How to Power Through Beard Itch

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    When I ask friends why they have done the horrible and abandoned their splendid beards, 9 times out of 10 they give me the same excuse–it was the itch. Yes, for those who don’t know, the first few weeks of growing a manly beard come packaged with some itchiness that can be quite a bother, especially if you are not used to it. I’m here to tell you fellows that the itch is temporary, and that the greatest pleasures in the world await your chin if you only power through the itch.

    Beard Itch

    Someday, if you have patience, your beard will be soft and downy. On that day, your woman will find comfort in your beard as she nuzzles up to you. When she has a hard day, your beard will be a beard to cry in, absorbing her precious tears.

    A woman giving beard kisses.

    When you become a manly father, your child will find endless fascination with your beard. He’ll grab it, pull it, yank on it, play with it. Power through the pain like you powered through the itch. The boy is just showing his appreciation of your beard.

    When you join the workforce, all of your coworkers will stand in awe of your beard. Walking into work with a beard instantly gives you command and dignity. Coworkers will flock to you for advice and counsel. You’ll receive promotion after promotion for your wisdom and hard work. In short, my bearded friends, if you power through the itch, the world will respect you.


    How to Cure Beard Itch – Beard Itch Relief

    During those first few weeks, it may be rough dealing with the itch. Here’s a 5-step plan on how to manage it. Many of these steps are important even after your beard itch is gone, too.

    1) Clean your beard.

    Every day, the human face sheds thousands of dead skin cells and up to 50 beard hairs. On other parts of the body, these cells and hairs fly away, but a beard catches them and holds them close to the skin, which can agitate it, causing your face to itch.

    Regular shampoos are meant for head hair, not androgenic beard hair. Many regular soaps and shampoos come with waxes that can clog pores and dry skin out, making beard itch even worse. Thus, it’s important to use a cleanser designed for beard hair. Thankfully, you can buy formula designed for beards, including tar-based beard soap or beard shampoo that can help with red chin skin and flaking.

    A photo of anti-itch beard wash.


    This Medicine Man beard wash by OneDTQ is designed specifically to soothe beard itch while cleaning away dead cells and sebum plugs. It’s the one I use–a great all-purpose choice for you beard.

    Or, get the complete anti-itch beard care kit.

    2) Repair your beard.



    If you already have a long-ish beard, your beard hairs might be damaged from heat styling (if you straighten it) and harsher soaps and shampoos. Damaged beard hair tends to spread from tip to root, slowing the growth of the hair and causing the hair to scrape the follicle as it emerges. Beard hairs can be “healed” by absorbing proteins and other conditioning agents that bring moisture back into the strand, revitalizing it. Bluebeard’s beard repair is a good choice.

    3) Condition your beard.

    Beardsly Ultra Beard Conditioner


    Just like head hair, androgenic beard hair needs to be conditioned if you ever want it to become soft and downy. Again, regular hair conditioners are meant for head hair, and are not recommended for beard hair. A quality beard conditioner will coat beard hairs with anti-tangling agents that make them resistant to knots and snags, protecting them from damage and keeping them smooth.

    The beard conditioner I recommend is Beardsley Beard Conditioner. It is one of the oldest beard conditioners on the market today, with a unique formula that makes beard bristles silky.

    Photo of some whisker softener.


    Also, it is useful to use a beard stubble softening agent while your whiskers are short and growing, to prevent them from scraping your follicles and face. This stuff works wonders, making your bristles soft so that they itch you less.

    Use it when your beard is short, and use the conditioner above when your beard is longer.

    4) Moisturize your beard.



    My favorite product for beards is beard oil. I use mine daily. It not only adds a nice sheen to my beard, but it gives it weight and sway. There are dozens of different beard oils to choose from–just make sure you select one that includes an oil easily absorbed by beard strands and your follicles.

    This one is designed with essential oils that can cure itchy beards. If you’re unfamiliar with beard oils that reduce itch, this is a good one to start with.

    Or, get the complete anti-itch beard care kit, which includes a beard oil designed to stop beard itch.

    Photo of medium hold beard wax.


