How Long Does It Take to Grow a Beard?

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    This is part one in my series Longer, Faster, Thicker.

    I get this question a lot, so I figured I’d dedicate an entire post to it. The answer is pretty straight forward:

    Let me explain. Every hair on the human body, including beard hairs, goes through three phases of life–anagen, catagen, and telogen. The first phase, anagen, is the growth phase and the one we are concerned with today.

    The anagen phase (for head hair) lasts anywhere from two to six years, and since this is the growth phase, we can say with confidence that no man’s beard can ever grow longer than it is at six years old. Now, a man’s genetics determines how long his beard’s growth phase is. That’s right, the cocktail of wonder your parents threw together is responsible for the length of your beard, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Your beard will either be a stunted youngling, or an ancient six-year-old.

    During the second phase (catagen), your hair stops growing. It embeds in your skin, and sort of sits there for a few months. During the final phase (telogen), a new hair starts growing in the follicle and pushes out the old hair, causing you to shed it.

    A photo of the three phases of beard hair length.

    Head Hair vs. Chin Hair

    Now, you’ve probably noticed that the texture of your beard hair is very different than your head. That’s because your body, after puberty, grows two types of hair–head hair, which is thinner and grows on the head, and androgenic hair, which is your bristly body hair. Again, it is genetics that determines the texture and characteristics of your body hair, and how much of it you have. Common wisdom has it that beard hair is androgenic hair–the same as body hair. However, androgenic hair has an anagen “growth” phase of only a few months (which is why your back hair never grows as long as your head hair despite never shaving it). So, if the theory that beard hair is androgenic hair is correct, it means that a beard reaches its terminal length at two months.

    A photo of androgenic hair. And fig leaves.

    This is obviously incorrect, as I can attest from personal experience. Compare my photos below of my beard at one year old to my beard at two years old–the two year version is obviously longer.

    Brandon’s Beard at One Year

    This is me, your humble author, at one year's growth. Copyright, Brandon M. Dennis, 2013. All rights reserved.

    This is me, your humble author, at one year’s growth. Copyright, Brandon M. Dennis, 2013. All rights reserved.

    Brandon’s Beard at Two Years

    Brandon's beard at two years old.

    Beard hair is somewhere on the spectrum between head hair and androgenic hair. It may never grow for a full six years, but it certainly grows longer than two months. Thus, it takes between two months and six years to grow a beard, depending on your genetics.

    How to Tell How Long Your Beard Can Grow

    On average, a beard left untouched will grow three feet long. Some may get a four- to five-footer, and some may get a foot-long–the only true way to know for sure is to grow it and see what happens. You may not want to wait six years to discover how long your beard will get. That’s understandable, but the only way to learn how old your beard can get is to wait until it starts shedding. Your beard won’t start falling out until it completes the growth phase. So, keep growing your beard. Once you discover that long beard hairs are starting to fall out on their own accord (without you tugging, pulling, or brushing them out) then it’s a safe bet that your beard has reached it’s maximum length.

    Photo of as man with a long beard.

    There is one caveat to that: not all hairs are going to have the same anagen phase length. This means that some beard hairs will stop growing and fall out, even while other beard hairs continue to march on. So the key here is to ignore random occurrences–the stray beard hair here and there–and start paying attention to patterns. If you notice that more beard hairs collect in the bottom of the shower, or between the keys of your keyboard, or on your pillow than usual, then you have probably maxed out your anagen phase–you’ve reached your beard’s terminal length.

    Man with maximum beard length.

    How to Maximize Your Beard Growth Potential

    We’ve already established that your genetics are responsible for the texture, character, and length of your beard. That said, many beards under-perform their potential due to environmental factors, including diet, stress, and toxins. In short, many people don’t grow the epic beard of their dreams because they are malnourished.

    This is why taking beard vitamins is important for your overall-health. Not only does it give your body the supplements it needs, but it focuses specifically on factors that encourage hair growth. Other topical solutions, such as beard growth serum and beard growth spray, encourage follicles to enter and stay in the anagen phase when they have been prevented from doing so by environmental factors. Combined, the two can help you jump-start your beard growing journey.

    A long beard on a classy man.

    Finally, your weight is a big factor in the health of your beard. I say this from personal experience, not to be mean. I’m a very large man, but I used to be much smaller. When I was thinner, my skin was healthier and my beard grew faster, fuller, and the colors were more vibrant. Today, though I have an epic beard if I do say so myself, it is darker than it used to be, and my skin beneath it sometimes flakes or develops rashes. I never used to have these problems, and I believe they are the result of my weight. The best thing you can do for your beard, and your overall health in general, is to eat right.

    Thanks for reading folks! Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below.

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

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    Brandon M. Dennis
    Greetings, fellow beardsmen! I'm a beard health expert and journalist working out of Seattle, Washington. I'm also an author, marketer, and story-teller. Read my swashbuckling fantasy sea adventure novel, The Tale of Cloran Hastings, and click my name to learn more about me. Enjoy the site!
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    1. Very interesting. When I had back surgery I was out of work for 6 months. During that time I tried to grow a beard. Never reached epic proportions but it was enjoyable.

    2. I approve of this message.

      • I approve your approval! Cheers mate.

        • Interesting post from you Oxhorn, regarding the 6 year rule, would this apply to a boy who at 13 or 14 disregarded a razor and just let his beard grow out as long it would grow?, That would mean he would have a full beard, no longer by age 20, I doubt it, in his case 10 years would be more likely the length it would become at fully grown.

          • My hunch is that beards have a much shorter anagen phase length than head hair. However, it is possible that beards can grow up to 6 years in length before shedding.

            For most of us, I say our beards grow for 2 or 3 years before we reach terminal length.

    3. A very nice Tale of The Beard I must say.

    4. Interesting article. Enjoyed the read :) I would be interested to hear if the frequency of shaving prior to growing a beard would have an affect on the overall length to grow one.

      • Everything I’ve read agrees that no, how often you shave has nothing to do with how long a beard can grow. A beard appears to grow back darker after shaving because you’ve sliced off the natural tips that have a blunted edge, making the strand tip thicker, looking darker. But shaving doesn’t make a beard grow darker, thicker, or faster.

        Now, massaging your chin actually can improve the quality of your beard, because it stimulates blood flow to your follicles. I suppose that, depending on how you shave, you might be massaging your chin that way.

    5. This is a really interesting post!

      However, I’m a thin guy and I can’t grow my beard in full like others, though from what I’ve heard from both sides of my family, full beard growth really didn’t come in until 25 or later (I’m 22 now, and so impatient).

      I’ve bought some of that beard serum as well as VitaBeard. Here’s to hoping that it works!

      • Great! Report back and let us know how they help. Your weight, fatness or thinness, shouldn’t negatively impact your beard growth, unless you’re exceedingly obese.

        Here’s to an epic beard!

      • Hey! Not to be mean or anything, but your beard would do you a lot better if you ajusted the length in certain areas.
        Don’t try to overdo it, until you are sure you have the proper growth potential, otherwise it just looks unfinished.
        A properly cut beard looks longer than an uncut one of equal growth because the “unfinishedness” strikes out more if the proportions are out of line, and very often some areas grows faster than others

        Again just some advice, couse u got potential :)

    6. I’m six months into my beard and I have a few beard hairs fall out daily. If I comb it I find hairs. If I play with or pull gently on the hairs I’ll get a few to come out. Is this just natural or have I already reached stage 3? I’ve grown a yeard before and had the same issue. The six-monther I have now is nowhere near as glorious as the yeard was, but it’s taking shape. Any advice? Stop stressing about the fallen beard hairs?

