Beard Oil Recipe

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    A Do-It-Yourself Beard Oil Recipe

    Beard oil is quite the thing these days, but at $30 a bottle, it can get pretty expensive to keep your beard in shape. For those of you who are adventurous, I encourage you to make your own beard oil.

    Read on to learn about ingredients and tools, or skip straight to the beard oil recipes.

    Every beard oil is unique. I have collected a few different recipes which I will share with you, but first, let’s gain a basic understanding of the differences between oils.

    Essential Oils

    Essential oils are strong, potent little buggers. Some of them can even be dangerous, if used without carrier oils. Citrus and fruity oils, for example, can irritate the skin if you use too much of them in your beard oil blend. Essential oils, when applied directly to the skin without dilution, have been known to burn skin. But they also provide oil with unique scents and characteristics. Some essential oils, like vitamin E oil, help protect skin against psoriasis and dandruff. Others give beard oil a masculine “woody” scent. When diluted by carrier oil, essential oils are safe.

    Use essential oils to give your oil it’s unique, defining characteristic. I realize it’s hard to smell oils from your computer screen, but here is a handy chart with an example of some essential oils and where they fall within a range of masculine scents. Click to enlarge.


    Click to Enlarge

    Essential oils include:

    Woods / Bushes


    Mints / Flowers / Leaves / Seeds

    • Evening Primrose Oil – Helps cure skin conditions like psoriasis.
    • Rosemary Oil – This oil is for fragrance. Rosemary imparts a rustic, leathery scent, which many associate favorably with beards. However, there are numerous other scents you can impart to your oil to make it unique. I won’t list them all here, but click on the Rosemary oil and you’ll see many other scented oils made by the same company, which is a great place to start.
    • Vanilla Oil – Scent, softness.
    • Peppermint Oil – Scent. Helps breathing, refreshes.
    • Lavender Oil – Scent. Fresh, woody.
    • Rose Geranium Oil – Strong rose fragrance. Natural tick repellent.
    • Bay Rum Oil – A warming oil. Strong, spicy, masculine scent.
    • Black Pepper Oil – Strong and sharp. Has a spicy aroma.
    • Amla Oil – Infused with sesame seed oil. A therapeutic oil for damaged hair.
    • Penny Royal – Minty, sweet scent.
    • Spearmint – Minty, smooth scent. Not as sharp as peppermint.
    • Ylang Ylang – Floral, soothing, comforting.
    • Frankincense
    • Geranium (Bourbon) Oil
    • Cinnamon Bark Oil


    Beard Oil Sample Sets of Essential Oils

    A photo of the essential oil sampler set.

    When collecting essential oil samples to craft your own brand of beard oil, it’s a good idea to purchase a pack of essential oils. It will give you many different scents to experiment with while saving you loads of money. Get the complete set of essential oils. For a cool $100, you can get as many oils as you want to experiment with. They will last you for ages, as you only need a few drops per bottle.

    Photo of a set of oils for creating beard oil.

    This smaller pack comes with 7 essential oils and 7 oil blends.

    A photo of essential oils used for beard oil.

    This set contains 14 unique essential oils, including popular flavors for beard oil like Tea Tree and Patchouli.

    Finally, you can make it easy on yourself when making seasonal or thematic blends by purchasing seasonal essential oil packs. For example, the “Winter” essential oil pack comes with popular seasonal scents like peppermint, cinnamon, and cranberry.

    The Complete Book of Essential Oils

    A photo of The Complete Book of Essential Oils

    If you want an exhaustive study of the all possible essential oils, then snag The Complete Book of Essential Oils. I bet you’ll find an oil in there no one has ever used in a beard oil before, so you can set yours apart.

    Carrier Oils

    Carrier oils “carry” the scent of the essential oils. Quality carrier oil will make up the bulk of your beard oil. Carrier oils have mild scents, and are easily absorbed by your skin and beard hair. The point of carrier oil is to dilute the potency of an essential oil, make it easier for your skin and hair to safely absorb the oil, and to give you more oil to work with.

    Carrier oils have a short shelf-life, however. Over time, scents will become weaker, health benefits will disappear, and your beard oil will gain a dull, “organic” scent that is not that pleasant.

    Because of this, you need to keep your carrier oils in a cool, dry place. Once your beard oil is mixed, keep it in your bathroom cabinet, away from the windows. If properly stored, your beard oil should last a good year or so before you need to get a new bottle.

    Carrier oils include:

    • Jojoba Oil – This oil has been used for years in hair care products. It closely mimics human oil, and is easily absorbed
    • Argan Oil – Makes skin soft and protects against signs of aging, including wrinkles and spots.
    • Sweet Almond Oil – Reduces skin inflammation, which can help prevent ingrown beard hairs.
    • Grapeseed Oil – Helps reduce pore inflammation (due to dry skin or non-conditioned beard hairs).
    • Avacado Oil – Helps keep skin wrinkle free (a bonus for beards!)
    • Vegetable Glycerin – Used as a moisturizing agent in oils.
    • Kukui Nut Oil – An excellent moisturizer.
    • Rice Bran Oil

    Bulk Carrier Oils

    If you’re creating beard oil to sell en masse, you’ll want to stock up on bulk supply of carrier oils, since you’ll go through so much of it. Here are bulk sources for the more popular beard oil carrier oils:

    Carrier Oil Set


    Experimenting with a wide range of carrier oils is a great way to give your beard oil the precise texture and feel that you want. This carrier oil set includes 4oz each of 5 different carrier oils–Apricot, Grapeseed, Coconut, Avocado, and Sweet Almond carrier oils. It’s a great place to start when forging your oils’ unique texture.


    Before we get to the recipe, let’s go over the various tools you’ll need to craft your own beard oil. If you’re a hobbyist who is crafting oil for your own consumption, you may not need all of these tools. But if you’re a pro, and you want to sell your own unique blend, it’s good to stock up on these.

    Transfer Pipettes

    A photo of some beard oil recipe pipettes.