    Now, there may be some of you who don’t like the thought of an oily beard. I like the feel–just don’t use too much oil (a few drops will do), but there are other products that you can try. One of my favorites is Honest Amish’s Beard Balm, which feels like melted butter when you apply it, but really gives your beard a silky feeling after it is absorbed. You can use both the balm and the oil together for maximum coverage, or experiment with both to see which you like best. See my collection of beard balms for more items like Honest Amish.

    5) Use T-Gel



    If you’ve tried everything and your beard STILL itches, then use T-Gel. T-Gel is a coal tar product designed to help people who suffer from dandruff and psoriasis, but it also helps stop itchiness. You won’t need to use it forever, but if you simply can’t stand the itch any longer, one bottle of T-Gel should see you through. I personally use this product whenever I start having beard dandruff. It knocks the dandruff out in just a few days.

    Also, see my article on beard dandruff, which contains a selection of other anti-flaking beard products, which can help with itch.

    Get the Anti-Itchy Beard Kit



    Finally, try the Medicine Man Anti-Beard-Itch kit. It includes the wash and oil mentioned above, as well as some anti-itch mustache styling pomade. Some men hate styling their mustaches because thick waxes can get stuck in pores and harden, creating redness, itching, and flaking. An anti-itch pomade is softer on the skin and follicles, while still giving you enough hold to style your mustache.

    Get the complete anti-itch kit and save a few bucks.

    Why Do Beards Itch?

    A man itching his beard

    Beards itch for two reasons. First, when you first start growing a beard after having shaved all your life, your beard hairs are sliced off, leaving a sharp edge on the hair. If you shaved really close to the skin, then the beard hair can sometimes get sucked back into the follicle. This means that as it grows, it scrapes the edges of the follicle as it comes back out, causing itch.


    The above image is a photo of beard hairs growing, as captured by an electron microscope. These hairs would be seen as stubble, or 5 ‘o’clock shadow. As you can see, the ends of each beard hair strand are sliced completely off, leaving a sharp edge ring around the follicle. This sharp edge scrapes your follicles as it grows out, and scrapes your skin when short, causing beard itch.


    The above image was taken with a regular microscope. This is a hair that has not been cut. As you can see, it has a naturally tapered end that does not cause friction against your follicle as it emerges.


    The above image is an electron microscope scan of the ends of beard hair. The one on the left was cut using a straight razor. The one on the right was cut using an electric trimmer. While both cut ends will irritate your skin, the one cut by an electric trimmer will make your beard far itchier. Look at how gnarly it is. Look at all those many points of contact the hair will have with your face. While trimming a beard with an electric razor may be more convenient, it will produce an itchier beard. If you must shave, use a straight razor.

    Second, if you have a full-grown and manly beard, but it itches, this is due to a combination of dry skin and a wiry, scraggly beard. If your beard is not moisturized or conditioned, it will get dry, brittle, and coarse. During the course of a day, it will rub against your cheeks and chin, causing irritation and itch.

    In either case, the cure is to go through the steps I outlined above. Moisturize your face, and soften beard hairs to soothe your face irritation.


    Image Sources

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    About the Author

    Brandon M. Dennis
    Greetings, fellow beardsmen! I'm a beard health expert and journalist working out of Seattle, Washington. I'm also an author, marketer, and story-teller. Read my swashbuckling fantasy sea adventure novel, The Tale of Cloran Hastings, and click my name to learn more about me. Enjoy the site!
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    1. Hey oxhorn how do you deal with women who dont like the beard?

      • Grow one anyway! Very soon, she will learn to love the beard.

      • Over the past 8 months or so I’ve been growing my beard (mostly chin, not so much cheeks or neck), and my wife has pestered and pestered me about it. Oddly enough she is now getting used to it and playing with it.
        She has stopped threatening divorce! (lol)
        If you’re beard isn’t brittle and scratchy, and you keep it conditioned and soft, she will LOVE it in time. Otherwise, take the girl that doesn’t like it and throw her out the front door, go out, and find a girl who DOES like a manly beard.