      • Yes, I think this is quite natural. I also lose a few beard hairs daily. If you know your beard can grow longer than it is, then you most certainly have not completed your anagen phase and have much more length left in your beard.

        Happy bearding!

    7. I’m 19 and want a beard!!! After going a week without shaving my face fills very itchy! It also looks spotty… How can I grow it evenly?

      • Keep at it mate! A week is too short to see good results. Give it a few more weeks and then you’ll start to see what your beard coverage will look like.

        If it starts to grow in patchy, try taking some beard vitamins. Eat protein regularly and keep hydrated. For more tips, read my other posts on the blog section of this website.

    8. At 27 my facial hair remains patchy, but I’ve decided to give growing a beard a go. After a week of not shaving I have a creepy little moustache and a hairy neck and chin. As I said though, very patchy. Now my father could grow a real beard, must be mum’s genetics messing with me.

    9. Robert Smith says:

      I’ve had a beard for over a year now, but I always kept it cut back, trimmed. it’s a healthy beard and fully grown in, no patches or anything, I take biotin vitamins which is good for hair growth. Now I want to grow it because I live in Pittsburgh and Brett Keissel is a big inspiration and now I want that for my beard

    10. is it true that if i shave my beard, it will grow back quicker?

    11. Zach Lawson says:

      I’m goin on a month so I’m in this awkward pubic looking stage, I hope it gets thicker! Haha.

    12. I’m trying to grow the same beard as Phil Anselmo from pantera, but his reinventing the steel era beard (2000-2001) so anyway I was curious would shooting up heroin help me with my goal in growing a beard like him???

      • Um, that would be a big NO my friend. In fact, it could actually harm your beard growth. Your body needs all proteins and amino acids it can to produce long, glorious beard hair. If your body is sick from taking heroin, then your beard will wither! Stay clean dear fellow. Stay clean.

    13. Super_Shakes says:

      Great read, im nearly 3 months into growing and now seeing it develop a bushiness, although i have one faint line from my cheek to my kneck where it seems nothing grows, as it gets fuller and thicker it seems to hide the streak so im noping that will continue to happen. then the Mustache part doesnt link very well one side, bit thin, but ive never been able to grow a full handle bar.

      would it be worth shaving there or leaving it to develop?

      • Leave it to develop for a while. Let it grow for months. You’ll see that bald areas or strange symmetry will often fix itself.

        After 6 months or so, you should have an idea how your beard will look, and will have a better idea of how you should shape it.

    14. AJ Rodriguez says:

      Hows it going… Just read the article great stuff. I have a question. Been trying to growing my beard for a little over a month. I have a patch on both sides. Everywhere else there’s hair. Any chance I grow hair in those patches? Thanks -AJ

    15. Great article. I was wondering, does a beard begin to get thicker or thinner the longer it becomes? Or is this another factor of genetics? I’ve grown my beard for about 14 months and it has begun to get rather wispy at the ends. It’s about 6/7 inches so far. Thanks!

      • Some beard follicles have shorter lifespans than others. Thus, as you grow your beard, some will naturally fall out early while others continue to soldier on. There is nothing you can do about that, apart from using a beard growth serum to activate un-activated follicles.

        Additionally, it’s natural to tug on and play with your beard during the day, which can pull out fragile beard hairs before their natural time. To maintain beard thickness as it gets long, try not to play with it during the day, and brush/comb it infrequently–once or twice a week. Also, it may help to switch to a beard comb instead of a beard brush, which is easier on your beard hairs.

    16. Question for the beard guru… Scientifically speaking, why does it take so long for a beard to grow in? Is it because each hair follicle grows at a different rate or are new follicles forming in your skin over time? In other words, from a fullness standpoint, why wouldn’t two weeks or so be enough? Thx!

      • You hit the nail on the head–it’s because each hair grows at a different rate. All the follicles you will ever have are formed in the womb, before you’re born, so it’s impossible to grow new follicles. At two weeks, you should have a fairly uniform beard because it will be pretty short still. However, as your beard gets longer, you will notice some very long hairs, and some very short hairs, even though you haven’t pulled any out or shaved. This is because some grow slower than others, and this becomes much more conspicuous with a long beard.

        Also, beard hairs vary in lifespan too. So for some of your hairs, it will take them six years to attain their maximum length, while others will get as long as they ever will in 2 years, and drop out sooner.

        Thus, to cover all your bases, it takes up to 6 years to see how long your beard will ever get, but for many men this time-span will be much shorter.

    17. Hi, I read everything here and had a few questions. I’m 19 years old and have a full beard but I’m worried about it’s length as I would like to have it longer. I know it takes a long time to tell your maximum beard length, but I’m having trouble understanding when it stops growing. A few of my hairs do fall out, but I play with my beard a lot so its tough to tell whether it was natural. Can you please go into depth a bit more on how to tell if I have reached my max? Another question I had was about the break when your beard stops growing for a few months then starts again. How would I tell that my beard is resting and hasn’t stopped? Thank you for answering these questions.

      • Those are very good questions. How long have you had your beard? Do you ever trim it? What about the men in your family. Have they ever had beards?

        Each man’s beard grows at a different speed. For me, it has taken two-years to get a long beard that just reaches my sternum. For other men, two years would give them a beard to their knees. It is impossible to say the rate your beard grows without looking to your ancestors.

        The best way to know if you’ve reached your max beard length is to measure it. With a dry beard, brush it out nice and fluffy so that it isn’t knotted up from a day’s wear. It may be smart to rub some beard oil into it first, or some beard de-tangler, so you don’t pull any out. Then, buy a solid black T-shirt. Get some thin masking tape (or cut a strip of masking tape in two). Look in the mirror, and place the strip of tape just where the tip of your beard ends. Put the shirt away, and in one month, try it again. Your beard should have grown by half an inch (1.25 centimeters). Now, since different beard strands grow at different rates, you will find that some strands have yet to pass the tape mark, while other strands have just nudged past it. But at least you’ll know that it is still growing.

        If none of your beard hairs have moved, then you can either try it another month just to make sure, but I think it’s safe to say that your beard has reached terminal length.

    18. Miss Laura says:

      I am a chick who loves beards! Come on guys, grow them long and the chicks will dig it! 😉 cheers!

    19. Exactly the info I was looking for thanks. I fit some reason grow a goatee and stash very easily and full but the cheeks just lag WAY behind. I’m almost a month in and the cheeks/burns are very sorry looking. Is this common? Asking around but haven’t found anyone with similar situation.

      • This is very common. Look around at some of the other comments on this site and you’ll see that patchy beards and places that don’t grow in fully are the #1 complaint from bearded gentlemen like yourself.

        I’d let it grow out a bit longer, and if it doesn’t thicken up, I’d try taking some beard growth vitamins. If, after a few months of using them, you don’t see the thickness you want, then I’d try some beard growth serum.

    20. Please can you recommend a good beard oil that would make my beard look smart thanks

    21. Question for you. is it common for the bear hair to be various colours? I have black hair (though the grey is seeping in at the tender age of 31) but for as long as I remember, since getting facial hair at 12, it has always been an array of colours, black, brown, ginger and now grey/ white hairs too.

      I am repeatedly told that I look like a “big baby” when I shave so, have been letting it grow in for around 3 months now and obviously the colour spectrum is a bit annoying.

