Big Forest Beard Shampoo Review

    In my quest to find the best beard shampoo, I stumbled upon this new one by the folks over at OneDTQ: Big Forest Beard Shampoo. This is my new favorite beard shampoo. Let me tell you why. The Beard Oils This beard shampoo is made with many of the best carrier Read More


    Black Beards

    Why African or "ethnic" beards are so special During the 20th century, African men rarely wore beards. Even with beards making a comeback today, most black men prefer the clean-shaven look. Still, black beards are on the rise, and there are some truly remarkable African beards out there. Check out Read More


    What happens when my beard goes gray?

    There is nothing to fear about a gray beard. Sure, there are all sorts of beard dyes out there, but gray beards are a mark of dignity and wisdom. Think about how many gray beards you admire. Gandalf, Santa--heck, even The Most Interesting Man in the World has a gray beard. So don't fear the gray, my Read More


    How to Comb A Beard

    Ok sure. Combing is easy. Who would need a guide? And yet here you are, my friend, and I congratulate you. After reading this guide, you will comb beards better than 99% of all bearded fellows on earth. Embrace your destiny! Tricky things can often be deceptively simple. It took me a while before Read More


    How to Keep Food Out of Your Beard

    Anyone who has a beard knows that the beard is the ultimate flavor savor. During a meal, food inexplicably finds its way into your beard. Unless you have a well-meaning dinner-mate with you who points it out, you may walk around with food in your beard all day without realizing it. This, of Read More


    So Someone Called You a Neckbeard

    There is a lot of talk on the Internet about "neckbeards", usually used as a pejorative. I get messages from men saying they don't want to grow a beard because their school mates will make fun of them and call them neckbeards, and I frequently see memes denigrating what are usually fat men wearing Read More


    Essential Oils – A Comprehensive Guide

    Table of Contents Essential Oil Scent Guide Pairing Essential Oils Top Essential Oils Essential Oil Sample Packs Essential oils give your products, whether a beard balm or beard oil, its unique personality. In this guide, you will learn how to categorize an oil's scent, how to pair oils Read More


    How to tell if you’re a bearded hipster

    Today I was called a hipster. I’ve never thought of myself as a hipster, so I was surprised. This got me to thinking—what exactly is a hipster? Is any man with a beard a hipster, or do you need to meet other qualifications to be a hipster? Now, I’ve had my beard since I hit puberty—quickly Read More


    Growing a Beard

    Growing a beard is no minor decision. It takes a stern will and a disciplined mind. As I explained in my piece on why men evolved beards, beards convey dignity and higher social status to men--if done right. There are a many ways to grow one wrong. Of course, the worst decision is to not grow one at Read More


    Mustache Wax Recipe

    There are thousands of mustache wax recipes out there. Mustache wax has been made for hundreds of years, and recipes vary depending on the periods and cultures the waxes were made in. Today, we have access to all the various ingredients different cultures used to make waxes, allowing us to make Read More