    2. Jonathan, I suggest you find a woman that appreciates a manly man with a manly beard.

    3. Beards are a lovely thing. I recommend growing it out to the point you can trim for the first time (this should only take about a month for normal men). The first trim will get rid of those sharp hairs that itch and even it up a little.
      I appreciate the read it was most helpful and entertaining.

    4. I have found that if you leave your conditioner on your beard a bit longer, it really decreases the itch. It works for me, but, as they say, “to itch his own.”

      • I agree, though I think it depends on the conditioner. Those with tingle sensations I think can help stop beard itch momentarily. Just make sure you keep moisturized!

    5. I’m just growing a beard for the first time and I’m in 9th grade. But, it itches a lot where there is a little hair.

      • Don’t give up! The itchy stage only lasts about two weeks or so. Use a very mild shampoo on your beard (like Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo). If you use regular soap it will dry your beard out and make itching worse. Wash your face well each day and get a good conditioner to put on your beard. Let it soak in for about ten minutes and then rinse.

    6. so what should i do :)

      • Kelly has great advice! Use the beard soap or shampoo linked on this page, and follow it up with beard conditioner. These items are specifically designed to soften beards and prevent itch. Also, use a moisturizer on your face/beard at nights.

    7. well gents – i am a first time full bead grower – having gone to about every site about this i found 2 things that motivated me to go forward – 1st was the idea that every man at least once in our lives should grow a full beard – its a man thing – i did the pony tail thing years ago – finished that and moved on to the regular boring hair thing – biz cut and clean shaved – 2nd – about the itch and discomfort when starting this – it liked to drove me crazy and i was so close so many times just to say screw this – im shaving it off – but – no- im a man and ill just power through it – what did the best for me was CORTISONE CREME OR OINTMENT – the ointmen i like best at the start of itching – it is a bit greasy it will do the job and you can wipe away the exses with a towel – cream to me was just as good – and as it is said and i swear to this – was wash face hair on the reg and use conditioner – then after shower rub lotion and or – leave in conditioner use alot and comb – job done .. im not hairy so my full beard is still looking a bit undone in places – but its getting there – my great brother could grow a full beard in under 2 weeks – he has to shave 2 times a day – i got the different genes but im going forward non the less – bout 2 months back i started this and now it is a bit fluffy – no itch – if it gets dry i put some lotion on and im fine – yes you have to suffer a bit at first – but man up ! no pain no gain – im happy and looking good — DONT GIVE UP ! and do remember that november is national beard growing month – good luck- i hope ive helped and may the beard be with you ,,,

      • Great story and great tips, thanks got sharing!

      • Job Bloggsenhim says:


        Steroid cream will not only kill follicles, thereby PREVENTING hair growth TOTALLY, it will also leave your skin in a severely nutrient deprived state…Nutrients are IMPERATIVELY NECESSARY for growing and maintaining hair.

        Those are the main reasons. Other reasons include:

        Loss of skin elasticity – If/When you decide to shave your beard, not only will you have a turkey-neck, you’ll also have a turkey-face i.e. stupidly saggy!

        Late stage breakouts – Typically, at a certain age, hormone levels decrease to a point where acne, pimples, blackheads etc. are no longer forming. This only happens in your mid 20s -> early 30s. The use of steroid ointment or cream on your face, will kick-start these hormones, prompting SEVERE acne in middle-to-late aged men.


        Yes, it sounds odd, but the itch, both in newly-grown and full-grown beards, is actually skin irritation, for whatever reason. If you wash your beard daily, with ANY shampoo containing AT LEAST 2% Ketoconazole, you will find that you will NEVER have beard itch, EVER!!!!

        My beard currently reaches my chest, and I have never once, since I started growing it, had a single itch, or red skin, or even skin flakes, stuck in it or fall out of it.


    8. I have been inspired to grow my 6th glorious beard. My last one was 5 in. Growing this one in a Van Dyke style and powering through the new beard itch once more! Thanks for the care product tips!

    9. Scott Watters says:

      I love you Oxhorn

    10. After 3 weeks of an itchy face i nearly had a shave yesterday. Then I found your site and realised real men embrace the itch and enjoy the pain.