      • Kudos to you! I too have a beard that comes in many colors. I have black strands that grow under my chin, ranging to blonde strands that grow on my lip. My wife tugged on my mustache the other day because she thought she was removing one of her hairs from my face–she has bright red hair.

        It’s perfectly normal, and I personally think it’s pretty cool. I like that my beard grows in a variety of colors!

    22. ohkay i have left my hiar alone for 3 days now its not even a half an ince on my chin but just wanted too know that if my dad had a full grown beard then will
      i get those resualts he always look like that since age 25 im 22 years old my strands of my facal hiar are very thin and are dark brown what would you think of that and what advice can you give me

      • Hi Robbie, beards only grow half an inch per month, so it sounds like your beard is growing at the right rate. As for your father, if he had a manly beard, it is likely you will to! What about your grandfather, on your mom’s side? If he could grow a beard, then you should be good to go.

    23. I’ve been growing my beard for about 6 months and it seems like the growth has almost stopped. Does your beard growth slow down as it gets longer?

      • No, but it just looks that way. I’ve been growing mine for 2 years, and it only looks slightly longer than it did 1 year ago. That’s because my beard is curly, and the strands curl in on each other, appearing shorter.

        Is your beard curly?

    24. Hans Abiel says:

      I have been growing my reddish dark-blonde beard for 1 month and two weeks. and its a few millimeters longer then half an inch. I shaved a 3 inch beard after saving for 7 months aprox just a little while ago. I regret shaving it off.. Now i am on my way again and pray the Lord will bless me with patience and love towards it. Ps: nice read

    25. I will! It is gods will! Leviticus 19:27
      King James Version (KJV)
      27 Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.

      • Indeed! I don’t know what faith you are, but I’m a Christian. I realize we’re straying off-topic a bit, but I’d like to comment on your quote.

        I grow my beard because I enjoy it, but not because the Bible says in Leviticus not to trim the corners of your beard, even though I am a Christian. The reason I do not feel obliged to follow the Leviticus laws, which also include things like not eating pork, not boiling a calf in its mother’s milk, and hanging bells on the tassels of my robe, is because Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic laws with his death and resurrection.

        I like to explain it with this analogy: When you’re a teenager in the United States, it’s against the law to drink alcohol. However, when you turn 21, it is suddenly no longer against the law for you to drink alcohol. Now, the law still exists–minors are still forbidden to drink alcohol–but you are now freed from that law because you have fulfilled the conditions of that law by turning 21. The law is still there, the law is still good, but you are no longer bound by it.

        Similarly, all the Old Testament laws are still laws. As Jesus said, his coming has not removed a letter from the old laws. However, no Christians are bound by the old laws, because Jesus fulfilled the purpose of those laws with his death and resurrection.

        The purpose of those laws was to pay the price of sin, and to keep us righteous. Since the the wages of sin is death, and thus all sinners (which include all humans who ever existed) deserve death, God gave Moses laws–which included animal sacrifice–which deferred the wages of sin (death) to an animal, instead of a human. The other laws were designed to keep man righteous in the eyes of God.

        But when Jesus died, he paid the price of sin (death) for all mankind. This is why Christians do not sacrifice animals anymore. Jesus was the sacrifice, and thus, sacrifice is no longer needed. We no longer need to be kept righteous by practicing the Old Testament laws, because Jesus’s death and resurrection conveyed grace to all Christians–meaning we don’t need to be righteous anymore, since Jesus is righteous for us.

        That’s why I don’t grow a beard because the old law tells me to. I grow a beard because it makes my chin more epic.

    26. steven stickley says:

      Hi my names steven. I read everything on here and it all makes sense now why my beard slowed up. I’ve been growing my beard since no shave November 2012 and certain spots are bout 5-6 inches maybe. The question I have is I have a decent beard combed out but all the hairs are curly and kinky after it gets dry, is there a way to make them all straight and keep them that way or will I have to deal with the curls? I plan on trying vita-beard also.

      • Great question; here we go:

        If your beard is curly, like mine, then your beard will be curly when it dries, even if it looks straight when you combed it wet out of the shower. The only way to change this is to straighten your beard with a hair straightener iron. I wrote an article on that which you can read here.

        If you choose not to straighten your beard (like me), then follow these tips to keep your beard manageable during the day, and to prevent knots from forming:

        1) Right out of the shower, and before you comb it, use hair detangler on your beard. This will keep your beard from knotting up.
        2) As your’re brushing your beard, comb in some beard oil, and make sure it covers all strands. The oil will stay with you during the day, and get absorbed by your pores and follicles. This will make your beard strands stronger and smoother, less likely to knot up and get caught on each other.
        3) Finally, use a quality beard conditioner when you shower.

        These tips will help you keep your beard in a manageable state!

    27. Hans Abiel says:

      I believe i should follow gods will over my own and follow his everlasting law.
      Anyways, what are your thoughts around consuming malt extract daily from the grocery store? I know they do so with dogs to make theyr fur healthy and strong.

      • Interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of malt extract helping with beard hair growth. Do you have any references you can share on the topic? I did a quick search and couldn’t find any.

      • Following Levitical Laws is good and bad as a Christian. It is good as it applies to our physical health. I suffer from gout, so it benefits me physically to follow some of them. If you follow them as a means of Sanctification and for your Salvation it is wrong.

        Now back on topic: About a year ago I stopped trimming (rounding the corners of) my beard. Not for religious reasons. I just decided to go for the “Natural Look”. I have added a little over 7 inches for a wonderful, full, uncut, natural, pale blonde/white, 11 inch “Mountain Man” beard. I shed a fair amount of hairs daily but yet this 61 Y.O. body keeps replacing them, and growing in thicker and thicker all the time. I do try to eat healthy ( watch the GMO’s, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and artificial sweeteners, etc. I also beard oil it 2-3X daily, and condition it regularly. I also think the several times a day application of some wayward splashes of Yogurt, that misses my mouth is helping it survive and grow. :) (Y)

    28. My mother in law has raised 3 dogs. When she started giving them malt extract blended with dog food, after a month theyr fur coat was shiny thicker and looked so much better. I know malt extract is used in alot of beers also wich is one of the reasons Beer is very rich on b vitamines.(and beer yeast also) , i know many that drink every day beer they say theyr beards grow way much faster and thicker from it. It seems that way also when i visit. More i do not know except that i purchased a bottle of malt extract today, Im going to take a spoon with some milk of it each day and try it out, i will get back on it in a while. , also beer yeast is known for protein and vitamin goods

    29. Hey Brandon,

      Awesome article. a little background, I have always been able to quick beard full no patches within 2 weeks no issues. Being Prior military, I had to keep it certain length under regulations at about 1/8 to a 1/4 inch. 8 years so I always thought I could grow a EPIC beard in no time if given time by the way it grow in with no patches, Now 8 years serves and becoming a civilian, the first order of business was to let it grow. Like most men I chose No shave November 13 as my start day. Last time I shaved or trimmed was Oct 31. Following the rules I allowed 4 weeks of no shave no trim no tapering. And it was thick and full all around cheek lines and neck lines. Went to my barber and had her meticulously shape it the way I wanted it. good to go ready for a yeard which was the goal. All things were fine until I started to notice here at 3 months my chin hair was kind of stuck at where it was at 2 and my cheeks have grown longer but thin out. So I kind of discouraged now. As it seems, it goes 100 mph from clean shaven to a month/2 months then after that its a dud. The kicker is I really don’t have hairs that come out. I expected greatest…I’m expecting greatness…I kind of like watching it grow but that’s like watch paint dry and that’s crazy to do but that comes from actually giving good maintenance Washing Conditioning Oils tapers when needed sleep I could work on my diet and smoking as they may be the case I don’t know… What made me look into what it could be was when someone else notice that it just fizzed out. I would hate to call it quits because of genetics and trim it to a style for its good for, but is this just matter of patience? After the second its shown no progress to me….I’ve created a movement with a few friends and everyone growing theirs out being the “SSgt with a Beard” for years now that I have the op to grow it out its given out of gas just fast as I started to grow it…any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

      • Great comment, and sorry to hear about your trouble! You are likely suffering from an optical illusion. I too have noticed that when I shave it off and let it start all over again, it appears to grow very fast. But, a month or so in, it slooooows to a crawl.

