Mustache Wax

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    $14.95 – 1 oz


    Brand: The Bearded Goon
    $14.95 New
    • Made in the USA.

    See below for a selection of other quality mustache waxes. Not keen on waxes? Try some mustache pomade instead.

    Your mustache is boring.

    Other men enjoy exciting mustaches that have minds of their own. Their hairs have character and finesse. Yours, sadly, fall flat. That’s why you need some moustache wax.

    Hercule Poirot Mustache Wax

    Hercule Poirot sporting his famous waxed mustache.

    This mustache wax will give your stache the dignity it deserves. Rub it on in there and curl it up for an Imperial Mustache, or make it a pointed fellow to create the legendary Dali Mustache. The possibilities are endless and outlined in our mustache style guide–the point is, with this moustache wax, your mustache will never be boring again.

    This is the very mustache wax I use on a daily basis. Smear in a bit, form your mustache, and keep molding it until you’ve gotten it just right. When done, it washes out easy–no worries, no mess.

    Mustache wax comes in different colors, because you can sometimes see the wax in a beard. My mustache is dark brown. I have found that black, brown, and yellow waxes work best with my mustache. White waxes look bad with my brown mustache, but they work well for men with gray or white mustaches. Here are the waxes I recommend for varying facial hair colors.

    A well-used mustache wax will add some much needed character to your upper lip.


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    How to Apply Mustache Wax

    How to Remove Mustache Wax


    $10.95 – 4 oz

    Most mustache waxes can be easily removed in the shower using soap and hot water. However, there are some mustache waxes that have such a firm hold that they can best be removed with a mustache wax remover. The fine fellows over at Petal Pusher Fancies have concocted a fine mustache wax remover and mustache conditioner combo that does a good job of dissolving the toughest of mustache wax–even those made with pine resin or gum arabic. While not necessary for most mustache waxes, it can come in handy for the tough ones.

    Other Mustache Waxes

    Firehouse Mustache Wax

    Firehouse mustache wax

    $14.50 – 150+ positive reviews

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    Woodsman Mustache Wax

    Woodsman Mustache Wax



    Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

    A photo of fisticuffs mustache wax.

    $9.32 – 15g tin

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    This mustache wax comes as a personal recommendation from one of our fans Crumb Catcher (see his comment on the mustache pomade page). He claims it is the best around–organic too!

    Fisticuffs Wax + Beard Oil

    Mustache Wax plus beard balm.

    $22.00 – 1 oz bottle, 7g tin, 15g tin


    This is a great value. Get 2 tins of the fabulous Fisticuffs Mustache Wax, and one bottle of Grave Before Shave beard oil, original scent. At $22.00, this is a super value.

    Interested in more beard oils? See my full collection of recommended beard oils.

    Captain Fawcetts Moustache Wax

    Mustache Wax

    $15.90 – 1 oz

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    Lavender scent. Also comes in Ylang Ylang scent.

    Father’s Mustache Wax

    Mustache Wax

    $16.49 – .2 oz

    Buy Mustache Wax from

    Comes in a handy tube. To apply, roll it on your mustache and comb to suit.

    Windsor Edwards Mustache Wax


    $25.00 – 1 oz


    Beard Brand Tree Ranger Wax


    $6.99 – .15 oz



    Colonel Ichabod Conk’s Moustache Wax

    Mustache Wax

    $7.99 – 1 oz

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    Clubman Pinaud Mustache Wax

    Mustache Wax

    $4.50 – .8 oz

    Buy Mustache Wax from

    • Comes in Black, Brown, Chestnut, or Neutral

    Here’s a video by the fellow who made the Woodsman Mustache Wax, showing how to use it.

    Mustache Wax Combo Packs

    Mustache Wax + Beard Oil




    • 1 oz bottle of Grave Before Shave beard oil
    • 15 g tin of Fisticuffs Mustache Wax


    Mustache Wax + Comb Switchblade




    • 15 g tin of mustache wax
    • 1 mustache comb switchblade


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    1. I too enjoy the Clubman Wax. It works very well, and hold all day with only a small touch up after lunch.

    2. James Andrew Baggett says:

      I recommend Man’s Face Stuff wax…they have various scents so you can shake things up. A fairly good hold, but here in the Caribbean it doesn’t hold as well….I DO NOT recommend Lucky Tiger as it’s very greasy and doesn’t hold well at all. If you have naturally soft hair it might work but I have a face full of copper wire so yeah…

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