    11. Hello Oxhorn

      I’m a 30 year old gent and I’ve never grown a beard. Today is the 8th day of growing and I feel disheartened to say the least. I ride a motorcycle and the very thought of putting that helmet on any more than I have to sends shivers down my spine. Unfortunately, I live in a part of the world where the types of products listed above are not widely available. Any suggestions or experiences on washing and conditioning with certain non-waxy hair shampoos/conditioners? I’m using baby oil at the moment.

      I insist on powering through!

      Kindest Regards

      • If you can’t try any of these products, then you’ll need to scramble together a kit from your local grocery store.

        For beard oil, see if you can find some jojoba oil. It has a strong scent, bit a little bit on your beard after you shower will do wonders.

        Try dabbing a skin moisturizer into your short beard when you go to bed at night. Try to find one that is light and watery.

    12. Howard Harris says:

      First time growing one thanks for the tip almost shaved it off

    13. Trying to grow my first beard but alas it is growing quite slowly. I fear the itchy stage will last much longer than usual because it grows so slow. Would you recommend the pills or the serum to help rush this along?

      • Your beard growth speed is determined by genetics and health. The pills may help increase speed, in that they give your body the proteins it needs to supply follicles. The serum will help with patchy beards, but won’t increase growth speed.

        Make sure you use a beard oil to keep your chin and cheeks supple. That will help wonders.

    14. This is my first time growing a full beard, and I must say that I have gotten many positive comments from family, friends and coworkers! Sure the itch can be unbearable at times, but I have found that by not scratching it, it does go away. Your skin will get used to it. It has been very helpful to have all the support, as everytime I feel close to shaving, those around me keep cheering me on! This was a absolute treat to find this site!

    15. Thanks for the beard tips, I think I’ll pull through now.

    16. Itching like hell right now, but I’m not giving up. Sounds like itching is more of a “rite of passage” for those of us who want to grow a manly beard. By shaving you are admitting failure. And who wants to be a failure? Not this guy.

    17. Two weeks in to my annual winter beard adventure. The was has asked that I leave this one for longer than the usual three month stint – having never really taken care of it I am going get the right products mentioned above and become a man with a beard for life – not just for Christmas. Hugely motivated and inspired by this piece.

    18. Thank you for your words Brandon M. Dennis. After years of wanting, you have given me the fortitude to power through the beard itch! I now have more of a beard than I ever have and the itching is subsiding! I offer you brotherly thanks and wish you well.

    19. Angie Beard Lover says:

      Does anyone know where to get beard products at an easily accessible store? My husband is finally growing a beard for me and always complains of the itch. He always caves and shaved before. Thanks!

      • True beard products can only be found online. The products I mention on this site are sold and shipped from If you buy today, then they’ll get to you before Christmas.

        Otherwise, your stuck with using other body oils. Check the ethnic hair care section if your local grocery store. You should be able to find some jojoba oil, but it won’t be as nice as the stuff you find here.

    20. Any advice on hair that grows out in all directions? Two weeks into my first beard and it looks like I have barbwire growing out of my face in all directions. Do in need to train it to grow down? My skin is red and itchy also.

      • As your beard grows thicker and longer, the weight of it will force it to grow downward. However, this can take some time.

        I use leave in beard conditioners to add weight and sheen to my beard so that it has some sway. Check out my list on the beard gloss page for some leave in conditioners.

        If your face is red, then it’s too dry. Use some beard oil. I have a nice collection of beard oils on my beard oil page.

        If it’s still red, you may need to use an anti-flake product like pine tar soap. I explain in more detail in my guide to beard dandruff.

        Good luck, O beardsman!

    21. Ok, beard growth starts now! Wish me luck! :) And thx for your advice! :)

    22. Is it stupid to grow a beard if I have red facial hair

    23. Currently growing my first full beard. I’ve had a small beard around my chin(s) for the last 12 years or so, but now it’s time for a ‘proper’ specimen. The itch has almost beaten me a few times but I have resisted the blade. Thanks for all the tips. Hopefully I can now kick the itch.