    If you’re making small batches of beard oil, or measuring out drops of essential oil, use these oil transfer pipettes for precise measurements. They’re great for organizing your oils into smaller containers.


    Image of a beard oil mini funnel.

    You probably already have some funnels in your kitchen, but you should buy some specifically for mixing beard oil. Most kitchen funnels are plastic. Many plastics absorb materials over time, and become discolored. You don’t want your beard oil smelling like food, and you don’t want your food tasting like beard oil. So, get some small, metal funnels that you only use for mixing beard oil.


    There are a variety of different bottle sizes, shapes, and purposes. Half the charm of a good beard oil is in the shape and texture of a bottle. Find a collection of bottles that fit the style you’re looking for. Then, use your printer or an online printing service to create your own labels. Here is a collection of different bottles I’ve used in the past, each with its own perks.

    Dark, opaque bottles will protect beard oil from going bad faster. But, if you keep your oil in a cupboard or closet, then you can use a clear bottle. I prefer clear bottles as I like seeing the oil.

    Boston round beard oil bottle

    Boston Round Amber Screw-top

    The Boston round is your standard, classic bottle. It has the benefit of fitting with many different cap types, because its shape is so common. This is a good bottle to use if you want a retro, old-timey-medicine look to your bottle. These bottles are tinted amber, which will help protect the carrier oils in your blend from going rancid too fast. Add a label, place in a cool, dark cabinet, and your oil will last for months.

    Amber bottle with eyedropper.

    Boston Amber Eye-dropper

    This Boston round comes with an eye-drop applicator. Many bearded gentlemen prefer to apply beard oil with eyedroppers, instead of rubbing it into their hands. These bottles will give your beard oil packaging a unique look.

    Cobalt blue beard oil bottle.

    Boston Cobalt Eye-dropper

    The cobalt Boston eyedropper bottle has the same classic shape, but comes in a very modern transparent blue color. Use this bottle to give your beard oil a unique, modern look. The blue lets in more UV than the amber, but if you keep your beard oil in a cool dark place, it should still last.

    Unique amber beard oil bottle.

    Unique Amber with Rubber Eyedropper

    If you plan to make an oil just for your own enjoyment, then I suggest investing in a fancy bottle that you can reuse. This one is my favorite, due to its unique stopper. There are reports that some essential oils can corrode the rubber in the eye-dropper, but it should work just fine for beard oil recipes with less potent essential oils.

    Browse More Beard Oil Bottles

    Bulk Bottles

    For those seeking to craft your own line of beard oils, things will be much cheaper if you buy your oil bottles in bulk. You can buy single or 12-pack bottles if you want, but you should really buy bulk packs to get the steepest discount, if you’re serious about this business.

    French Square

    – Clear


    • Sizes: 1oz, 2oz
    • Quantity: 48
    • Cap: Black, Screw Top

    Boston Round

    – Amber


    Boston Round

    – Clear


    • Sizes: 1oz, 2oz
    • Quantity: 144
    • Cap: Eyedropper

    French Square

    – Amber


    • Size: 1oz
    • Quantity: 144
    • Cap: Eyedropper

    Boston Round

    – Amber


    • Size: 1oz
    • Quantity: 432
    • Cap: White Screw Top

    Boston Round

    – Amber


    • Size: 2oz
    • Quantity: 288
    • Cap: White Screw Top

    Boston Round

    – Clear


    • Size: 1oz
    • Quantity: 432
    • Cap: Black Screw Top

    Boston Round

    – Clear


    • Size: 2oz
    • Quantity: 288
    • Cap: Black Screw Top

    Oil Storage Box



    Instead of storing your oils in the bathroom cupboard, use a wooden box. This will extend the life of your carrier oils (which need a cool, dry place), and it looks nice. You can also use this for presenting your oils when selling them at street fairs and markets.

    Delivery Sacks

    Many makers of fine beard oil deliver their oils in small burlap or cotton muslin sacks. This adds a nice touch that your customer will greatly appreciate. Muslin sacks are very cheap. You can get a stack of 100 small sacks for $21, making each sack $.21.


    Nothing sells a custom bottle of beard oil better than a well-made label. Indeed, bottle style and label quality are the two most important parts of your beard oil–even more important than the quality of your oil itself. After all, people will buy your beard oil online after seeing the bottle and label only, long before they ever get a chance to smell it and use it.


    The easiest way to make labels for your bottles is to print self-adhesive stickers. Many label kits will come with a backing you have to wet first like a stamp, or will require you to use glue. Stickers just make it easier.

    I also encourage you not to print your own labels using your home printer, unless you have a professional printer. The printing decal packs you find at office stores are fine for every-day clerical use, but rubbish for professional products. Anyone can spot an ink-jet label instantly. Plus, printed labels are not waterproof, and these bottles will likely be kept in a bathroom, handled by men just out of the shower.

    I use Overnight Stickers to print my labels. Simply upload your graphic to their website, and they will ship you a stack of self-adhesive stickers ready to go on your bottles. They have templates you can download to use as the basis for making your own label. I suggest using the Square, Rectangle, or Oval shapes, but Overnight Stickers supports many other shapes.

    Protip: Overnight Stickers is offering readers $30 off every order if you use the code ILIKESTICKERS when checking out. You’re welcome.

    Other Options

    Since Overnight Stickers has a minimum order quantity of 250, I use another company, Sticker Hub, when I need smaller batches of labels. Their minimum order size is 25. For beard oil bottles, I suggest going with the Round, Oval, Square, or Rectangle shapes (they have many more shapes available), and using Die Cut – Laminated finishing. Like Overnight Stickers, they allow you to upload a graphic of your label. They also offer label creation services, for those not artistically inclined.

    Protip: These guys offer free shipping and 10% back on every order.

    Measuring Tools

    Because essential oils are so potent, it’s important to use precise measuring tools when mixing your beard oil. Have at least one eyedropper, and use metal measuring cups, for reasons mentioned above. Here are the ones I use.

    Photo of a beard oil eyedropper.