        This cannot be true, as hair grows .5 inches every month. Now, body hair stops growing between 2-3 months. That’s why your pit hair never gets super long, even though as men we do not shave it.

        Head hair can keep growing for up to six years. Every man will have a different growth time, and it will stop growing, for some, after 2 years, and others, 6 years.

        Now beard hair is a unique beast. For some men, their bears will keep growing for 6 years, and they end up with wizard beards. For other men, their beards stop growing after a few months.

        Now, before you decide that you fall into the latter category, I’d keep it growing for at least a year. My first year produced a long beard. My second year produced a beard that appeared to be only slightly longer than my 1-year beard. But, it was still longer. I explored this interesting phenomena in this post.

        My advice to you is to keep the beard for at least a year. Don’t trim it, don’t shape it, just let it grow. I’m certain you will notice, after a year, that it is significantly longer than it is now, even if it feels like it takes forever.

        Beard on good sir!

    30. I follow the god given laws of moses the best i can, because i have been saved. Not the other way around. Ps: my beard is still growing. Will come back on the malt when i can see a change.

    31. Hey Brandon

      I’ve been sporting a chinstrap for a while now (a short one, normally no more than 1/4 inch) and fancied a change since my hair grows quickly. I’m able to grow facial hair evenly as I’ve left it for just over a month before with no problems, although I do have very light hairs which join the tash to the rest of it which are difficult to see, and the tash itself doesn’t look too ‘full’ (my beard goes quite gingery and light, maybe this is why?). I know this isn’t a very long time but I was wondering if I were to properly grow it for a few months would the fair hairs be an issue?

      Also, I still currently have my chinstrap so would it be worth shaving it off and starting from scratch for the beard or just leave it and let the rest of the beard catch up? Its not very long after all.


      • Leave it be and let the beard grow. As your beard gets longer, your hairs will change color–especially your lighter hairs. Some will grow darker, others will grow lighter.

        The longer it gets, the more it will fill in “patchy” areas, or areas that appear patchy due to hair and skin contrast.

    32. I just turned 21 last nov. I shaved it all off and started new on my 21st so 3 months. … I now have a 6 inch beard not very impressive I know but i don’t think I’m doin 2 bad I don’t take vitamins or anything like that but I would like to look like gandalf from lord of the rings haha after reading this I think i may start taking vitamins and maybe eating a little healthier I do have a few questions tho like is it ok to use a regular unscented lotion daily??? And should I use a regular conditioner on it when I shower?? Also I have a bad habit of pulling hairs out when I’m not busy does anyone else do this or is it just me ?

      • Great questions, and kudos to you for growing out your beard! I hope it gives you a lifetime of satisfaction.

        Unscented lotion is just fine. In fact, in can help keep your pores open and supple, which can help beard hairs grow. Beard Oil is the best for this, as it is designed just for beards, but lotion works well too.

        Conditioner is very important. I use it whenever I bathe, and beard conditioner keeps my long beard strands flowing free. However, you want to make sure not to use just any conditioner. Many store-bought conditioners are made with waxes that can actually clog your pores. Instead, choose a beard conditioner, designed specifically for beards.

        Many people pluck hairs when they are nervous or bored. However, this can severely harm the growth aptitude of your beard, eyebrows, head hair, or wherever ever else you pluck hair. Sometimes, if you pluck from the same spot over and over again, hair will not grow back there, and you will have a permanent bald spot.

        I urge you to find another way to relieve boredom. Maybe learn to twirl pens with your hands, or chew gum. Try writing a daily beard blog. Just keep from plucking hairs!

        Anyway, thanks for posting, and keep at it good sir!

    33. Thanks for such a fast reply…. being new to this I appreciate all the info I can get…..I do have one more ? Tho…. is their anything that I should make sure I do all the time to keep it growing good ?? Can I just let it grow completely natural??

    34. ColombianGold says:

      Can shaving frequently get facial thicker, because I’m 18 and all I can grow is a mustache, soul patch and abit of chin hair. Both my older brothers have beards and they told me they shaved to get it thicker?

      • Great question! We hear this one a lot. The answer is no–shaving does not make a beard grow thicker. It only looks that way because the naturally tapered ends of the hair have been sliced off. Thus the hair grows back with a much thicker tip, looking darker.

        The best solution is to simply not shave. You can take beard vitamins and eat protien to optimize your beard growth.

    35. The Rooster says:

      Hey I love the article, very interesting! Had a quick question for ya Brandon: I’m 20 and usually have rocked a goatee (the width matched the lines on my mouth like a goat patch but I didnt grow it beneath my jawline), but experimented with a full beard for the past month. I noticed the area I had grown more often was much thicker than the rest of my face, and I want to have an encompassing goatee (mustache going into goatee with my soul patch) but the little patches of hair that would “connect” the hair on my lip and that on my chin grow in painfully slow. Any tips get it all growing in at the same time or perhaps trim what grows in faster and leave the other stuff untouched?


      • If part of your beard has a head start, then it will look noticeably thicker than the rest for a while. However, after a few months, the distinction between the two different lengths will become less, and they will blend together. I recommend that you leave it be for now and let nature so it’s thing. If after 3 months your beard is still thin in places, then we may need to take more drastic measures. It also doesn’t hurt to take beard growth vitamins.

    36. My beard is super thick, im happy with that part I just feel like its not getting any longer I want like a two footer. Starting to get real disappointed, I’ve been growing it for maybe 3 months and I can brush it and no hair falls out so im sure its not at the stage where it stops growing.

      • Be patient my friend! Beardliness is an exercise in waiting. I’ve been growing mine for over 2 years, and even I don;t have a 2-footer yet. Mine is about 1 foot, when fully outstretched.

        Each man’s beard length is different. If yours is long and thick at 3 months, then things look good for you! You very well may get a 2-footer. Just keep at it, and stay clear of razors.

    37. Jesus! A year and only a foot? Man that sucks because im like the most impatient person on the planet. Do you use the beard vitamins and beard oil?

    38. Hey,just need some inspiration to keep going with my attempt to grow a beard,i have fair hair and my facial hair is not playing fair,its at the same fluffy stage for a couple of weeks now and im losing faith,maybe my hair type is not beard compatible?

    39. Hey Brandon, a great article I must say!
      I have never grown my facial hair for longer than one week but on Jan 1st of this year I decided I would be growing a ‘yeard’ to raise funds for cancer research uk ( I am from Wales ) I am almost two months in and it is turning out to be one of epic proportions, I had no idea I could grow facial hair like this! My Father was Spanish therefore dark and my hair is very dark but my beard is almost ginger, it must be my celtic colouring! I love having it in different colours! I have so far raised over £500 and I have 10+ months to go. Respect to all the ‘beardlings out there! People can follow my progress on FB Adam Galdo Beard For A Year.