    24. Cunning stunt says:

      Hi guys great website hey!!!!!
      Just a little motivation for anybody that is thinking about shaving off there beard, check out this song:

      If that doesn’t keep ya motivated I don’t know what will

    25. Growing mine out for the first time at 39! I’m going for mutton chops and mustache (connected), so I still shave the chin whiskers and neck line. I look like a photo of my great great grandfather! I’m a week into it, and the itching is tough. Very tough. I’ll be buying some things you suggested above. So far… Wife is undecided, but she says the beard matches my accent (Scottish) which she loves. My 12 year old daughter hates it because she’s 12. My coworkers will see it tomorrow for the first time and I don’t care what they think. Most of them lack the courage to try.

      • Good for you mate! Keep at it bearded chap; power through that itch.

        You won;t know what your beard will TRULY look like unless you grow it for at least 3 months. Give it a try and then decide. Beard on!

    26. I have been shaving for the last 3 times a week for the past 13 years (not long in many mens eyes) I used to shave when either it looked bad or it started to itch, then deal with some rash and repeat this bothersome shaving task. Then came Movember, I was tempted to grow a beard but was afraid to look silly, December came along and I said stuff what people think, I am me, I am a man, stuff anyone that thinks differently, I couldn’t care less.
      So it has been about 7 weeks that I have a full inch long beard but shave the neck.
      about the 5-6th week I started getting an itch on my chin, chin is better but wanted to prevent it again, found this site and picked up many points and queries I had got answered.
      Thanks for the tips, was wondering about shampoo vs soap for beards.
      What I want to say is that I have had so many women that have complemented me on the beard, it has definitely been worth it, even woman that don’t like body hair seem to like beards (Not all but many). So to those out there wondering about the ladies… Grow forth 😉
      Till next time *Heads off to grooming section*

      • Great news! Thanks for sharing your story. You can use either beard soap or beard shampoo–whatever you like best. My strategy is to use beard soap for a shorter beard, beard shampoo for a longer beard.

    27. I am motivated to grow out a beard for the first time at 27 years old. I have kept a mustache and french beard in the past but not a full beard as the hair on my neck itch massively.

      Living on the other side of the globe where premium beard grooming stuff is not available so easily, so going to buy jojoba oil and hope it gets the job done.

      1st week in, will report back here if I power through the itch. Generally my itch starts becoming unbearable after 4 days without a shave, today is the 5th!

      My motivation, as many others have pointed out, are the compliments I have received from women regarding my mustache and french beard. This will be a new and changed look and I am pumped up about it.

      Thanks for the blog!! :)

      • Awesome, please do report back with your progress! Many of the products promoted here do ship all over the globe, so visit the links to see if they are available. If not, then yes, jojoba oil from your local supermarket is better than nothing.

        If your face is still red and itchy, even after using the oil, then try an anti-inflammatory face lotion or cream while your beard hairs are still short. Put some one your face before going to bed at night, and cover your chin with a towel so you don’t get it on your pillow. You should wake up in the morning with a comfy, supple face.

    28. My beard grows super slow and shops growing at about 1/2″. What’s going on here. When I say slow I mean to reach the 1/2″ point, I’m talking nothing short of a full month. I’m 3 months in now at it’s been that length for a solid 6-7 weeks. I’m 45 years old and it has done this my entire life. Do I need to say “frustrated” here or does it go without saying?

      • Wow, that IS slow. I’ve never heard of a beard growing that slowly.

        My only suggestions would be to increase the healthy protein in your diet, and to take beard vitamins. Your follicles need healthy proteins to build new beard hair, and your chemical make-up needs to be optimized to support healthy follicles.

        If, after 3 or so months of taking the vitamins, not shaving (or trimming), and eating healthy protein, your beard is STILL not growing longer, then, as a last resort, you can opt for a beard growth serum.

    29. Hey Oxhorn, for starters love the site. Been growing full beards off and on for 3 years now (my wife forbids me from doing the Duck Dynasty thing but she’s in for a shocker this year LOL)
      Anyhow in reguards to the itch. I found a rather effective (though messy) way to deal with the itch and moisturize my beard when it’s at it’s longest.
      Heat equal parts Olive Oil and Natural Raw Honey in a bowl until they are blended into a syrup then after cooling slightly apply to beard. The blend will crystallize and form a shell in the beard after 15 mins. Then step into a warm shower and thoroughly clean with baby shampoo. I swear my beard went from wire to wool….