    I use this glass eyedropper when measuring out “drops” of essential oils, when crafting new beard oil recipes.

    Photo of a beard oil beaker.

    Measuring Cylinder

    Some of the recipes I share have precise measurements–1 ml of this, 5 ml of that. Use a measuring cylinder to get exactly what you need.

    Beard Oil measuring cup

    Measuring Cup

    Once you’ve developed your beard oil formula, use cups like these to make it in large batches.


    Measuring Shot Glasses

    For those making personal batches, a measuring cup may be too much. Use these measuring shot glasses instead.


    Beard Oil Recipes

    Making beard oil is easy. Just mix your carrier oil and essential oils–presto! Beard oil. The tricky bit comes in deciding how much and what kinds of oils to use. A good rule of thumb is to use 2% essential oils, 98% carrier oil. This is just a guideline, however, not an exact science. Do what you want!

    As I said earlier, each beard oil produces a different scent and feel, so I have included a few of the very best recipes out there for you to experiment with.

    For the following recipes, it’s good to know a few conversion metrics:

    • There are 20 drops in 1 milliliter (ml)
    • There are 30 ml in 1 ounce (oz) (well, 29.57 to be exact)

    I included a list of different oils and links where you can get them earlier in this post. Below are some sample beard oil recipes from my friends around the net:

    Woody, citrus beard oil by PMB

    Makes just over 10 ml

    Carrier Oil:
    Essential Oils

    Floral blend by Cedar and Clove

    Makes about half an ounce

    Carrier Oils
    Essential Oils

    Herbal blend by Kitten Kaboom

    Makes 1oz

    Carrier Oils
    Essential Oils

    Citrus blend by Bud Green

    Makes ~1/3rd of an oz

    Carrier Oils
    Essential Oils

    Tea Tree oil by Beer Warden

    Makes 1 oz

    Carrier Oils
    Essential Oils

    Fruity beard oil recipe by Rebecca

    Makes about 1 oz

    Carrier Oils
    Essential Oils

    Soft Forest Scent by Yjinn

    Makes about 10ml.

    Carrier Oils
    Essential Oils

    Fall Face Foliage

    By The Art of Manliness. Makes about 1 oz.

    Carrier Oils
    Essential Oils

    Do you have your own beard oil that you’d like to add to my list? Share it in the comments below. Describe what makes your blend unique, and I’ll be sure to add it.

    P.S. – Need some inspiration? See what other indie beard oil makers have created. Browse my collection of favorite beard oils.

    Browse Beard Oils

    Build Your Shop


    Now that you have your product, it’s time to build your online shop. Shopify is a great place to build your online shop. They have a drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use, and they handle all the payment processing for you. There’s no easier way to craft an online shop for your beard product empire than to use Shopify.
    Build Your Shop Now
    If you are looking for a more high-touch service, I build websites and do marketing consulting. Send me a line on my consulting website with details of your project and I’ll give you a quote.

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

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    1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been looking into making my own but had no clue where to start. This was extremely insightful.

    2. Van Deebre says:

      It was straight to the point. I’ve been looking for further explanation on how to produce oils it’s been a while. However all I could find were recipes and the benefits of using beard oils. You’ve got it Brandon! The introduction to the “art”of manufacturing oil before the recipes is a great resource.
      Gratitude and peace.

    3. This is awesome, thanks! Quick question: Is there a benefit to using more than one type of carrier oil in one beard oil? Or can I just use jojoba as a solo carrier for any mixture of essentials I want to try?

      • Great question. You can use just jojoba oil if you want. Some folks will mix their carrier oils to obtain certain qualities and scents that they want. For example, some people will mix jojoba oil, which is easily absorbed and good for lubricating, with coconut oil, which has a pleasant fragrance and tends to stick around longer, acting like a moisturizer.

        Experiment with different carrier oil blends to get the texture and fragrance that you want.

    4. Hey great post, i want to c if i understood correctly, i buy the oils in one of the recipes i choose and just add the amount it says without mixing any water or anything? Is it that simple?

      • Correct, you don’t add water because water and oil don’t mix. Choose your favorite carrier oil, and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Presto! You have a beard oil.

    5. Hey man great stuff, im just having trouble locating a store that sells all of these oils. I only found sweet almond oil. Can i put just sweet almond oil ?

      • You could, but then it would only be a sweet almond beard oil. Try clicking on the links. They’ll take you to an online store where youc an buy the essential oils. Quality essential oils, mixed with carrier oils, make the best beard oils.

    6. Great collection of information Brandon. I’m off to make some beard oil. A tip of the hat to you sir!

    7. Hello Brandon,
      Great post ! Great recipeis ! When you will post some beard beewax recipies? :)

    8. John Ooley says:

      Hello Brandon,
      Thank you for your never ending quest to help bring epic beards to the hearts of men. I am going to start working on a beard oil worthy of my beard. I have been growing my beard for 3 months and I am on my way to beard epicness. My dad used to grow epic beards and I feel it is my duty to carry on the torch. I am also dubbing you Mr. Epic. Thanks again for all the great information. Cheers to you my Bearded friend.
      -Captain Oolicious

    9. Glyn 'weeman' Petrie says:

      A UK based beard grower here(2 1/2 months into 7 month minimum)

      Thanks for posting all this info,gonna start right away mixing my own oils.

      Quite fancy a Vetiver smell to mine amongst other.

      weeman’s beard oil!!…like the sound of that!!

    10. The Bearded Bear says:

      First off, great site! super helpful! I’m buying my oils and beard balm supplies come pay day… Quick question though… Are Beard balm and Beard wax considered the same thing? I cant seem to find any recipes for Beard Wax (only mustache wax which seems to be a lot more sticky and drys super hard). I use Honest Amish Leave in conditioner about every 3 to 4 days when my face pubes, well… feel like pubes… I use regular hair wax to keep the wild hairs in check, however I’m not to fond of the stench of those products ( I’ve tried A LOT). Your bearded wisdom would be much appreciated.

      • Great question. Yes, there is a difference!

