a forest face overnight, but this formula, plus patience, and results are waiting to happen. Embrace the it and grow it….

    7. So if I use the beard spray an get good results I need to use “for the rest of my life” to keep my beard ???

      • Yes; this spray contains (to my knowledge) minoxidil, which you must use forever if you want to maintain beard growth. Note that if you use it and then stop, it will not negatively affect existing beard hair. Those will continue to grow strong.

    8. Robin Leishenring says:

      Just started using this…. Fingers crossed it works!

    9. Hey, Ox. How’s the family? I’ve been tinkering with the idea of growing a beard for some time now, and now that I’m going back to school, I can let the facial whiskers do their thing, but facial hair with me grows in abysmally slow. Like shave once every two weeks and still look clean shaven the whole time kind of slow. What would you recommend most highly?

    10. Can you shave whilst using beard growth spray?

    11. I was using this product 5days ago ,first 2 days i felt like ,after i use the product my skin burns now it doesn’t. i hope this product will help me to grow a beard actually im asian 19 years old,my facial hair little bit thin and patchy so i bought this product to make myself satisfied

    12. Hi how often do you have to use this Beard Growth Spray . On the box it says continuously but how often is that once or twice a day.

    13. Hi Brandon, how are you?

      Say, do you ship it to Canada?

      • Yes Ruslan, many products for sale on this website do ship to Canada. However, some do not, so your best bet is to read the detail page on Amazon to see if they ship to Canada.

    14. I tried to purchase it from Amazon through your website, it says that they can’t ship it to provided address. What should I do?

    15. Lipogaine also unavailable…

      • Well I don’t know how else to help you. Many of these products are available in Canada, but I can’t check from here to give you the full list of what is available and what is not.

        I hope you find what you need!

    16. Like many other things, this does not ship internationally to my country (Mexico) on Amazon, I tried ebay, do I have any other option or do I just have to get depressed for not being able to grow a beard?

    17. Have you tried the product?

      • Hello John, I haven’t used it personally because I can already grow a beard, however as of this comment the spray has a 4/5 star rating on amazon with 13 5-star reviews (out of 22).

        One user named Vince, a verified purchaser of the spray, posted a video with this review where he described how the spray worked for him, and he showed how well his beard has grown since using it. You can see his video review here.

        Click here to watch his video review on

    18. I’m 18, and only get sideburns, but not much, I do get a few hairs here and there. I know I’m still young and probably just have to wait. My dad and my fathers dad have/had great beards so I expect to get some too. But I wonder if this would help me grow a beard even if I’m this young?

      • You bet. This (and minoxidil) will work even on babies (though I don’t recommend you do this!) The reason is because all the follicles you will ever have were formed in the womb. You won’t grow new ones.

        A follicle stimulant like this will encourage follicles to grow thick hair, even if they have not grown hair before. But, if you stop using it, the new hairs will eventually fall out until your follicles have matured.

        If you are underage, please consult your parents before using any product like these. Also, please consult your doctor and get his or her approval first. Please note that I do not recommend you use a product like this until you are a fully grown mature adult, and your follicles still won’t grow.

        But it will work.

    19. Im 18 and i want to grow a beard but i have have patches do you recommend this for a 18 year old?

    20. hi age 22 and my beard is good but little bit thats why I started beardilizer.and my question is …can I use beard growth spray with beardilizer?

    21. Noe Ortiz says:

      Hi. I’m 22 years old. I really want a beard and I’m interested in trying the spray to help. I have a lot of peach fuzz but very few dark hairs that sprout out. Can the spray help me???

    22. do you also ship Beard Growth Spray to belguim

    23. Hi Brandon,

      I appreciate you taking the time to answer all the questions on here. I had laser treatment 9 years ago and it’s killed my hopes of growing a beard, not that I could grow a nice one anyway. Asian genes. I was thinking of using the spray in the day and lipogaine at night. Also taking vitamins. Is that too much in your opinion?

      • Well, if you had your beard removed by lasers, there’s really nothing you can do to grow it back. The laser treatment destroyed your follicles, and follicles don’t regenerate. You’d have to get a beard transplant–moving follicles from one area of your body to the face.

        If you use the spray, lipogaine, and vitamins, these will only work if you have follicles left on your face. If the laser missed some follicles, the treatment you suggest will cause them to grow new hair.

    24. Eddy alvarez says:

      I’m 23 and I can only grow a mustache and not a beard, I always wanted to grow one will the spray help it grow?

    25. Can this product be used with the current products I’m already using? (VitaBeard, a biotin supplement, beard oil, and as soon as Lipogaine ships, that too?)

    26. My beard doesn’t really grow much above my jawline or on my chin and it is wavy/curly (as you can see in my picture). I am looking into getting pills and perhaps the shampoo. Should I try those before trying the spray? I would like my beard to be overall thicker and more above my jaw. What do you recommend?

    27. I can grow a beard but it grows slow and its patchy, i plan on using vitabeard along with biotin and fish oil, lipogaine and beard growth spray, i hope it will make it all connect and be thicker

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