      • Wow, very interesting method! Is it easy to wash it out after it dries? I bet your beard is super smooth afterwards.

        • James Andrew Baggett says:

          It actually takes a few mins under a warm shower (water has to almost be hot, but I switch to a brief cold water rinse afterwards.) the only problem is the bottom of the tub. LOL naturally oil and a cast iron tub are a slippery mix.

    30. Hey Oxhorn. Thank you for the site. I’m a 48 year old man who has been unenlightened in the past and has never bearded. However, on holiday in early January laziness kicked in and I didn’t shave for 4 days and was tempted to see what transpired. Now – I love it! My wife loves it. Almost everyone I know loves it apart from one person who said I look like a tramp but I’m putting that one down to jealousy. Anyway – thanks for the site cos although I haven’t experienced any itching at all, my chin is in pretty much constant pain. Constant outbreak of painful spots. You have inspired me to keep manly and push on through. I will try the anti-dandruff shampoo first, see if that makes any odds. But this hirsute look is staying whatever!

      • Congratulations! I hope bearding goes well for you, and I hope this site can help.

        I too get red spots, itching, and flaking ever now and then. Mine is on the moderate end, so I use a combination of the Grandpa’s products and T-Gel.

        If your chin pain does not get better, I wouldn’t hesitate to see a dermatologist. There are changes in diet you may make that can help reduce the pain, but I’m not qualified to offer recommendations on that. Your doctor or specialist, however, may have some good insight.

    31. Itching like a dog full of fleas . But nothing better than getting your misses to scratch it worth every itch. Two weeks in I WILL GROW THIS BEARD !!!!!

    32. Hello bearded friends. I suppose I am a pretty late bloomer and have only just started to notice my peach fuzz thicken up. I decided to shave it and it’s itching like crazy. I practically itched it so much that my skin is starting to flake. This is super new to me and I don’t exactly know if the itch is due to dry skin or possibly my hair growing back in. First time shaving it, so I’m hoping this time it’ll grow in a bit darker!
      What do you think?

      • The itch is normal, and it will be annoying for a while. Power through it my friend, and try not to scratch yourself! Use whisker softener, facial lotion, and beard oil to keep your follicles nice and supple. This will reduce the itch.

    33. You sir are an inspiration!

    34. What do i do if my side burns grow faster than my beard, and some parts don’t connect? I’m 23 and always shave twice a week. But i always wasted a beard, i already have long hair on my head, just need it on my face

      • I say let your sideburns grow. They will soon grow long enough to connect with your beard. Given enough time, your beard will grow out to match your sideburns, and it will all look even.

        Keep at it mate!

    35. Hi bearded friends, I’m growing a beard now. but It grows very slowly. and after a while I feel like it has stopped growing. and the ends of my mustache does’t grow around my mouth and connect to the rest of my beard. what should I do for that and how can I speed up the growth of my beard (I mean a home remedy or something like that)somehow I’ve managed to take that itch.

      have a happy beard!


    36. hey first time beard here!
      using the beard soap and oil from “damn good soap company” for about 5 days now
      it does feel softer and better but still itches a bit..
      almost going in my 3d week!

    37. My beard has been growing for around three months and is a bit over an inch long.

      I have a couple of questions:
      I) Is it bad to pull at/twirl such a short beard (and if so, how to stop being distracted by it while studying)
      II) Is it okay to take a professional portrait with a beard of this length for medical residencies (you can still see through to the cheeks from the sides, not so much from the front)?
      III) I like a more classic “Jewish Orthodox” beard look (I’m Christian, not Jewish, so just the beard, not the locks). Is there any shaving at all involved for that, or do you just let it go?


      • Great questions. Try to refrain from tugging on your beard. This will allow your beards to last longer, preventing strands from being pulled out too early.

        I found that as my beard grew, the itchiness stopped and I forgot about my beard during the day. Thus, I don’t chew on it.