        Beard balm dissolves in your hand like butter and is basically just a conditioner. It has no hold.

        Beard wax is a tad stiffer and is used to hold your beard in place after styling it. I LOVE beard wax, and use it every day.

        See my article on beard wax to learn more about my thoughts on it.

        • The Bearded Bear says:

          Thanks, I checked out your article it was very helpful… and i actually bought a can of the extra grit. Also, just bought all the ingredients to make my own balm and oil. However, I’ve been searching for a couple days now to find a beard WAX recipes but haven’t had any luck. All i find in mustache wax recipes… Please! let me know if you ever come across any. Thanks for the help.

    11. Hello! I’m glad I found this! Just what I need to make my own beard oil- and that’s what I just did! So far I’m loving my creation. :)
      Thank you sir!

    12. Hi Brandon,

      Great article! Just one question.. If you were to make some of these recipes in bulk, would this change the recipe at all? I’m wondering if the oils would mix evenly or layer when pouring into individual bottles.

      Thanks in advance mate,

      • Since they are all oils, they should mix well. For bulk recipes, I would just magnify the ml to ounces and ounces to quarts and so on, so that you make gallons at a time. Then, fill your bottles at once, and ship.

    13. Bear Doyle says:

      After researching beard oil I found that I indeed could make my own and then I had a bunch of people wanting it. So I launched Bear Doyle beard oil. Let me know if you do reviews I will send you some.

    14. Scott Cole says:

      Hi Brandon. Have you tried any of the recipes and if so which one? Great site too. Thanks for taking the time to help the bearded or in my case, the “newly” bearded.

    15. Brandon, thank you for this guide. I was trying to find a cheaper alternative to buying beard oil. I found myself hardly using mine since it was so expensive.

      Have you figured out how much it costs, on average, to make your own 1 oz bottles, from start to finish? I dont plan on selling, but I wanted to be able to use the stuff after each shower(daily).

      Any ideas?

      • The trouble is that to make your own beard oil, you need to invest in a variety of essential and carrier oils, as well as mixing tools. If you plan on purchasing the ingredients and then making a bottle for yourself as needed for years to come, then this is a good investment. Otherwise, you’ll probably spend more money on the raw ingredients than you will just buying a bottle of pre-made oil as you need it.

      • Hi David, it will depend on the kind and combination of oils as well. Some are more expensive than others (like juniper is twice as expensive as bergamot). Argan as base is way more expensive than others so you might want to use a small portion of it in combination with grapeseed for example.
        For my personal recipe, it’s actually a bit more expensive than the commercial ones, but at least I know its of higher quality (I use 50% argan oil)

    16. Steve Filshie says:

      Hi David. I was looking to make Bud’s Citrus Blend, but the measurements do not seem to make 1 oz. Should the amount this one makes read “about 10ml”? I am also going to make few others for friends so will send you the recipes if they work out good.

    17. Steve Filshie says:

      Oops…….should have said Hi Brandon….not Hi Dave…..apologies…….

    18. Bob Devine says:

      Thank you for this great guide.
      I do have a question though, I’m going to mix an oil with tea tree, coconut and jojoba oils, do you think I will also have to add vitamin E?

      • That’s entirely up to you. Vitamin E doesn’t add much fragrance, but it does help keep the skin under your beard from getting flaky, red, and irritated.

        However, Tea Tree oil does the same thing. If it were me, I would choose one or the other–Vitamin E or Tea Tree oil. Having both, however, won’t harm anything.

    19. Mihajlo (Serbia) says:

      I was wondering can I put castor oil, jojoba oil and almond oil like carrier oils?

      • Sure, you can mix and match your carrier oils. You just need to make sure that, once you get the consistency of your oil you want with your carrier oils, you use a small amount of essential oils to give your beard oil character.

    20. Diana Burns says:

      Hello Brandon,
      I have a few questions for you. First when the recipe calls for drops are you using the pipettes or the eye dropper for measurements? And Tea Tree oil, shouldn’t this be used mildly? {I read this can burn the skin if you use too much.} I like this website. I found your website so I can make beard oil for my husband. Since I already make our own homemade soaps, lotions and hunter’s soap. And if I were to make this for this coming up hunting season does the fragrance/essential oils last all day? {My husband wants to make sure his beard is camouflaged as well.} Thank you for all your help.

      • 1) An eye dropper. The pippets are just for transferring small portions of liquid between bottles. Eyedroppers are easier to control.

        2) Yes, tea tree oil should be used moderately. Since it is an essential oil, it is used in small amounts anyway in most beard oils.

        3) Longevity really depends on the essential oils you use. I find that most carrier oils have medium to mild scent that wears off quickly. Essential oils, however, are much more potent. Some can last all day.

        If you want to make a beard oil fragrance that fades during the day, I suggest experimenting with different essential oils to choose some that have mild scents, or use less of he ones with strong scents.

        That said, any grooming product that has a fragrance may not be a suitable product for an avid hunter who needs to mask his scent.

    21. JonDaBiker says:

      awesome site of information, truly glad to have found this … I’ve been treating my facial fur with Pure Virgin Coconut oil for years. No scent, no mix of oils, just pure coconut oil rubbed in all over and deep, straight from the jar … leave it on for 10 minutes, and then shower. I do this once a week, and my facial fur is soft, clean and fresh.
      I think that no matter what combination you use, or how ever you take care of your fur, it will be strong and healthy for years to come.
      Beards rock, its that simple …
      be well, and thank you for keeping this site alive

    22. Great site! I was wondering if you or anyone had a good recipe for a sandalwood beard oil or something that smells similar. I love the smell of sandalwood but did not want to waste the essential oil due to the cost.


    23. Brandon,

      Beard grower here from across the pond! 3 months in and starting to shape up!

      I tried the Woody/Citrus blend by PMB. Very nice. My hair takes a while to soften up as it is quite coarse but i have just made up a couple of batches of beard balm from a recipe i found online. I thought i would share it.