      Best regards, Adam!


    40. Mate I have a problem. Last year I had a fairly decent beard, rougly 8 inches. I had to shave it off for personal reasons but I tried growing it back in November and its now March basically and it only grew about an inch and a half. Is there any reason for this? Im 19, a tad stocky, eat healthy but its just not growing well at all, any suggestions?

      • How long did it take you to grow it to 8 inches? It could be that you simply forgot how long it took you to get it that long.

        Or, it could be that your body is unhealthy, due to obesity (which I suffer with as well) or due to stress. Both of these can hinder beard growth.

        Read my other article on how fast beards grow for more insight:

        How fast do beards grow?

    41. B.frisco says:

      I first started growing a beard at 26yrs old, no shave November and decided to keep going, after 4 months my beard was at 2 3/4 inches and had to shave because of a new job. Everyone hated it, which made me love it more lol. But after I shaved everyone hated that I did, I miss the beard, it’s a strong statement many envy when a man lets his beard grow. I am growing it back again and plan on going as long as possible, the new job don’t mind a beard so I’m sad I shaved and miss it, it’s great to grow a full beard once and I recommend everyone to try once. Plus the girlfriend loved it and misses it even tho she prefers a clean shaven man so that’s great.

      • Sounds like you discovered something about yourself and your loved ones–gratz man! I’m glad you decided to embrace the beard and grow it back.

        Good luck and come back to let us know how it goes!

    42. Excellent read and I’ve learned quite a few things about beards that I never knew before. Thank you for that.I’ve been growing mine for about 1.5 months and I’m curious why most of my beard hair is on my throat area. Not a lot is on the face itself. I have sideburns that form down toward the chin and that’s it. I also have a moustace that gets sorta long at this point but I can’t tell if it will meet up with my chin? Any explanation for this?

      Also, a very important question. Will my beard look worse if i cut hairs out that are discolored from my original beard color? For example sometimes red hairs pop up and i cut them off or very blonde ones. I have dark brown hair. Will cutting them off affect how my beard looks in the long run?

      Thank you!

      • Great questions! Ok, let’s see:

        1) I have found that neck hair grows faster and thicker than cheek and chin hair. In my own case, my neck beard is twice as long as the rest of my beard. this is totally normal, and it will help add to yrou beard length in time.

        2) What you’re experiencing with your mustache is a tiny bit of patchiness. This is common in many men. Basically, your unique cocktail of genetics prevents the hair from growing there, or at least, keeps it growing slow. The best way to counteract this is to have a healthy diet, and perhaps take some beard growth vitamins–a natural, men’s daily multivitamin.

        That said, given enough time, your mustache and cheek beard will grow long enough to cover those patches. I suggest you wait it out and see if the beard covers them naturally.

        3) My personal opinion is that yes, your beard will look worse if you trim away multi-colored beards. You need to remember that most people will see you from afar. Comparatively few will get within a handshake’s distance from you. Thus, most men will see your beard as a uniform color anyway, even when you have multicolored hairs.

        I really like the fact that my beard has many colors. Some of my strands are as black as coal. Others are bright red–even blonde. But when people take photos of my beard, it always looks brown. If you trim away your lighter hairs, you’ll be thinning your beard, making it look less full. I recommend you just let it grow with minimal pruning.

        Thanks for posting. Let me know how things go!

    43. Is it normal to find a patch in your beard in the beginning of growing.

    44. at 40 years old I have never had much body / facial hair ( armpits are virtually bare ) after a recent operation to try and fix a femur that hasn’t healed in over a year, I have some time on my home and away from prying eyes.
      10 days into not shaving I have a completely clear gap u like a stripe under my chin itchy as hell I wonder if I have the stamina for this :)

      • You an do it! The itch goes away quickly, I promise. The gap will be quite endearing, and will make your unique snowflake of a beard stand out among all the others. Keep at it good sir!

    45. Got a question… I am 33 bout to turn 34 and I stopped shaving in Dec 2013. I told my wife I wouldn’t shave until my birthday which is in a couple weeks now. I partially kept my end of the deal and still have a beard which is roughly 1-1/4″ long, but I shaved my neck about three weeks ago. In other words I shaved almost up to the bottom jaw line…. Will this affect the growth of how the rest will continue to grow? Should I let it grow back out with? I know from reason previous posts not to shave and start over….. It is all natural by the way no oils or pills…. I also am a bigger guy and eat a lot of protein, and am very active. Any tips, tricks and/or advice is greatly appreciated …… Beards Down !

      • Shaving your neck beard won’t affect the way the rest of your beard grows. It’s really a style choice. I prefer to let my neck beard grow because it grows long and fast, and fills out my beard really well. Also, shaving the neck beard, as a large man myself, exposes a double chin, which I want to avoid. Growing it covers it.

        Still, it’s up to you!

    46. Hey, i have alot of vellus hairs and my chin hair has recently begin to get darker and longer. My question is do all vellus hair develop into terminal hair? I’m 19 today.

      • Great question! No, not all vellus hair turns into androgynous, or darker, hair. For men, it is more likely that vellus (thin, white) hair on the chin and face will eventually turn into beard hair as you get older, after puberty hits. However, for some men, this doesn’t happen until after age 25–if it happens at all!

        At 19, your best bet to getting your chin hair to transform into beard hair is to take beard growth vitamins.

    47. Thanks for all the tips man! Do you know how this differs for a black man? Obviously it is different and dare I say harder for us compared to you lot except say fro the black men who have some mixed genes. I am somewhat hairy, rock a full afro which takes 6 months but my bead hasn’t really ‘thickened’ or ‘filled out’ three months in(today exactly!) What’s your take lovely beard man?

    48. At 35, i don’t have even full beard but does beer help beard growth?

      • No not really. Alcohol can thin the blood and bring it deeper into the capillaries, which can potentially help bring more nutrients to beard follicles. But in general, no, beer does not help a beard grow bigger.

    49. Thanks for the fast reply Brandon! I nominate you as a custodian of the male pride! Haha. I did check out your multivitamins etc pages earlier, but I live in Sweden and the products don’t ship here directly. Do you think you could help me out in any way? I would be very grateful! It does seem that my “genetic cocktail” does not permit that much facial hair- covering the whole face, but does permit full hair on the head(from my mother I suppose.) MY father never had a beard..

    50. Hey everyone. I stoped cutting my head hair in 1987( dread locks). I have not shaved my face for the last 6 months. My beard has grown out to about 1.5 to 2.5 inches but no more. It seems to have stabilized. I have now reached 44 years of age and my head hair (wich has always been super full ) is now thinning at an alarming rate. I have to admit that I have not been eating well and have been indulging in drink a bit too much. My point is, the beard seems to weather the abuse more than my head hair. Has any one out there noticed this phenomenon?

      Haza in advance.

      • Yes, and I had a beard transplant specialist explain it to me. As we age, our follicles collect more and more DHT–or “bad” testosterone–which causes baldness. We go bald as we age simply because out head hair follicles have more time to collect and be damaged by DHT. However, DHT does not damage beard follicles. Thus, bald men can grow epic beards!

        Many men use testosterone boosters to accelerate their beard growth. Good testosterone like this won’t harm beard or head hair. Many others start a testosterone-boosting health regimen, focusing on foods.

    51. G’day, starting on a goatee told my girlfriend if it gets to a certain length I will marry her at around 8inches (if I let it get there) to get her off my back as she don’t appreciate the beard, but have a few scars under my chin do scars effect beard growth and or length.

