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    A photo of the "Grave Before Shave" beard oil 3-pack.

    3-pack, 1 oz each, 3 oz total: $35.00

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    Brand: Fisticuffs Mustache Wax
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    $35.00 New

    Or, get each bottle separately:

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    I see your plan. You intend to walk up to that pretty filly standing over yonder, tip your cap and offer her your calling card, with the promise of gentlemanly conduct and perhaps a warm meal. But she’ll rebuff you, my good sir, because your beard smells musty. Fix this awkward situation with some beard oil, destined to make your beard smell manly, as it should. Beard oil is a leave-in conditioner that makes your beard look healthy and shiny, and adds a manly scent–think of it as a beard cologne. It’s different from beard conditioner, which you wash out during a shower. Beard oil often comes with jojoba oil and other natural oils that mimic a man’s natural follicle oils, making it easily absorbed by the skin to promote healthy, strong strands. I’ve also listed many other types below. Find a beard oil that suits you best, and it will become your new best friend.

    The Best Beard Oils

    I’ve tried dozens of different beard oils over the years to find my favorite brand. These are my favorites, which I’ve personally tested.

    Grave Before Shave – Beard Oil Pack

    Snag this three-oil pack at a discount. It comes in 3 flavors: Original, Pine, and Viking.

    Photo of the Grave Before Shave beard oil value pack.



    Prospector Beard Oil

    Vial of prospector beard oil.


    Learn more at amazon.

    The Prospector beard oil by Burroughs is one of the oldest and most trusted brands of beard oil. It has some of the best beard oil reviews around. Its earthy scent gives your beard a rich, manly presence, and naturally it’s one of my favorites.

    Bay Lime Beard Oil

    A photo of beard oil.


    Learn more at amazon.

    I like the bottle design on this one, which comes with a nice pump action, making it easier to apply to the beard. After I finished this bottle of oil (which was great, by the way) I poured the other oils I experimented with into it, so I could reuse this unique bottle design.

    Beard Oil Value Pack

    Three beard oils for the price of one–can’t beat that!

    Photo of the beard oil gift set


    Learn more at amazon.

    BeardBrand Beard Oil

    An image of beard brand beard oil.


    Learn more at amazon.

    This is some of the most popular beard oil out there. It comes in 3 scents:

    Otter Wax Beard Oil

    Photo of Otter Wax beard oil.


    Learn more at amazon.

    New Beard Oils

    I’m always on the lookout for new beard oils to share with you, so that you get a full picture of what’s available. Check out these new beard oil brands:

    Looking to create your own beard oil? Read my comprehensive beard oil recipe.

    Read My Beard Oil Recipe

    How to Use Beard Oil

    So you found the perfect beard oil, but then you wonder: How exactly do I use beard oil? I get this question a lot. Beard oil, unlike beard balm or waxes, is already in liquid form. A little bit of oil tends to go a long way. Men will often run out of beard oil quickly, but with judicial use, you can make a 1oz vial of beard oil last many months.

    I dedicated an article to this topic, complete with handy animated gifs. Let me sum up some of the things you should consider.

    1) Don’t use too much

    A beard that feels “oily” is no fun. Using too much beard oil can get in your mouth, make your food taste funny, stain your clothes, or get on your significant other when you lean in for a kiss. You want to lightly glaze your beard with the oil, and rub it in so that every strand can absorb it. If your beard feels oily or slick afterwards, then you probably used too much.

    Take your beard oil and either apply it directly to your beard using an eyedropper, or pour a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Then, with your palms open, apply it to the outside of your beard, making sure to spread it around evenly. You don’t want oil to be too thick in some place and thin in others. To get an even spread, make sure you run your fingers through.

    2) Make sure your beard is dry

    A wet beard will interfere with the spreading of the oil (oil and water don’t mix!). Make sure your beard is dry. If you apply the oil after a shower, towel dry your beard vigorously , even the under beard, before applying the oil. This will help make sure you get even distribution on your beard.

    3) Don’t forget the under-beard

    It’s easy to nail the front of your beard and forget about the rest. One of the benefits of using beard oil is that it conditions your strands and your pores, and makes the strands less likely to form split ends and fairy knots. Your under-beard can benefit from this too.

    When applying beard oil, make sure you bring your hands under the beard and stroke upwards to get your under beard.

    4) Comb it out

    When you’re confident that you’ve spread the beard oil out evenly, grab a beard comb and gently comb your beard to shape. Beard oil doesn’t hold a shape very well. If you want to maintain a certain shape, then I suggest you try some beard gloss. However, oil will give your beard weight and give it a nice sheen. Comb it out to brighten up this sheen and order un-orderly strands that will try to fly out here and there.

    Beard Oil Recipe & Ingredients

    Learn how to make beard oil! Now, while most beard oils have many of these ingredients, every beard oil uses different amounts of them. I can’t tell you how much of each ingredient to use–you need to experiment and discover a formula that you like best. I will, however, share my recipe that I like best. You need to decide what’s going to make your beard oil special to distinguish your magic from all of the others. Use jojoba oil as the base for your beard oil. Then, give various oils the smell test to find a combination you like best. Here is my favorite homemade recipe I have mustered together so far (if you’re making one 8 oz bottle, then a “part” in this recipe would be 1 oz):

    • 5 parts jojoba oil - Jojoba oil is the de-facto oil for people with rough, wiry hair, which is why it is perfect for beards. This stuff makes your beard much smoother, glossier, and softer–plus it smells good too.
    • 1 part sweet almond oil
    • 1 part rosemary oil (this is the primary scent). Substitute this with cedar oil for a more rustic scent.
    • 1 part hazelnut oil

    When collecting oil samples to craft your own brand of beard oil, try this set of 14 different oils. It will give you many different scents to experiment with while saving you loads of money.

