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    Photo of stainless steel straight razor.

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    Keep that neckline even.

    First thing’s first: I do not approve of shaving off your magnificent beard. But, for some men, the sight of an uneven cheek or neck line causes them to despair. For them, there is the straight razor.

    The straight razor differs from the safety razor in that it is basically one big, sharp blade, with no protective guard. It takes some considerable skill and practice before one masters the straight razor (far less than the modern beard trimmer). But for those who do, the rewards are endless.

    Close up of the straight razor.
    Image of a straight razor.

    This was the way our forefathers used to shave. (When they didn’t have beards, that is.) There is no way to get a closer shave, and the feel of the thing is magnificent. In Seattle where I live, the straight razor is banned in barber shops. Apparently the hippy lawmakers here saw too many showings of The Demon Barber from Fleet Street. Anyway, if you don’t live in Seattle, then go on down to your local old-school barber shop and have the gent there give you a nice trim with a straight razor. After the experience, you will understand why this amazing machine is worth it. Use it to even out your cheeks and neckline, and have your lovely lady tidy up the back of your neck with it.

    Lastly, we live in a culture that has forgotten the traditions of the past. Therefore it is every man’s duty to collect a set of manly heirlooms to pass on to his sons when he leaves this mortal coil. Find yourself a durable shaving instrument, and take care of it for your son.

    I’ve assembled a collection of some of the best selling, highest rated, and most highly reviewed straight razors for you below. I’ve also included a list of other things you will need to get you started, including a barber strop, shaving soap, and a badger bristle brush.

    More Straight Razors

    Parker Straight Edge Stainless Steel Razor


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    Dovo Straight Razor with Matt


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    Gold Dollar Straight Razor


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    Dovo BEST QUALITY Carbon Steel Straight Razor


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    Straight Razor Shaving Necessities

    Straight Razor Barber Strop

    For sharpening and cleaning your straight razor. Despite the low quality image, this is one of the best selling and highest reviewed on Amazon.straight-razor-barber-strop


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    Shaving Soap by Proraso

    A photo of shaving soap by Proraso.

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    Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

    Photo of the badger bristle shaving brush.

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    Beginner’s Straight Razor Shaving Set


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    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

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