      • Yes, if the scars have damaged some of your follicles, then those follicles either won’t grow hair at all, or they will produce thin, short hair.

        Sadly, if this is the case, then there is no product to help. You would need a beard transplant to add follicles to those scarred places, if you want hair to grow there again.

        That said, if the scars are minor, then it is very likely that as your beard grows, it will cover those scars, making your beard look nice and full, despite them.

    52. Gabriel says:

      Hey brandon!
      You have and awesome blog and a stunning beard i must say! haha
      Well, i am 18, with genetics of thick and full bear from both sides of family.
      I kind of know that one day i am gonna have beard, but i want it right now! hahaha
      I know this must sound anxious, but i really like it.
      Anyway, i have a acceptable volume where i already have bear, but i want that to cover up all my face. What´s the best thing, shave it everyday, or leave it to grown until it´s full?
      i mean, i don´t see any hair in some spots, but, will it start to grown after a while?
      I know you must have a LOT of comments to answer, but, well, i would be grateful if you replied! hahaha

    53. Johnny Dee Damato says:

      Why do some beards grow long and some grow out from the cheeks, and not in length?

      • Great question! This is due to the shape and orientation of your beard follicles, as determined by genetics.

        Follicles that are straight tubes and point down will produce straight beard hairs that grow downward, increasing length.

        Follicles that are curved or even slightly bent will produce beard hairs that curl inward, decreasing beard length. Also, if the follicle is oriented pointing out instead of down, then your beard will grow straight out instead of down.

        • Johnny Dee Damato says:

          My beard is similar to yours. So you have follicles that point straight out instead of down? Which make a better Santa Clause beard, follicles that point straight out or down?

          • My beard is very curly. Some follicles angle downward, some straight out, but all are curly, making my beard stick closer to my face. Santa has a wavy beard, so yes, a beard like yours or mine is great for playing Santa.

    54. I haven’t shaved my face in 4 years, but I have always kept my beard under half an inch. Maybe hit an inch here and there. Well I’m full on committed to grow it out now, 2 months in and I’m a little over an inch. Your article was extremely helpful to the novice beard grower that I am. I’m curious about grooming. What’s the best way to groom a full growing beard to fit the office type environment? I want a jazzy beard. Also, should I be trimming my mustache or just push it to the side? I know it’s personal preference, but I figure you have more knowledge. I just don’t want to regret a trim of any facial hair setting my length and growth back.

    55. kc mcdonald snr says:

      Hey mate , greetings from Australia. I’ve been growing my beard for a month now and have a couple of questions. 1st , does a regular trim to get rid of wayward hairs help or hinder growth. 2nd at what length should I begin to use a little wax on my mo and oil on my beard to help control or is a trim the option to go for

      • Great questions, thanks for posting. Trimming your beard will just make it grow longer slower. My advice is to let it grow, untrimmed, until you can grab a fistful in your hand. Then, read my guide on how to trim a beard to get some good tips on when and why to trim a beard.

        You should start using beard oil after the first few days. Using beard oil early will help keep your follicles healthy and promote growing. Start using beard wax once your beard bristles are about 2 inches long.

    56. Wow. It’s amazing that I’m sitting here pondering the potential of my beard while reflecting on the massive thickness of my dad’s and brother’s, and upon researching I come across this page. Undoubtedly the greatest source for the topic, I commend you for your expertise and professionalism. After 6 years in the Army, I’m 3-4 weeks into freely growing my face monster. I’d say it’s about a half inch long but curly, so it doesn’t appear as long. The thicker areas are proportionately on my chin and mustache. I’m trying to go full out civil war general with this thing, so we’ll see! I felt your response to the laws in regards to faith were spot on. God bless brother, thanks for helping us fellas out on our journey, and keep the faith.

    57. Great post! Great info. Nice beard!

    58. Hello mate, nice post! I’m almost 18 years old and I decided to try grow a beard 2 months ago. At the moment it is about 1.5 inches long on my chin and on the sides of my cheeks. However, in the area in between, the beard is growing much slower and it’s probably around 0.5 inches long. Also the color of my moustache and the hair in the middle of my cheeks is almost like white or very blonde, whereas on my chin it’s got a dark blonde color (like my hair). So I’m just wondering if it will start growing with the same color eventually and also speed up a bit at some places? I’ve heard that sometimes beards doesn’t develop fully untill you’re in your 20’s. Thank you in advance and also sorry if my english isn’t perfect, I’m still working on it hehe.

      • Beards get darker as they get older, so your beard should even out in color over time. Also, as the middle bit gets longer, the length difference between the middle and the sides will get less noticeable, making it look full.

        So, in short, keep gorwing!

    59. Reece whetton says:

      Hi I’m 23 and growing a beard a full one but my moustache and my chin bits grow a lot faster then my cheeks and sideburns I’ve only been growing a month so will it even out in time and does the roll on serum work for patches as we’ll thanks

    60. Crystopsy says:

      Great read! Here’s my question: I’m 31 and don’t have much of a problem growing a beard. However, is there a way to stimulate growth on my chin where hair hasn’t broken through the skin? If I let the hair under my bottom lip grow long, it covers up the excess skin. Still, I’m looking for total coverage of the chin. I imagine it’s just my genetics getting in the way though.

    61. Josh Nugent says:

      I’ve gotten to the month and a half stage of growing my beard, I should be at the 4 month stage but had a tragic barber shop accident and decided to shave it off and start anew, my question though is how long should you wait before you want to shape your beard I would love to have a sea captain’s beard genetics be with me or not is 5 months a good waiting period to start looking for shaping ideas or would a year be better? Thanks for the advice!

      • Every man’s growth speed is different. For me, it takes about 3 months to grow a beard sturdy enough to capture the “sea captain” look. I suggest you wait 3 months before shaping it.

    62. Do the vitamins actually help? Or the other products? Be honest, don’t say yes they help if they actually don’t. My mom’s brothers have awesome beards and my dad and his brothers have awesome mustaches. I have all of it but it’s really peach fuzz and not noticeable at all. I’m 19! Help a young beard grower out (:

    63. Johnny Dee Damato says:

      There has to be an easier way to access comments left by other followers!

    64. Beard grows faster if you play ZZ top… Haha… Started growing some for about 3 months now and it looks alright… I’m thinking about shaping it cause it’s growing every which way and if it don’t fall down with time and weight I’ll look like that lumberjack from the maple leaf syrup (forgot the name of it haha)… the way I wanna grow mine is something like billy gibbons’ trimmed or not…

    65. I am a 25 close to 26 years old. I have a patchy beard which really gets on my nerves because I like the 5 o’clock shadow look as they say. I eat healthy because I’m into working out. My dad told me that if I want it to grow full I have two choices. The first he said is to shave with a razor everyday even if it doesn’t look like there’s any hair for like a good 3 months. The second is to grow it out which is what I keep trying to do since I’m very lazy, but events keep coming up and it looks ugly patchy so I end up shaving it. Do you know if the first choice is true??

      • The second choice is true.

        Many people think that the more you shave, the faster your beard grows, but this is not true. Frequency of shaving has nothing to do with fullness of beard growth. Shaving can only hurt your beard growth.

        Instead, you need to grow it out. Once your beard becomes long enough, it will cover your patchy places, making them look full.

        In the meantime, use a beard growth serum like Lipogaine to help fill-in your patchy places.