      2 tbsp Beeswax
      1tsp Shea butter
      1tsp Argan oil
      1tsp Jojoba oil
      4 drops Vitamin E
      2-3 drops Vanilla essential oil

      Heat it over a low heat in a milk pan, pour into a small container. Leave to solidify at room temperature. Boom! Lovely beard balm.

      I found balm is more intensive and heavier than oil and works better with my coarse hair.

      Great site. Keep up the good work sir!

    24. Hello Brandon, I really want to thank you about this info, I’m from Argentina, growing a beard since May, so now I need to take care of it cause it’s more wild than ever. But the beard oil is a product that you can’t find in any of this market so I decided to create my own and then see whats up. Who knows, if it’s profitable may be one day I’ll send you a free pack. Thank you again beard bro!

    25. Hello Brandon,
      Thank you for sharing this info. I’m up in BC, Canada, winter is coming, and my beard is getting kinda wild so this is really good info.
      Any recommendations come to mind for a cold, humid, wet season?
      Also, an Indian friend recommended olive oil, but you don’t mention it in your lists, why is that?

      cheers brother

      • Olive oil is a fine oil. It was used by the ancient Greeks as soap. I’m sure it works fine for beards, but it also has a distinctive smell. If you use olive oil and lean in to kiss your lovely, she’ll think you just had some pasta.

        Beard oil is designed to be easily absorbed by the hair and follicles, and to also have a tempered masculine scent. Plus, some beard oils have skin-healing properties.

    26. Hi.
      So I understand the essential oil part but what happens when u want it softened? Wat do u add in?

    27. Hello Brandon, i really enjoyed reading through this webpage. I just had a quick question and wanted some beardly advice. I am currently 20 years old and thus far have had nil luck in the growth of a beard, i was wondering if you had any advice/recipes that would help in growing some luscious bristles? Thank you!

      • Sure thing Jacob. See my guide on How to Fix a Patchy Beard for more tips and tricks, but in general, here’s what to do:

        First, make sure you are old enough. At 20 years old, it is perfectly normal to have a thin or patchy beard. Usually beards on men don’t fully mature until after age 25.

        If you want to optimize beard growth, you need to eat lots of natural protein, take a beard-friendly multivitamin, and exercise.

        If you feel like you nave naturally low testosterone, consider taking a testosterone supplement.

        Finally, if all else fails, you can jump-start your follicle growth by taking a minoxidil treatment like Lipogaine. This dilates your facial capillaries, allowing your beard follicles to absorb more nutrients from your blood, increasing beard growth. See my guide to beard growth serums for more info.

        Happy bearding!

    28. Never heard of beard oil till last night. Found your site, I’m in. Gonna try a pre mix to see if it helps first then………….my own blend. Always ended up shaving when the itching wouldn’t stop, hopefully oil will help.

    29. Ive decided to venture out on my own because of this very website! helping my bearded buddies locally ive come up with Embrocated Owl beard oils. Thank you again soooo much!

    30. billy rosewood says:

      Hi, and thanks for all those informations! In first, excuse my bad english, it’s not my native langage.
      Now, i want to know… Is a mix of carriers oils (grapeseed, almond, argan..) can cause drying of beard? Or maybe essentials oils? (menthol, sandalwood). My first test are good and make my beard soft in a first time, but is going really dry after a few hours. I’ll buy some jojoba oil today, but, i don’t understand how oils can make a beard dry :'(

      • Oils should not make a beard dry. In fact, good carrier oils like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil will help moisturise a beard.

        If you find your beard getting dry after using beard oil, then try using beard balm. These come with shea butter, which is a very good moisturiser.

        • billy rosewood says:

          Thanks a lot.
          I receveid my jojoba oil yesterday and made a “prototype”. It’s look kinda better 😉 I have to work on a new receipe now^^.
          I’ll take a look on “beard balm”, i have some shea butter on my side.

          thank you again 😉

    31. I’ve been trying to come up with a recipe for a few weeks. Right now I am using jojoba, grape seed and emu oil as carrier oils, but the product is very greasy. What are some ways that I can cut that down to a more silky texture?

      • I’m not sure how much of each you are using, so it’s hard to divine the culprit. Try reducing the amount of emu oil, to see if it takes on a less greasy texture.

        Also, you could run a little experiment. Take a little of each carrier oil by itself and feel it between your fingers. Wash up, and then try the next one. Determine which of the three is the most greasy, and eliminate it from your mix, or at least use less of it.

        Since the essential oils are used so small amounts, it’s really up to your carrier oils to produce the texture. You can try cutting the carrier oil with some vitamin E, and maybe some coconut oil, both of which are pretty silky when used in small amounts.

        Let me know how it works for you!

    32. Hello Mate,
      Just wanted to ask what you think about this mixture.

      Argan oil 15ml
      Sweet Almond oil 12ml
      Eucalyptus oil 2ml

      I want to add black seed oil as well in there. How much would you recommend? and anything i can tweak with that mixture according to your expertise?


      • It sounds like you have a good mix there. The carrier oils you have chosen will make your oil soft and comforting. It will smell warm and nutty.

        When you say black seed oil, do you by chance mean black cumin seed oil? This is an excellent beard oil for giving your oil therapeutic qualities, like soothing skin and clearing acne. However, I don’t know what scent it gives your oil.

        Try mixing it, and then test the scent. Hand it to a woman in your life (I have found women have a good nose for what smells good on a man–better than men do). If you feel it lacks something, see my essential oil scent chart, above on this page. Choose an essential oil that fits the scent you mean to give it–woody, balsamic, etc.

        It’s all about experimentation. Trial and error, my friend, trial and error!

    33. Hi,

      I love your site, thanks to your recommendations I decided to create my own beard oil brand.
      Right now, I’m working on the formulas, however I have a few doubts about the essential oils quantities:

      – I’ve read in some blogs (Art of Manliness included) that you shouldn’t add more than 10 drops for each oz of product, however I’ve seen in some of the recipes that they add 2 ml (like 40 drops or so) for a 1 oz mixture. So, I’m kind of confused about this, I understand that you don’t have to add too much essential oils because the mix might cause burn or irritation, but 2 ml for a 30 ml mixture sounds good for me.

