Ingrown Beard Hair

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    An Ingrown Beard Hair Remover

    Ingrown Beard Hair Remover

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    You’re chin is a bloody mess.

    Normally this sort of thing would make you proud. After all, you look like you just came back from the battlefield and had a good day, covered in the blood and gore of your enemies. But it’s not their blood. It’s yours. You have ingrown beard hairs.

    Every man knows what it’s like. First, it starts as a tiny bump, hardly noticeable. You hope and pray: “Please,  let this go away on it’s own!” But it doesn’t. Instead, it gets a little bigger and a little redder. Soon, a white peak emerges, like the cap of a snow-covered mountain, until one day (if you haven’t taken care of it yourself by then ), it bursts in a bloody torrent of slimy, horrid biological tissue. And then out pops the hair.

    Removing an ingrown beard hair.

    Photo credit: redbeardedblond on Flickr.

    I apologize for the graphic depiction above, but it was necessary as a prelude to how wonderful this ingrown beard hair treatment is. It helps to eat away at your dead skin and release already trapped hairs, while simultaneously conditioning your follicles to make them less likely to produce ingrown hairs in the future. Truly a marvel of modern science, invented by a fellow who had simply had enough of ingrown beard hairs.

    Now true, as a bearded man, you will have very few ingrown hairs. They tend to develop on sissies who are constantly shaving their manhood off. But every now and then, an ingrown hair will appear beneath the glory of a beard, and it is at this time that such a treatment is required. Use this ingrown beard hair remover instead of bloodying your fingers.


    Buy Ingrown Beard Hair Remover from

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    1. I was wondering if this would work for the ladies too. You know you are not the only one prone to in grown hair and we ladies are often on the hunt for a new product to take care of this difficult problem

    2. I’ve had a few in grown hairs myself. but I’m of the mind to just yank the thing out when the problem starts. nip it in the bud so to speak

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