    66. Hello there sir I’m trying to grow a full beard I’m 27 and I have some small spots on each side o chin that is bald or patchy and my cheek hair grows not as thick as the rest I’ve been doing this for bout 3weeks now and taking vitabeard most of the time full dose 3 daily. With food. I have a slow heart which means my blood flow Isent as good as normal and have a pacemaker . stach can touch bottom lip. Can grow neck hair and side burns but not as thick as wanted. I do have the luxery of letting it grow due to my job .any tips sir

      • Thanks for sharing! Now, because of your heart and blood condition, you MUST talk to your doctor before taking any product–even the safe, over-the-counter products I recommend on this website.

        That said, I know your best bet is to use a daily minoxidil application like Lipogaine. It works by dilating your capillaries and increasing blood-flow to your hair follicles, giving them the nutrients they need.

        But be sure you talk to your doctor before taking it.

    67. Hi I’ve literally been reading down your page at all your advice and it’s made me want to have the bearded man look even more at the moment I’m at a really early stage about a week in..longest I’ve grown Is about 2 month I fail repeatedly due to the urge to its beard grows brilliant I feel tends to grow slightly faster on my chin. I must admit I dye my beard brown as I get a really red beard and my head hair is a very mousey brown.. its one thing to grow a beard to have it so red I’m afraid is something I can’t take lol I have inspiration in Joel Alexander and Model ricki hall that’s all I really want at that length. . Hands up to yourself your beard is the dogs bollox mate stand proud. I only have two questions one.
      Is dying ur beard bad.. as I hope not because it looks perfectly natural and I couldn’t go at it otherwise and if u can’t a professional barber any tips on how to trim once I’ve found the length I want. Really appreciate your time best beard article by far
      All the best. Joshua from England

    68. Turned 50 an shaved. What a mistake! Who is that in the mirror? Grow baby grow! No more razors for me.

    69. Is age a major factor? I am 25 and have been growing my beard for a couple months and I wouldn’t say its patchy but its definitely not full. Will this improve with age?

    70. Hi, im 18 and ive been growing facial hair since i was 16 when it started with a goatee and kept spreading to few hairs in my beard until right now that i have a nice beard with just one patch under my chin where hair is thin NOT bald but i know it will eventually grow thicker but the problem is that i cant connect it my beard to my mustache and also my mustache is very thin compared to the rest of my facial hair, and it looks like i have to gaps next to the corners of my mouth/:

    71. Chris knight says:

      Hi, found your site, very interesting.I am 46and have just grown my first full beard.
      It is grey though .Will never go back to shaving. My boss will not let me grow it long though .

    72. Excellent article – I really enjoyed reading :)

      I’ve just started growing a beard – 3 weeks in so some way to go yet – this article has given me plenty of inspiration and encouragement!

    73. Im 26 and just moved to wisconsin from arizona so I decided to grow a beard, well, because wisconsin. Im about 5 weeks in and I have a decent fullness going on the beard side but the the mustache is pretty thin and either side of the upper lip is still smooth and not connecting to the cheek. I eat a protien rich diet so thats not it, Many men in my family have well trimmed full beards but those empty sides concern me. I fear having a full beard with a wispy stache and bald cheeks. Any thoughts? Im also curious as to how it would look if i gave up on the upper lip and shaved it but continued on the rest of my beardly adventure. I googled mustacheless beards and got nowhere useful.

    74. Interesting read. I have been growing mine for just over 6 years now so I am interested to see if it has reached its terminal length (i hope it keeps going a little while longer). It currently measures out to about 18 inches. I got the length but I always said i would gladly trade a little length for a little more fullness. It took a lot of work and i had to relearn to do certain things differentely, like eating and i always have to tie it up when i sleep or do vehichle maintenance, etc, because i’ve accidentaly yanked quite a few out over the years. But hey I still love my beard.

    75. I’m glad to see other men bold enough to grow long beards! I’m close to the 6-month mark myself and getting a little paranoid about terminal length. No long hairs are falling out, it’s just not going as fast as I’m used to. This might have everything to do with the curliness, as you’ve mentioned – none of the hairs grow straight, and they’re much longer when stretched out.

      So my question is this: What’s the shortest terminal length you’ve ever seen on a fully grown man?

      • Terminal length can be anywhere between 2 months and 6 years. At 6 months, I’m sure you have much farther to go.

        It appears like it is growing more slowly simply because it is longer. It’s easier to tell the difference between a short beard and a long beard, than a long beard and a longer beard. Plus, with a curly beard like mine, expect length to appear to slow way down, even though your beard is growing at the same rate.

    76. What a well written & informative article old chap … I guess it should be being that your a professional writer & have a killer beard 😉 I am 2 weeks into the beard , looking forward to steady progress and less itching !

    77. I’ve been growing mine for about two months now. It’s doing just fine, and this was a very nice read. God Bless you for commenting on nearly all the comments and keeping this active for a month. I’ll be sharing it on Facebook, as my friends will be taking note of the length, as I’ll be returning to Video Blogging for Ministry. School, has really been taking a lot of time, so the young kids here are also seeing what it’s like to have a full beard. I didn’t have any hair when we started in early Sept. So it’s been about 2.5 months. Anyways, thanks again for such a great article and follow up! #RISEKNIGHTSOFBEARDS! LOL

    78. AnotherGuest says:

      I improved my beard by hard work. Not in a gym. Real work 😉 Exhaust yourself and feel the difference!

    79. Hi Brandon. I am diving chin first into beardom and after 2 solid weeks of growth, I have a little over 0.25 inches. The mustache is growing in full, as is the chin and neck. The patchiness is all in the cheeks. The itchiness was worst this last couple days, though application of some conditioner and moisturizer seems to have softened and calmed the itchiness. My girlfriend stated that after doing this, my facial hair felt smoother and shorter. My guess is that the pointy edges of the hairs were softened and the moisturizing allowed the hairs to be smoothed down more against the skin rather than sticking out. She is chronicling my beard growth by taking weekly photos. My only misstep was that I shaved what I had 10 days ago into a stubbly goatee, but this has allowed my facial hair to now grow slightly preshaped, as the chin and mustache have more growth than the rest of it. Now, its just patience and controlling the urge to further shape for another 6-10 weeks.

      • Great job! As you said, I suggest you refrain from further shaping until your beard grows in more full. See my article on how to trim a beard for more tips.

        Since a beard only grows half an inch every month, you’re in for a long journey. See my guide on how to fix a patchy beard if you’re concerned about it.

        If you ever publish a timelapse of your beard growth, be sure to share it here. We’d love to see it!

    80. Hello! I am a lady who loves a good beard. But, Houston we have a problem. My boyfriend has been growing an AWESOME beard for awhile, has trimmed it occasionally but it is thick and pretty long and wonderful. Well, a bad haircut happened yesterday and he decided to shave it off… himself. Sad times.

      He shaved it so now it is a mere 1/4 inch long and he HATES it. I’ve never seen him so upset (I’m really, really upset too). I was just wondering…. about how long will it take to get to a better, more normal looking length? I know everyone is different but we are taking a vacation in a month and I really, really hope he feels better about his look by then. How long does the average beard grow in a month or so? About a .5 inches right?

      I am desperate for his beard to come back, and I know he is too!

      Also, one more silly question I have – if he had a great beard at one point, or multiple series of great beards and then shaved it away, is there any chance he WON’T be able to grow a beard back again? That is just an irrational fear of mine.

      Thanks again!

      • Great question!