        There are some professions that frown upon a beard. I can;t say if yours will make you shave it or not. I know there are beard nets you can find that are suitable for the workplace. You should ask your recruiter or future boss if the beard is acceptable for work.

    38. Thank you for the response – I’ll just go ahead and “power through the itch!” I was mainly checking on if a shorter beard in progress would be faux pas for a profile picture for clerkship directors’ review for rotation applications (physicians are allowed to have beards – you just have to make sure they look professional and cover them during surgery, etc.).

      Keep up the beard blogging!

    39. Isaac Mashiah says:

      What oils besides Jojoba do you recommend? How is Tea tree oil versus Jojoba?

    40. I live in Uganda where the recommended products are not readily available. Today is my second day of beard growing but it is rather too itchy. I took 3 weeks of leave just to grow my beard just because I had failed to do away with the bumps. What else can I use and how soon can I remove/reduce the bumps on my face

    41. George Quinn says:

      I use Bulldog anti ageing moisturiser, it’s not a beard-specific product but is packed with natural oils that don’t cause oiliness and spots. Rub it into your cheeks and beard/chin then brush through with a fine bristled brush. Keeps your skin and beard in lustrous condition and brushing to keep direction of growth uniform helps with the itch! Smells decent too…

    42. Humphrey says:

      Sir.. I’ve had a bum beard since pubity but never one around my face.
      In fact It was once put to me ……………….’why cultivate something around your mouth that grows wild around your ass?’

      Having listened to these foolish words for too long I am embarking on my first facial beard before I turn 40 or pass into the next world. Therefore please give me some high 5’s and chest pumps to support me in my quest. Sir, I salute you and your advice.

      PS my ass never itched this bad

    43. I’m 25 growing my first beard. Didn’t know about the itch and have been going through it real bad! I was going to shave but this inspired me to take this man journey.

    44. Great page brandon heaps of helpful tips for the first timers, but I was wondering if there would be a way to post pics of our glorious manly lumberjack inspired beards for the peeps to look at rate and even quirky styles? And also just wondering where all our beard growing aficionados hail from as im a proud beard growing Australian.

      Cheers : Martin (the beard)

      • A beard from down under! Welcome mate, glad you’re here.

        You know, that’s a GREAT suggestion. I really should have a section of the site where people can post their beards. I’ve been tempted to create a forum for months, but they are just so much maintenance work. And they get abused by spam.

        The closest thing I have today is my beard meme maker. You can upload a photo of your beard, place some text on it, and then publish it to our beard gallery. I encourage you to try it out!

        Happy bearding!

    45. Swimming in the ocean can be a big help if you live nearby. I do and the winters are always tougher for dandruff, beardruff and itchy beard. In the summer I try to get in the water as much as I can. I find it’s great for my beard, scalp, hair and skin. So if you can get there give it a try.

    46. Hi Gents!

      So, I’m a 23 year old male.. who yes has dealt with the same beard itch described. However, I just want to describe the totality of my issue to ensure my beard growth isn’t abnormal & requires more “professional” help.. ehh.

      I’m writing you after just one hour ago giving up on my beard after literally having trouble sleeping from the itch. The thing is though it’s not just the itch, it’s the red bumps that appear with them.. I feel like I’m 16 with acne all over my face.

      When I shave, the itch is immediately gone, and surprisingly enough in less than 2 hours all those numerous bumps are gone too, it’s insane. Am I just doomed to never being able to enjoy a beard?

      My hair grows stupendously fast, in 3 days I will be back to where id like to be. Unfortunately, the same issue applies. Also, I really can’t just grow it longer, the whole professional job thing & all. The thought of trimming my beard is actually intimidating, I suck at stuff like that. Is there any kind of dummy proof razor heads that will trim the beard, leaving just enough for a light shadow? That’s what I want! Just without the red bumps and itch.

      Thoughts gents?

      • If you just want a 5 o’clock shadow, then use an electric razor to trim close to the face every morning. Just set the head to the lowest beard length settings.