      Do you have any advice about this?

      • You’re correct–you typically don’t need more than a few drops of essential oils for every ounce of beard oil. That said, all essential oils are different, and some are more potent than others. When crafting your beard oil, try experimenting with different amounts of essential oils to get the mix you like. The measurements I provide in this guide are from beard oil recipes I have found–those are the measurements that worked for them. But you should try your own.

    34. Hello! I am working on my own beard oil (like so many others) that I hope to eventually market locally. I have a question about mixing and diluting.

      Let’s say, hypothetically, I’m using 1 ounce of carrier oil and I want to make a 2% dilution. This would equal 12 drops. Is it best to do twelve drops of an essential oil BLEND, or the individual components of a desired blend divvied out to 12 drops (based on whatever ratio for the scent I want).

      Does that make sense? I created a little Christmas blend, but just the essential oils. Trying to figure out the best way to divvy it up into small dram bottles, as the initial blend I created is a combination of six oils, one drop for five of them and two for another.

      Thanks! Great info here!

      • In general, you only need a few drops of essential oil for every ounce of beard oil. 12 drops seems high to me, if you are using a potent essential oil. However, as some essential oils are less potent than others, it may be appropriate–it depends on your oil choice.

        If it were me, I’d start with only 2 drops of each essential oil per 1 oz bottle of beard oil, with around 6 drops of essential oils total. Try that, see how it smells, and add more or start over with less to get the right potency.

    35. I’m thinking about ordering so,e sweet almond oil. Right now all I have is jojoba and emu oil so it’s pretty greasy. I’m just wondering what kind of texture the sweet almond oil has

    36. I’m looking at getting some fragrance oils- which ones do you prefer? I want something that smells like a woodsy man. I know I’ve heard bourbon scent smells good but wanted to get a bearded mans opinion. any suggestions?

      • I see your chart up top I just wanted to know your favorite combos!

        • Sure thing. You see my chart at the top–if you want “woodsy”, go with one of those. Sandalwood is famed for being a high quality, aromatic woodsy oil.

          When mixing essential oils, stay away from missing oils that are too similar. For example, never mix two “woodsy” oils together. that just muddles the scent. Instead, pick one woodsy oil, and then another complimentary scent, such as a citrus, balsamic, or spice. Use more of the woodsy oil than you do the complimentary oil.

    37. Wow… I found myself pulling an all nighter trying to absorb all this information.

      Now a question: Have you ever tried mixes that may have aphrodisiac properties or including some sort of pheromone? I wouldn’t even know where to start with finding such items.

      Thanks for all the time, energy and enthusiasm you put into your site.

    38. Hey, great site. Your work never ceases to amaze and inspire me (I first heard of you as Oxhorn on WoW, hehe. Love your machinima videos).

      Anyways, a little about my beard. I’ve grown it out (not too long, an inch and a half or so was the max so far), trimmed it, shaved it all off and begun to regrow it a few times in the past couple of years, and I’ve finally decided I want to go in for the long haul -at least a year without a major trim. Generally I’ve been using normal hair conditioner, but I find my beard is rather course, and becomes quite unruly the longer it gets (even with routine maintenance trims) despite regular conditioning. So I’ve begun searching for tips and tricks to combat this, and I remembered you started this site.

      Taking a look around, I came upon this page, and I’ve got to say I am impressed. I’ve found a few do-it-yourself beard oil tutorials and guides over the past couple weeks, and this is by far the best of them (at least in my opinion). Using this, I’m going to put together some recipes of my own to try out, and I’ll be sure to post them. Thanks for this site, and please keep being totally awesome

    39. Hey man thanks for the blog! It helped out a lot! I have a quick question. I read that you do not want to put more than 10 drops of essential oil into each bottle. But is that 10 drops of essential per 10ml carrier oil or per 1oz? I want to know how much essential oil I can put in a 1oz bottle of carrier oil that is safe. Thank you!

      • Great question. There is no exact answer because each essential oil comes in a different potency. 10 drops of tea tree oil (which is very potent) is different than 10 drops of, say, vanilla, which is less potent.

        In general, 10 drops per 1 oz is fine. When mixing your oil, you need to test it on yourself. Mix your oil, then try a dab on the inside of your wrist, where you skin is soft and hairless. If it starts to tingle, of if your wrist gets pink, then you have used too much essential oil. If it does not tingle, then you have used just the right amount.

    40. Alaskan John says:

      “A good rule of thumb is to use 25% essential oils, 98% carrier oil.”

      Did you mean 2% and 98%, or am I misunderstanding something here? Really interesting info – thanks!

    41. Thank you so much for this website! So awesome! Decided to make beard balm, butter & oil for my bearded man. He suffers quite badly from ingrown hairs and stays picking at them everywhere. Thank you so much!

    42. Brett Scott says:

      Hi Brandon, Great info! Thanks for making it available. All of the essential oils I’ve bought have a built in dropper.Is a drop of essential oil from their bottle the same as from a transfer pipette?

      • Yes. The physics of liquids means that gravity will produce drops of roughly the same size, no matter what tool you use to produce the drops.

        Now, the viscosity of all liquids is different, including essential oils, so each essential oil will make a different sized drop. However, the differences in essential oil viscosity is so minimal that the droplet size doesn’t vary much at all. So, using a “drop” as a unit of measure is quite fine for our efforts.

    43. Thank you so much for the site. I am starting my first beard growth, and found this site quite useful/helpful. Cant thank you enough.

    44. Hi Brandon, I just purchased a number of essential and carrier oils and hope to have some fun creating beard oils for myself. I have read about “campfire beard oil” and would like to know how I can get that scent. It sounds amazing.

      You have an amazing site.

    45. Hey man great site! Im an outdoors guy an love the woodsy campfire stuff. I can’t find any recipes for oil with birch tar oil. Except one with vanilla an I didn’t care for it. Ya got any recipes or suggestions of oils to pair with birch tar? Thanks again for the site.