        First, to soothe your fears–if he grew a great beard before, the next one will be just as good. Men do age, so it is possible the beard will go gray or change color, but that would have happened anyway.

        For anglo men, beards grow fast, at about half an inch per month. Some men grow beards a bit faster or slower, but 1 inch every two months is the average. My recommendation is to not trim the beard at all until it has achieved the length you want, or until it stops growing.

        If he wants to improve his beard growth (and to loose as few beard hairs as possible), use the tips on this page. Use a quality beard oil or beard balm, and comb it infrequently. Avoid beard brushes, as they tend to pull out hairs prematurely.

        Good luck!

    81. I’ve been trying to grow my beard now for two months, I’m 22 and my beard is very patchy, the hairs are roughly 1cm long and they are thin hairs. I’ve been using Alpecin hair shampoo on my head for the past 3 months (Receeding hairline unfortunately!) and have been using it on my beard aswell. Do you believe this or these type of shampoo will make my beard hair thicker or grow thicker?

      Dale from Crewe, UK :)

    82. Hey Brandon! I’m a 22 year old guy, a mostly-white-mestizo (that is, native american and white) hoping to grow an actual full beard soon. Since indigenous people (and asian people) are rarely able to grow actual facial hair, could that be holding my beard growth back? I have decent coverage, but still plenty of bald patches and a generally patchy beard – some parts of one side grow better on the other, and viceversa- (perhaps I could post some pictures to show you). My dad is turning 60 this year and he’s got an incredible beard, but judging from pictures he could only grow it after he turned 30/very late 20s. My mother’s father, however, has had a mighty beard since forever, and has also been bald since he was 18 (hair growth and balding have some connection?), I have a head full of hair and a few grey hairs while he has none and he’s already 84, so I might not have inherited that part. Finally, on the beard help forums and around the internet, I’ve read that there’s actually nothing you can do regarding beard growth as it is mostly genetic, only feeding well, as the whole exfoliating yourself stuff is bs (and I’m a bit too wary to start taking pills). Any other recommendations? Thanks!

      • I suggest growing your beard out for a few months to see if your natural growth will cover the bald patches. If they don;t then you can use a minoxidil substance to force your follicles to grow, which WILL work. You just have to use it forever.

    83. every time i try to grow out my beard it comes in really slow and in patches. is there a way to help clear up the patches and make the growth faster at all

    84. That’s amazing Mr. Dennis ! I started to shave since I was 17 and up to this date it grows a little over my cheek bone all around my kneck:) I love to line up my beard! Right now I have a month and it looks great :) I hope my wife doesnt force me to cut it cause I can’t kiss her , she says. Lol

    85. Geoff Fulford says:

      Hi, I have been thinking of growing a beard, but my wife is not keen. When I raised the subject she gave me a one-word answer beginning with N and ending with O. But later said ‘it’s up to you.’
      Do you think with such a lukewarm/negative response I should go ahead and give it a try.
      I am in the older age group and my beard would be grey. I wan’t to go for the distinguished, cultured and intelligent look (I am none of these!).
      I am not after a W.G. Grace (if you know who he is?), just a good coverage of an inch or so.
      Is beard growing addictive?

      • No, it is not addictive. I suggest giving it a try. Let your beard grow for one month. Your wife will probably not like it, as beards tend to not look their best for a month or two. Make a deal with your wife that if she lets you grow it for a month or two, she can have full veto power. If she doesn’t like it, off it goes. That, at least, will let you see how it looks.

        • Geoff Fulford says:

          Thanks for your support. 10 days in and all is going well, if a little slower and patchier than hoped. Comment from spouse ‘It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be’ is that positive or damned with faint praise? I will give it to the end of June and reassess. I need it to thicken up, length is OK for the time gone, but seems fairly thin coverage.

    86. Paege Broomall says:

      Hello. I’ve been growing mine for about 4 months now, and its growing great. But I want to trim the split ends – how do I do this without trimming too much off? Is it really worth it? Should I let it grow longer before I try? (Its about a pinkey fingers length right now)

      • Trim split ends “as needed”. It’s a good idea to trim split ends to keep your beard healthy. However, I wouldn;t spend time hunting for them. Instead, keep a short pair of trimming scissors handy, and when you see one, nip it off. You can make this part of your morning grooming regimen.

    87. Hello I am 18 and would like a beard just so I can line it up when I go get a haircut, the hair on my chin was very weak and brittle I blamed it on my poor diet so now I started eating fruits and more vegetables will this help beard growth? I just shaved last week so idk how long I should give it I usually shave at about 1 month or less due to patchiness? Any tips p.s. I’m a recovering cancer patient no longer taking chemo I just would like to know the secret to transforming peach fuzz to thick dark black facial hair that is noticeable?

      • A good diet is important. But you also have to have protein. Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of new hair, so make sure you have your daily serving of protein.

        If you want to speed things up, try using a beard growth serum and beard growth vitamin. See my guides on this website.

    88. Dustin hughes says:

      I’m 27 and I’m 3 months no shave and I have a connection from sideburns to chin but its only 1-1,1/2″ wide but I want a fuller beard. Should I order beard vitamins even though I’m using a mega growth for the scalp oil and biotin?

    89. Nice blog. I’ve always thought of growing one. I have had a short beard (couple weeks) and then I get tired and start over, but I’ve never actually just let it grow to any respectable size. I think I’ll give it a try.

    90. Hi! This is a great blog for the newbies who are trying to grow out their beards and it’s even awesome that you reply to each and every question:)
      I have a two questions for you.

      1). I’m 21 and have been growing my beard for the past one and a half months and this is my first time growing out a beard. I would say that i’m achieving decent results except for the area around my cheeks where the hair growth is patchy and i can’t see my moustache merging with my beard because of it (i hope you can visualise the scenario). Another area of concern is the area between my soul patch/mouche and the chin where there is no hair growth at all! (that’s a fairly small area but still…) For your info i’m not currently using any of the beard maintaining products like serums,oils etc. I’m simply letting it grow! So what do you suggest? Should i wait longer and expect some changes or start taking remedial measures? If you suggest the latter, then what kind of measures?

      2). I’m observing that as my beard is growing, it has started to turn somewhat frizzy. I do comb my beard everyday but still it stays a bit curled up like rings especially around the sideburns. Is it natural during this phase? Are there any solutions to straighten out the beard because i don’t like the curly version.

      Thanks a lot in advance!

    91. Kenny Sheriff says:

      Hi I’m 28 and just now really trying to grow a beard. My question is I’ve gone about 2 weeks without shaving and my mustache and goatee will grow quickly but my beard is taking forever to grow is there a reason for that?

    92. Thanks, man. Very helpful. :)
      I just started growing mine out. It’s been about a week, and it looks promising. As I look very young and girly I think it would help me in achieving a more serious look.

    93. prashant desai says:

      Hey im a 21 year old guy who has started to grow his beard out. I find after a month or so that my moustache hasnt completely joined with my chin beard. I can see vellus hair around my lips but i dont know how long they’ll take to grow into terminal ones. Does it normally also take time for the stache to join with the chin beard and if no then what can i do more to increase its growth?
      Great informative article btw!

    94. Faisal Aryan says:

      Hello sir i wanted to ask you about the that if a boy 20 years old have an intention to grow beard so how long it will take to be fuller sir
      Thank you

    95. I’m 24, and I don’t have any hope of growing beard, I only have very scantily countable sticks of hair beneath my jaw, is it possible I may still grow a beard? I’m growing worried by the day…

    96. Mercantile cunt

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