        I’m afraid you need to grow your beard longer to get past the itchy bumpy phase. Let it grow for a month, and you will be itch and bump free!

        Also, be sure to use a beard and face moisturizer.

    47. Great article, I’m the opposite to most on here I hate having a beard but the Mrs loves it and find bearded men attractive. I’m 8 weeks in and I feel like I have a face full of thick itchy pubes but I’m gonna power though. Many thanks

    48. Tried the beard thing a few times, but always shaved it off. The itch and the generally bedraggled look I thought it had killed it off before it’s time. Trying again and sticking with it now .People say it works on me, so what the heck. Just bought my first beard products.

    49. Jimmy Grizzle says:

      i have tried to grow a beard several times but never gotten past the itch. this time, im at one month and am determined to keep it. regardless the itch, i am going to look like grizzly adams no matter what…

      this is a side question, but is there something you can do for grey hair on a beard without changing the color of the other stuff? its been 10 years since i tried this out, and much to my surprise im getting grey hairs that have kinda taken away from the beautiful ginger tones of this irish love-grip…

      can you use stuff like “just for men” on a beard to cover up grey WITHOUT coloring the gorgeous red and gold tones out?

      thanks for the article, im glad to see others just as stoked on their beard as i am! tight work and keep it growing!

      • To my knowledge, no. You’ll just have to adjust the way you dye it.

        Try bunching your gray strands together and applying it only to the gray. Your beard dye kit will come with a touch-up brush for detailed applications.

        Sadly, there is nothing I know that you can take or apply that will only change the color of your gray hairs.

    50. I am in my 8th day of growing a beard…doing the Movember…always had a mustache and clean shaven…shaved on October 30, 2014 for Movember…I am a black man trying to grow a beard and mustache during Movember…can you help….

      • Sure thing, and congratz on attempting Movember! I hope I can encourage you to see it through–and well after!

        I have a thick, wiry beard. For men like you and I, we need heavy duty beard conditioners to keep our beards soft, silky and smooth.

        Since you are starting fresh, I suggest you use the products I mention on this page to power through the itch. Use the Medicine Man Anti-itch Beard Wash every morning in the shower when you wake up.

        While your whiskers are short, try using the Soft Goat whisker softener, but once your strands get longer (half an inch, I’d say), switch to a quality beard oil. Medicine Man is a good one for reducing itch.

        By the end of Movember, you should have a pretty impressive beard and mustache. Start using a quality beard balm (I suggest Honest Amish). I can’t praise beard balm more. I use mine every day, and it leaves my beard silky, lasting well through the night. Plus, my wife can always tell when I use it–she often compliments me on the scent.

        Good luck to you, O bearded chap!

    51. Great info, thanks for that. I’m not sure if my particular situation is unique or not. I’ve grown a Winter beard for several years, I’ve even come up with my own response when people ask, “Are you doing no shave November?” “Yup… and Deciding Not to December, Can’t forget Manuary, Fuggetaboutit February, and Might Never March.” At any rate, I always have the same problem, I can power through the first few weeks of beard itch, no problem, not my first rodeo, then the itch goes away and I enjoy a few weeks itch free, but somewhere around week six I always hit this wall where the itch returns and with a ferocity like I banged it’s wife! To the extent that itching it eventually becomes very painful. The only relief I get is trimming back to about a week 4 length. I use a beard shampoo, conditioner and saver (Blue Beard’s) I tried Tea tree oil with limited success, and I’ve used a brush to try and help exfoliate the skin underneath again with limit success. I have very thick facial hair and it seems to hug my face, so even when it’s 2″ long, it looks maybe 3/4″ Anyway, long winded, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this or found relief somehow as I would like to grow it longer without evoking the angry husband beard itch’s wrath.

      Cheers my bearded brethren.

    52. Hello.. I’m 20Years old & i don’t have a thick beard. all i have is some hair here and there.. & its itchy too.. I want to have a nice beard soon. Not having a nice beard hurts me so bad. i feel like i’m left alone. please do help me.

    53. Branko Grbac says:

      I don’t get it. How is one supposed to keep his beard at a desired length without cutting or trimming it?

    Leave a Beardly Reply