Big Forest Beard Shampoo Review

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    An image of my favorite beard shampoo.

    In my quest to find the best beard shampoo, I stumbled upon this new one by the folks over at OneDTQ: Big Forest Beard Shampoo. This is my new favorite beard shampoo. Let me tell you why.


    The Beard Oils

    This beard shampoo is made with many of the best carrier and essential oils for beards. (See my guide on how to create beard oil for further reading).

    An image of the ingredients in the world's best beard shampoo.

    Because of this, it has a watery consistency. You’ll have to be careful when pouring it, so that you don’t waste any. A little goes a long way! I like this because it’s not goopy, slimy, or greasy. It isn’t made with cheap waxes and chemicals that you’ll find in your $.99 grocery store shampoo. Those waxes and chemicals can clog pores and stress beard hairs, making them more itchy, dry, and fragile. The carrier oils used in Big Forest are easy for your face and beard hairs to absorb, making it a much better option than grocery store stuff.

    Shampoos using these oils help dissolve and wash away sebum and skin flakes, which can easily get caked into beard hair follicles. Using waxy stuff exacerbates the problem by pushing skin and sebum deeper into your follicles, leading to more ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Big Forest is designed to scrub your follicles clean and wash that stuff away, while keeping them lubricated and healthy. Most men use store-bought shampoos in their beard, which is why most men suffer from beard itch and beard dandruff. This stuff will fix both problems.

    It Lathers White

    Lots of homemade shampoos feel sticky and greasy because they were not mixed well, or because the makers used cheap materials. Not so with this stuff. When you use it, it lathers to a puffy white froth, as it should. It also washes out easily. I have used Grandpas Pine Tar Shampoo to-date because it was the best I could find for my beard (no other beard shampoo has impressed me). However, Grandpa’s is thick and hard to wash out. I really have to scrub my beard well to make sure I got it all. Big Forest goes in easily and washes out in a snap.

    Image of a beard shampoo that lathers white.

    It Smells Manly

    Check out some of the essential oils listed above–Cedarwood, and Basalm Fir Needle, as well as Bergamot. This gives the beard shampoo a rustic woodsy fragrance with a light fresh zest. My wife said that it reminded her of camping trips from her childhood. The scent is not at all overpowering, balanced by the carrier oils (especially the coconut oil, which really rounds it out without making it smell tropical). See my guide on where essential oils fall on the scent chart to get an idea how this will smell. It lies firmly in the “woody” slice, balanced by light “citrus”).

    The Bottle Shape

    The bottle comes in a sturdy flask shape. Many shampoos are round or have womanly hourglass shapes. Not so with this one. It looks like a whiskey flask, made out of semi-opaque brown thick plastic.

    A photo of the world's best beard shampoo.

    The makers were smart enough to include an appropriate cap for its consistency. Nine out of ten shampoos come with a simple spout, where you squeeze the bottle to squirt out the shampoo. But with Big Forest being so liquid, that kind of cap would cause you to waste it. OneDTQ was sensitive to your pocketbook and equipped the bottle with a snap-cap, so you can snap it open and gently pour some into your hand, without squeezing the bottle and potentially wasting it. Good job fellows.

    It’s Made in America

    And because of that, it’s not the cheapest shampoo on the market. But you knew that. The big name-brand cosmetic shops have factories in China, oozing out waxy shampoo by the ton every minute. Big Forest is made in Brooklyn, NY by American entrepreneurs and workers earning a living wage. My overseas readers will forgive me for waving my spangled banner too wildly, but hey, this stuff is important.

    So there you have it–Big Forest is my new favorite beard shampoo. I have tried almost every beard shampoo on the market today (see my beard shampoo page–I have tried all of these, and more) and all have come up short in one way or another. I’m promoting this one because it’s simply the best option on the market today.

    Beard onward, gentlemen.


    Video Transcript

    Brandon: Hi there, folks. This is Brandon Dennis from, and today I want to talk a little bit about the Big Forest Beard Shampoo. Now for those of you who have followed my blog, you know that I’ve been struggling for a very long time to find a good beard shampoo that I like. I’ve literally tried them all, and for the past many years I’ve been using Grandpa’s Pine Tar Shampoo, which isn’t designed for beards, but it’s a fine shampoo and it works really well. But, I just recently discovered this, by the fellows at OneDTQ. They make a wide range of beard oils and beard grooming items, and they just released this Big Forest Beard Shampoo, and I tried it out, and this has become one of my new favorite beard shampoos.

    Now the reason that I like it so well is because it’s very different from any other shampoo you’ve used, which makes it really good for the beard. So for example, when you pour it out, it’s not thick and goopy. It’s actually quite liquid, and the reason for that is because the ingredients include a number of carrier oils and essential oils. It’s an oil heavy shampoo which is exactly what a beard needs. Your beard follicles are larger, your beard hairs are more scraggly, your face will absorb a lot of the oil, so when trying to condition and clean a beard, carrier oils and essential oils are going to be better for the beard than a lot of the waxy stuff that you’re going to find in the goopy shampoo that you’ll get at your regular supermarket. So that’s one of the reasons why I really like this.

    Another reason is because of the scent. Usually, when you wash your hair or your beard with any other shampoo, you’ll get a medicine scent or some sort of floral scent. This is a very masculine scent. My wife said that it reminded her of her time camping in Tennessee, and spending time in the forest and around a campfire with her family when she was younger. The reason for that is because it comes with a lot of woodsy cedar oils, including bergamot, cedar wood, and balsam fir needle. Those essential oils are going to give this a very woodsy masculine scent, but it’s not overpowering.

    Now, I’ve found that after using the Big Forest Beard Shampoo that I really don’t need to put an essential oil into my beard. So I usually use a beard oil or a beard balm to condition my beard afterwards, and sometimes I will still use one of my favorite beard balms, but this still makes my beard smelling good after shampooing my beard and it’s not even a conditioner, it’s just a shampoo. So half the time I don’t even use any beard balm, or beard oil, or conditioner afterwards. So that also is in its favor.

    And then, one final thing that I really enjoy about this beard shampoo is that it lathers white. When you’re standing in the shower and you’re using it, it doesn’t feel goopy, it doesn’t feel greasy. When you actually start to lather up your beard, it fluffs up like any other good shampoo that you want to use, and it lathers white, and then it washes right out.

    So it comes with the essential and carrier oils that your beard needs, it lathers white, it has a nice clean masculine scent. This comes in a nice masculine-looking bottle, and it’s become one of my favorite beard shampoos. So I’ve got the complete review in a link in the description of this video if you want to check it out, with some photography and links to where you can get it. Reasonably priced, no more expensive than any of the other beard shampoos on the market today, and my favorite one so far. Thanks for watching.

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    1. I’ll have to try this one. The fir needle might be a sticking point with me, as I think i’m allergic to that. I’ll check to make sure though. Have you tried Lucky Scruff’s beard shampoo? They have a very good one (IMO) and it is made right here in the USA (TN) they have some very good beard oils also. Check it out, I think you might like it. I have been using special beard soaps that a lot of the company’s have been making, and I think it works just as good. Plus you can mix it up with different scents if you want to.

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