    46. ANTHONY JAY says:

      Hey Brandon! I love your site! My beard oil recipe is below. I’ve only been growing for like 2 months but people love the beard! I use a small glass spray bottle to apply to my hands and then rub on. My friend supplies the essential oils (doTerra!).

      Almond Oil/coconut oil–enough to fill container (this was about a .5 ounce for me)

      2 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil

      15 drops Cypress Essential Oil

      3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

      2 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil

      Keep up the great work!

    47. Any thoughts on what would go well with a primary oil being wintergreen? Maybe lemongrass or a citrus? Eucalyptus?

      Also, I’ve seen bourbon oil mentioned. Any recommendations where to get some safe for skin?

      Thanks…great info!

    48. Hey Brandon, you have a gr8 web site! It has been very helpful during my begging of growing beard! :)
      I was wondering, what you think about castor oil and its benefits? Can I use it like a carrier oil in a blend with another oils like jojoba, argan etc. and how much (whats the proportion?)
      Thanks in advance for your reply! :)
      Keep bearding on!

      • Yes, castor oil can be used in beard care products, but castor oil is used as an anti-fungal treatment and a food additive and preservative. There are other oils that are better for skin and hair oils and balms. I would only use castor oil if I am making an oil or balm that’s designed to kill fungus.

        Also, the castor oil you have in your kitchen is going to be different than the castor oil used for health products.

    49. Can these oil recipes be used for hair on the head as well?

    50. Hi Brandon!

      Great blog!! Thanks for all your advices!!

      My recipe (for 20ml):

      20ml of sweet almond oil
      4 drops of pine essential oil
      3 drops of juniper essential oil

      It’s quite simple, not very expensive and has a great smell of wood

    51. Hi Brandon,

      I’m just wondering if anyone have thought of and tried mixing Minoxidil with beard oil. I’m thinking minoxidil won’t be absorbed by the skin this way. However I want to use both (I want to increase my beard’s density and take care of it too). What do you think of this?

      • Minoxidil needs to be placed on the skin to work. Many users of beard oil just coat the outer surface of their beard.

        Still, if you can rubor comb the beard oil deep into your beard to touch the skin, I can see if working.

    52. I had been using Dream Beard Oils, but I have an increasing problem with scent aversion, and although it was fine when I first started using it, it is slowly getting worse, causing headaches any time I use it. All the ingredient lists for them that I’ve found list essential oils, but no specifics, so I can’t pin down the culprit. I thought that maybe I could make my own and use scents that don’t give me headaches. So far I’ve come up with clove and vanilla. Not sure if it’s a good scent combination or not, and I know clove can be overpowering at times. Do you have any suggestions for subtly scented options?

    53. Hi Brandon! I used to shave just for the nice scent of my sandalwood shaving soap, but now I want to grow a beard and I thought it would be nice to have a sandalwood scented beard oil. I’m thinking half and half jojoba and argan oil (because my beard is really hard, like steel wool pads) and a few drops of sandalwood essential oil, and maybe one or two drops of cedarwood essential oil. What do you think?

    54. Hello!
      I have enjoyed reading all of the helpful information you have here but I have one question….. Does the quality of the essential oils make a difference and if so how do you know the quality of Edens Garden is any good compared to.. lets just say.. Young Living?
      I’m wanting to start making my own beard oils and sell locally but I only want the BEST of the BEST!

    55. Hi. I am trying to make a Bay Rhum oil blend. And I can’t seem to figure out the essential oils to put it. Any help

      • Use your favorite carrier oil, and then simply use bay rum essential oil. If you want, you can make it smell even more masculine by adding cedar or pine essential oil.

        • Balach Moriya says:

          Brandon oh thats a really good idea. I was thinking of maybe doing Bay Rum Essential oil, Ylang Ylang, And Allspice berry. Im not sure of the Ylang Ylang. Any suggestions for that?

    56. OrsoBarbuto says:

      Hi Brandon! Thank you so much for your great detailed guide! I’m a bearded guy from Naples, Italy, where unfortunately shops don’t sell beard oil and buying them online would be too expensive for me.

      I have made my first beard oil few day ago. For 1oz bottle I used quite half an ounce of sweet almonds oil and quite half an ounce of wheat germs oil (as it is rich of Vitamin E), than I added at first 5 drops od bitter orange (citrus aurantium), 5 drops of bergamot (citrus bergamia) and 10 drops of boswellia (boswellia carterii). It smelled good, but as I tried it on my beard I had to add at least the double of drops in order to get a scent that lasts for an hour.

      All oils are 100% biologic and natural. I’m wondering why the scent doesn’t last long, but fades away soon.

      Any suggestions about it? And what do you think about the use of wheat germs oil as carrier oil?

      Thank you for any help! Byeez!

      • 20 drops of essential oil is a bit excessive for only 1 Oz of carrier oils. Your dilutions percentages are a bit risky IMO.

        • OrsoBarbuto says:

          Thanks for your opinion balach. Any ideas about why the scent lasts max. 1 hour?

          • It’s highly recommend by everyone that dilutions should be at 2% so for ever ounce use only 12 drops or you can cuase irrations in the face. And for The smell lasting only a hour it could be becuase of the essential oil not being pure or being a synthetic oil. Or it can just be becuase of the brand it is. Some brands are better then others. Or it can just be the fact that some essential oils smells fade quicker then others. I find that lime for me only lasts a few hours but rosemary smells for days.

        • I agree, 20 drops is a lot. Note that these recipes are not mine–I simply share them here and attribute it to the author.

      • It sounds very unique! What is the scent like? Are you getting a positive response?

        Keep at it mate!

    57. Sebastian says:

      Will be a good combination of the following oils?
      – hemp
      – coconut
      – jojoba
      – Argan
      – Sweet Almond
      – Optional (castor) *

      – The smell of essential oil (one of the above 34)

      In what proportions it connect?
        15-20 ml of each? or maybe some other ratio per 100 ml of oil

      All of these oils have at home

      • I personally us Coconut argan sweet almond and jojoba in each being .5 Oz. Then for essential oils I use max of 17-18 drops. For each 1 ounce carrier oils you can go to 12 drops of essential oils total. I wouldn’t suggest going over 2% dilution.

