54 Facial Hair Styles

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    Hail, fellow bearded chaps! I worked with my talented artist to come up with a collection of all the facial hair styles known to man. If you like it, please share with your bearded friends.

    The following are some of the more conventional, accepted beard styles. Many of these facial hair styles are accepted by the World Beard & Mustache Championships as facial hair categories. If your goal is to enter one of these contests, use the guide below to see which one suits your beard type best. My facial hair style is the Garibaldi, as my beard tends to grow that shape naturally.

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    A collection of popular facial hair styles.

    Mustaches are also a category in most facial hair competitions. Below is a collection of some of the more popular mustache categories listed in many competitions. Your face will tend to grow one or more of these styles naturally. For me, my mustache grows very thick near the nostrils, but thins out towards the lips. This means that I can pull off the Toothbrush or the Handlebar, but would have a hard time growing a Walrus or Lampshade.

    A collection of the most popular moustache styles.

    Goatees are a very popular facial hair style, though not all goatee styles are regarded in championships. Below is a collection of the most common, and even some obscure, goatee styles. The Rap Industry Standard, for example, is very popular, but it never appears in facial hair competitions.

    A gallery of non-conventional facial hair styles.

    Finally, I’ll round this survey off by sharing some more unconventional beard styles. Some of them, like the Imperial Mustache and the Fu Manchu, exist in facial hair championships. You can grow most of these, but they will be regarded under other categories.

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    A graphic containing some of the best beard styles.

    Did I miss any? Tell me about your favorite facial hair styles that I missed in the comments below.

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    1. One Of My Teachers In College Had A Mustache That Curled Over The Lips With No Other Facial Hair. When He Talked His MoutH was Completely Hidden And I Am Left Wondering How He Managed To Eat Without Ruining It. He Was Indian (As In The Country) So Maybe This Is Something You’ve Never Seen

      • That’s amazing! You know, they have special cups you can buy that push aside the mustache so you can drink without getting it wet. I’ve also seen men use clothes-pins to hold back their mustaches while eating.

    2. Could you combine say the Gibraldi and the Hungarian moustache? or would that not work? Thanks.

    3. This site is awesome, I was paroozing around the google universe looking for how to grow my facial hair cuz I can only grow facial hair on my chin/neck and mustache area. The rest is patchy and weak looking. I would say I have the natural goatee without it connecting to my , as you put it, natural mustache. I don’t feel like I lack in the manly department anymore haha, by the way, I’m almost 23 and I know I probably still have some time to go before it fills in since I don’t exactly come from a family of bearded men. Thanks for the inspiring images!

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