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    Got a beard question? Well I’ve got the answer. I wouldn’t be a world-renowned beardsman if I didn’t! Read on, young beardling.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to grow a beard?

    Similar questions: How long to grow a beard? How long does it take to grow a full beard?

    It can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 years to fully grow a beard, depending on your personal cocktail of genetics. To understand more of the science behind this, read my article:

    Why do beards itch when growing?

    Similar questions: Why does my beard itch? Why do beards itch when growing?

    Beards itch during the early stages of beard growth because the sharp, sliced-off ends of your beard hairs scrape against the follicle wall as they grow. For more in-depth coverage of the issue, read my article:

    How can I grow a beard, if I can’t?

    Similar questions: Why can’t I grow a beard?

    Your beard growth abilities are wholly determined by your genetics. Some men will grow beard behemoths, some men will be baby-faced for life. That said, most men can grow beards, and some men have baby-faces because of bad health or other external issues. You can counteract these with a number of topical solutions, such as beard growth serum. Read my article to learn more:

    How can I stop beard itch?

    Similar questions: How to stop beard itch. How to stop a beard from itching. How to stop your beard from itching. How to stop an itchy beard.

    Stop beard itch by washing your beard less often, using products designed for beards (not for head hair), and by moisturizing your follicles with beard oil. Read my article for more tips:

    How can you grow a beard faster?

    You can’t speed up beard growth beyond what a human is capable of, but you can maximize your follicles’ beard growth speed by eating protein, getting plenty of sleep, minimizing stress, taking beard vitamins, and getting chin massages. Read my article for more tips:

    How fast does a beard grow?

    Each man’s beard growth speed is determined by genetics and can vary, but in general, a beard grows half an inch per month, or six inches in a year. Read my article for more science:

    How long can a beard grow?

    Similar questions: How long will a beard grow in a month?

    Beard length is again determined by genetics. The average terminal beard length is three feet. Some rare unicorns can grow beards upwards of five feet long. I cover this in depth in my article:

    When does a beard stop itching?

    Give your beard between 2 weeks and 1 month to stop itching. If it still itches after that, use some chin moisturizer.

    How do you grow a full beard?

    Similar questions: How do I grow my beard thicker? How long does it take for a beard to start filling in?

    Since the number of follicles you have are set at birth, you can’t grow a beard thicker than the follicles you have. However, many follicles remain “inactive”, and you can thicken your beard by activating these follicles. Read my article to learn more:

    Leave a comment with your other beard FAQs and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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    1. What do you recommend if I’m a 16 year old who wants to grow a beard but has bad genes. Beard growth spray, vitabeard, biotin, etc. Thanks.

      • Hello John, thanks for commenting.

        At your age, it’s perfectly normal for a fellow to have no beard or a thin beard. Usually beards start to grow in on men when around age 20, and they get thicker around age 25.

        There are still many ways you can prep your follicles for maximum beard growth.

        First, start taking biotin, a natural hair health supplement, and beard growth vitamins. Please check with your doctor before starting any treatment.

        If, after many months of use, you notice that it isn’t helping, then you can force your follicles to grow by using either the beard growth spray or the beard growth serum. The spray is a lighter touch and should work for most men. The serum is a hardcore product that will certainly work, but you have to keep using it to keep the new strands you form.

        I hope that helps!

    2. Hi I’m 18 and I’ve been growing a beard for a little over a week and want to now how to post pics to show my progress because I want to know if I have good growth and if I can grow a good beard.

    3. How can I infuse hops or malts into my beard balm? I would like to make a beer beard balm.

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