    Photo of a set of oils for creating beard oil.

    Here is a collection of various beard oil ingredients I have experimented with in my beard oil recipe.

    Beard Oil Ingredients:

    Woods / Bushes

    • Cedar Oil – Scent. Also helps with acne, and breathing problems.
    • Clove Oil – Scent. Spicy, peppery.
    • Sage Oil – Scent. Savory, peppery.
    • Rosewood Oil – Scent. Warm, woody.
    • Eucalyptus Oil – Herbal, woody scent. Soothes skin irritation.
    • Lemongrass Oil – Strong scent, invigorating.
    • Patchouli Oil – Warm, earthy aroma. Naturally repels insects without chemicals.  Easily absorbed, locks in moisture.
    • Cypress Oil – Sweet with warm overtones. Slight berry aroma.
    • Tea Tree Oil – Therapeutic; used as a primary scent.

    Nuts / Seeds / Beans

    • Organic Hazelnut Oil - Helps prevent skin disorders, like acne or eczema.
    • Sweet Almond Oil - Reduces skin inflammation, which can help prevent ingrown beard hairs.
    • Organic Borage Seed Oil - Relieves dehydrated and super-sensitive skin
    • Organic Grapeseed Oil - Helps reduce pore inflammation (due to dry skin or non-conditioned beard hairs).
    • Hemp Seed Oil - Helps keep skin moist so beard hairs don’t become brittle.
    • Organic Jojoba Oil - This is the most essential oil in beard oil. It mimics the properties of natural human skin oils and is therefore very easy to absorb by the skin. It helps condition pores and follicles.
    • Argan Marrakesh Nut Oil – Makes skin soft and protects against signs of aging, including wrinkles and spots.
    • Coconut Oil – Hydrating; reduces inflammation and locks in moisture.

    Mints / Flowers

    • Evening Primrose Oil - Helps cure skin conditions like psoriasis.
    • Rosemary Oil - This oil is for fragrance. Rosemary imparts a rustic, leathery scent, which many associate favorably with beards. However, there are numerous other scents you can impart to your oil to make it unique. I won’t list them all here, but click on the Rosemary oil and you’ll see many other scented oils made by the same company, which is a great place to start.
    • Vanilla Oil – Scent, softness.
    • Peppermint Oil – Scent. Helps breathing, refreshes.
    • Lavender Oil – Scent. Fresh, woody.



    • Pure Emu Oil - Acts as a natural beard hair conditioner.



    Once you complete your brand of beard oil, you’ll want to put it in a bottle. To do so, you’ll need some oil transfer pipettes and a mini-funnel. Here is a good selection of bottle packs, so you can distribute your home-made scent to your friends.

    Boston round beard oil bottle

    Amber bottle with eyedropper.

    Cobalt blue beard oil bottle.

    If you plan to make an oil just for your own enjoyment, then I suggest investing in a fancy bottle that you can reuse. This one is my favorite, due to its unique stopper:

    Unique amber beard oil bottle.

    That’s all there is to it gents! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and please share with me your favorite beard oil.

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    1. I desperately need some oil. I’ll be ordering some soon but what can I get from my local grocery store/supermarket in the mean time?

    2. How about the Dream Beard Oil? Is it good?

      • Yeah, I’ve used it before. They used to be an advertiser on this site and they sent me a free sample. Good chaps.

        I like the eye-dropper bottle the best, of their collection. The oil works great, and has a good smell. My wife prefers the smell of other beard oils (she likes the Bay Lime one best) but Dreambeard is a fine brand.

    3. Hi brandon. I want to grow my beard faster. Which product will i take? :)

    4. I’m completely new to beard oil. I am searching the internet trying to decide which one to go with. I have a girlfriend and want to make sure to get one she would like. I think I wanna stay away from the woodsy type. I am leaning towards the beard brand cause of great reviews, spiced citrus in particular because I think she would like the citrus and vanilla scent. Have you tried it? I’ve also seen good reviews on the bay lime one that you say your wife likes best. That looks good and is also 10$ cheaper. Would you recommend these or any others? THANKS!!

      • I have used both, and both are great choices. I like the bottle function of the Bay Lime best. It is very easy to get a controlled amount on my beard. However, I personally like the feel and scent of the BeardBrand Citrus bottle better than Bay Lime.

        See my guide on how to use beard oil, which may give you some further considerations.

    5. Ok thanks for the help. I did stumble on a couple other brands. Have you tried any from The Mod Cabin or Sams Natural? I’m just about ready to make a decision and thought I’d ask about those.

    6. Ok cool. I bought the spiced citrus

    7. A warning about orange scents, they make your skin absorb much more UV rays! It will damage your skin in the sun. I wouldn’t recommend using it on your beards due to the risk of skin damage. It’s even worse if you accidentally lick your upper lip food savers and ingest a bit!

      • Thanks for the feedback! I think it depends on your skin type. I, for one, have never gotten more sunburned from using vitamin C, or citrus-based products. But I do know people, usually with very fair skin, who have.

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