      • That sounds like a fine oil. you may be getting a tad creative with your carrier oils. I would stick to just one or two carrier oils.

    58. I made some of your recipe yesterday but am having a hard time with keeping the Argan and Grapeseed oils mixed; they keep separating. Any suggestions?

      • Hmmm. Oils should mix well. Is it possible that you purchased an oil that has been diluted with water? That might explain them separating.

        Try pouring your mix into a bowl, and using an electronic hand-held blender to whip the oils together quickly. If that doesn’t work, try boiling the oils first. Heating oils helps loosen the bonds that keep them together, and they may mix better.

        Godo luck!

    59. As Carrier oil I have
      Sweet Almond
      Vitamin E

      for essential I`m thinking of buying
      Tea Tree

      I don`t know if the list for carrier oil is ok but could you please tell me the must have essential oils like a top 5 list
      And also if i`m missing any other carrier oil

      Basically i want to make as much as a variety of beard oil for use.

      Thanking you in advance

      • Thanks for the comment shehzad. There is no “right” answer to yoru question, My only advice is that “less is more”. You have many oils listed here, and I think having so many essential oils in one beard oil will have conflicting scents and properties.

        I suggest you choose one or two essential oils per scent mix you make.

        See my guide to essential oils here. I also have a matrix on which essential oils smell a certain way and go well together, which you can see here.

        • oh no I wasn`t going to mix all of them in. basically I`ve got all these so that i can do different type of oils.

          Would you also have any recipe for dry/coarse beard please?

          i have also seen on a blog post that too much argan oil mixed in as carrier oil isn`t that good as it dries up the beard over time? what`s your opinion?

          • I haven’t experienced any drying from Argan oil, but maybe that means that the mix has always been right.

            For coarser beards, use fattier carrier oils. Coconut oil works well for coarser beards.

    60. Hi! Thank you for your article! Actually I’m woman (from Poland btw.), but my man decided to have a beard and I wanna give him some gift, so here I am. In Poland cost of wax for mustaches and beard oil are increibly high, so I was searching for recipes. THIS IS GREAT! We can choos scents we liked (and we are both allergic persons, so we need to be aware of some natural cosmetic). Thank you.

    61. Hej,
      Can someone help me find the best mix of these oils. And tell me how many drops or ml, i should use for each of these…?

      It should just be a Pure Beard Oil / Size: 1oz/30ml
      Jojoba oil,
      Argan oil,
      Grapeseed oil,
      Sweet Almond oil,
      Castor oil.

      • It really depends on your preference. If you want a thicker consistency oil, use more Castor and/or Jojoba. I you want a thin one, use more Grapeseed. If you want odorless so as not to affect the scent from essential oils, avoid Castor, if you want more Vitamin E, use more Argan, etc, etc.

        • Hej Yjinn

          I normally use 4-5 drops organic Argan Oil every morning, or every other day or after a shower, sometimes before i am going to bed. I’ve done that for about 1 year. It is my favorite. :)

          – But now i want to try something else. i Want to MIX all mentioned oils.
          I just need to know how much i must use of each of them, or have a sequence in which I should put most of?.

          -I do not want a thick and too shiny oil, it should be light and, It just has to look natural.

          I am thinking that it should be in this ordre.
          1nd. organic Argan oil,
          2nd. organic Jojoba oil,
          3nd. organic Almond
          4nd. Grapeseed oil,
          5nd. organic Castor oil.

          if anyone has other suggestions, so feel free to share your knowledge.
          If anyone has experimented or have some measurements they have used, i will be very happy if you share. thanks…

    62. Do you sterilise your bottles before you put the oil in them? If so – how do you do that?

      • To sterilize them simply toss a pot of water on the stove, insert the bottles into the water and then bring to a boil.

        how to clean a beard oil bottle

        You do NOT want to toss cold bottles into a pot of boil water.

        If so, they may crack from the rapid temperature adjustment.

        Once boiling for a few minutes, use some tongs and take them out of the water gently.

        Be sure when you take them out that you pour out the water that is in the bottle so you don’t splash any on you.

        Once out, rest them on a few paper towels to let air dry.

      • I never bother with that. But you may want to do that if you sell them. I’m not sure what the process is though!

    63. Is there any recipes for like a gingerbread scent, for the upcoming holidays?

    64. Hello,
      We were given a sampler box of roasted nut oils, Hazelnut, Walnut etc…to be used in cooking. I’m wondering if you thought these would pair well with essential oils or other carrier oils. What portion of the carrier mix would you start with? 50/50 with hazelnut and jojoba?

    65. Do the essential oils contribute to the softness of a beard at all? I found a recipe for an oil that seems to do nothing to calm the wiry-ness of my beard. It contains 2/3 oz sweet almond, 1/3 oz jojoba, 3 drops tea tree, 3 drops cinnamon, 2 drops lavender. I’m wondering if my beard just doesn’t respond to the sweet almond or its the mix of essentials. Previously I only used jojoba with a cedarwood/rosemary mix.

    66. My husband’s beard is approaching epic status! He made up some beard oil with cedarwood and jojoba and I’m crafting up some beard balm to go with some other beardy accessories for Christmas. I thought about making him some kinda moisturizing face/beard soap but I’m having trouble finding a face soap recipe. I’m finding shave soap…not sure that’s what I’m looking for. He needs something moisturizing and scented. He smokes pipe tobacco too and that scent lingers in his beard and is not always as pleasant. Any suggestions?

    67. Awesome man, thank you very much !!!

    68. looking for a tobacco, smoky scent. kinda like my beard does after I smoke a cigar

    69. Hi Brandon! Thank you so much for your guide. I have a question: What are the effects of these recipes of oil in relation to the beard type? I have a very hard curly beard 5 cm long . Thank you.

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