How to Bleach Your Beard

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    I recently came across a story of a man named Bradley who wanted to bleach his beard white in order to play Santa for Christmas. It’s a brilliant idea and he ended up with a fantastic Christmas card (below), but the process was a painful one.

    Man dying his beard white for Santa.

    He ended up using facial hair bleach to turn his beard from brown to white over the course of 9 applications. The chemicals stripped his face, making it red and raw. It was so painful that he had trouble sleeping, and ended up shaving the whole thing off after Christmas.

    So, I can’t really recommend the procedure. It’s a fun gag to get your beard white for Christmas, but really, they have masks for that. Still, if your heart is set on it, I have some products for you and have shared Bradley’s photos below. You can read his account here.

    Facial Hair Bleach

    Photo of a facial hair bleach set.

    Brand: Manic Panic
    Manufacturer: Manic Panic
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    I have directions on how to bleach your beard after Bradley’s story.

    Bradley’s Beard Bleaching Journey


    Photo of Bradley before he bleached his facial hair.

    First Bleaching

    Photo of beard dye after first application.

    As you can see, the facial hair bleach takes many applications before it turns your beard white. Bradley’s beard is a nice honey color after the first try, which he had to do himself because no professional would dare to tackle the job. You’re not supposed to put this stuff on your face, apparently.


    Second & Third Bleachings

    Photo of a bleached beard.

    The first beard bleaching was such a bad experience that Bradley had to start wearing goggles to prevent his eyes from burning. He used a snorkel to breathe, as the chemicals were so strong they caused him to hack and cough.


    Fourth & Fifth Bleachings

    Photo of a man dying his beard white to play Santa.

    The beard lightens incrementally after the first application. Compare this, after the 5th bleaching, to the 4th and you’ll see little difference. It takes quite a few applications before the beard is truly bleached. It may help to use facial moisturizer after each application to save your face.


    Sixth Bleaching

    A man's bleached beard.

    At this point, his face was in constant pain. His bristles were coarse and thin, and any movement they made caused him agony. However, it’s working. See the contrast between his hair and beard.


    Seventh Bleaching

    A nearly white beard.

    By bleaching seven, Bradley was having a hard time sleeping. Sleeping on his face or side were out–only on his back could he sleep, and even then only a couple hours a night. Also, he describes his beard as “crunchy” now. Not good.


    Bleaching Eight & Nine

    Finally, a white beard.

    And here we have the finished product–a totally white beard. It looks great (this is two months of growth, he started growing in November and shaved it off at the end of December). On the night of Christmas, Bradley was so miserable, unable to sleep, that he shaved the thing off. Pity. A bearded man is a better man.

    A man who once had a beard.

    Looks like there was no permanent damage. Except loss of beard.

    How to Bleach Your Beard

    These directions are for the beard bleaching kit linked above. If you purchase a different kit, please refer to the directions that come with it.

    Also note that once you mix the bleach, you need to use it immediately, so be ready to bleach your beard the moment you finish the mixture.

    Your beard should be dry and unwashed before application.

    1. This kit comes with a pair of gloves. Use any you like, but make sure you’re wearing plastic gloves before you open the pouch. Open the pouch, and avoid inhaling the bleach powder. Use a mask if you have one.
    2. Take the pouch of bleach powder and empty into your favorite mixing jug. You can use the tub that comes with it if you wish.
    3. Slowly add the bleach developer (enclosed) to the bleach powder in the tub. SLOWLY.
    4. Using the brush that comes with the kit, stir the mixture until it becomes creamy and smooth.
    5. Apply mixture immediately (do not lollygag!). Using the brush that comes with the kit, coat every hair thoroughly. Sometimes it helps to start at the base of each beard hair and brush downwards towards your beard hair tips.
    6. Once your beard is coated, let the bleach sit in your beard for about 10 minutes. Every package of bleach is different, so check your beard bleach kit packaging for an exact time.
    7. After 10 minutes, wash the stuff out of your beard with some beard shampoo. Your beard will now be rough and “crunchy”. You should consider making it soft again with some beard conditioner.
    8. Remember, it takes several applications before your beard turns white (it took Bradley 9 attempts). You should purchase as many of these kits as you think will be necessary.

    Good luck, O bearded gents!

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    1. NINE applications of bleach! No wonder the man was in pain, nine bleachings in the course of a month. He’s lucky his beard didn’t fall out altogether! If anybody endeavours to emulate this man, I’d recommend stretching your bleaching out over a longer period of time, allow yourself to recover between applications – at least two weeks between bleachings, preferably more.

    2. 9 times that’s crazy!!! I’m a hairdresser with dark hair
      I get my white beard and mustache, with creme bleach + perodixide 30v. (9%) for 45 minutes.
      cleaned with paper (not water, because the hair cuticle closed) and apply some ash blonde dye + 30v creme peroxide (9%) 20-30 minutes to Tone Brassy hair into cool toned silver blonde

      Plus use silver shampoo (l’oreal blue ) every week and moisturize with blond – Dry hair moustirazer

      greetings from germany

    3. Having a hard time finding information dyeing/bleaching beards when I came across this article. I’ve a very dark beard but looking to go a natural looking blonde.
      @aldolfp did you manage this in one sitting or how many times did you bleach before you used the ash blonde?

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