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    I realize that there are many more hard-to-categorize mustache styles out there, but the following are all the mustache styles recognized by the World Natural Beard & Mustache Competition. If you’re hoping to get ready for the competition, take a gander at these styles to see what makes each of them tick, and whether or not your mustache make-up can pull them off. Note: I do not recommend actually pulling off mustaches. That would hurt.

    The Natural Mustache

    The natural mustache

    The Natural Mustache is full, clean and, well, natural. It doesn’t look extreme and you certainly won’t be accused of crying out for attention. Instead, it blends in with the shape of your handsome face and looks like it’s simply “meant to be”.

    The Natural Mustache is a good place to start if you want to experiment with your upper lip mustache styles. After all, you can always trim down, but you can’t trim up.

    The English Mustache

    The English mustache

    I say, old sport, have you ever seen a chap wearing the English Mustache? It’s like a natural mustache, only the hairs are inordinately long, and often, fellows use mustache wax to make a sort of pointed look. One thing an English Mustache is not is curled or coiled. No, the English Mustache is unabashedly pointed, with perhaps just a slight bow in it. One could simply apply mustache wax to a Natural Mustache to make an English Mustache, if he so chooses. Old bean.

    The Hungarian Mustache

    Photo of the hungarian mustache.

    The Hungarian Mustache is a trimmed, stylized version of a Natural Mustache. The mustachioed fellow trims and prunes his lip hairs so that they resemble long, pointed jester shoes (without the bell). This mustache style starts wide and proceeds in one, smooth motion into a bit of a curve, ending at a very fine point. The longer the better with this one.

    The Dali Mustache

    Photo of the Dali mustache.

    The Dali Mustache is the only mustache named after it’s inventor, Salvador Dali. It’s distinguished by being strikingly pruned in form, but never trimmed in length. A small number of tight-growing hairs are allowed to remain on the lip, banded together and formed into a point using mustache wax. The signature piece of this mustache style is that it points up from the lip, either at a sharp incline or a bow.

    The Imperial Mustache

    Photo of a man with an Imperial Mustache.

    (Commonly called the Handlebar Mustache)
    The Imperial Mustache is smaller than a Natural, but still it covers much of the upper lip. Once the corner of the mouth is reached, the Imperial Mustache coils upward tightly in a big loop. One must have thick, dense lip hair to get the Imperial  mustache style to work.

    The Fu Manchu

    The Fu Manchu Mustache

    The Fu Manchu is a hybrid beard/mustache style, because in order for it to work, one must often use a bit of beard hair to lengthen it (unless he has super long mustache whiskers). Named after Fu Manchu, a fictional character invented by Sax Rohmer, the mustache grows immediately downward from the lip, and then straight on past the chin. This mustache style collects beard strands as it grows right on past the chin, dangling free but pointed, using a little bit of mustache wax. The Fu Manchu is truly a bold mustache style.

    The Charlie Chaplin

    The Charlie Chaplain mustache.

    I realize there is a more infamous character who sported this stache, but I wanted to redeem it with a fine fellow who did it just right–Charlie Chaplin. This stache consists of a small strip of upper lip hair the width of your nose, usually worn short.

    The Freestyle Mustache

    The Freestyle Mustache

    No rules! The freestyle mustache is a no-holds-barred anything goes mustache. Now is your chance to be creative! Many gentlemen who create a freestyle mustache will combine it with their beard to create something fanciful–a scenic vista, for example, like the fellow above with his fancy windmill. Get your creative juices flowing and make something amazing!

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    2. You forgot the horseshoe or “biker” mustache. An example of this would be what Hulk Hogan wears.

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