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    A photo of the safety razor.

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    Keep it tidy.

    Even for the bearded fellow, a 5 o’clock shadow can haunt you in the morning. If you’re the type to keep his cheeks and neck trimmed and smooth, then you could use a powerful electric beard trimmer, but I prefer the classic safety razor. This safety razor is the kind your granddad probably used (that and the straight razor). It’s heavy, feels great in the hand, and dances intimately with your cheeks. Irradiate those pitiful whisker stubs that seek to destroy your perfectly groomed beard with this safety razor.

    Photo of the safety razor.

    This marvelous machine is made by the Germans, known for their attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. Among other things.



    Using a badger hair brush, lather on some shaving soap. Don’t use that nasty stuff from a can! Lather it on with warm water and let the soap penetrate your pores. Then, apply the safety razor to your cheeks gently. You don’t need to apply much pressure, as this manly metal tool is heavy enough to destroy your whiskers on its own. Let the weight of the thing scrape away at your 5 o’clock shadow in short, tender strokes until your cheeks and neck are as smooth as your woman wants them.

    This is the same safety razor I use, and I love it.

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    1. Merkur’s products are so awesome. I have been using 34c for a few months ant it is awesome!

    2. Hey Brandon, have you looked into Harry’s razors and shaving creams? I’m curious what your thoughts are between them and your current recommendations. I’ve been using a Harry’s razor for about a half a year now, about as long as I’ve been growing my beard, and it’s the best razor I’ve used.

      • I’m glad its working for you, but I must admit that I’m not impressed with what I saw at Harry’s. The Harry’s razor is just a $20 disposable razor with interchangeable heads. What I recommend here is a safety razor, which is a heavy metal razor and needs only one blade, which you can replace. This is the simplest machine you can use for shaving, and it produces the smoothest shave, in my opinion.

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