Straighten Your Beard

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    I have a very curly beard. I like it. However, I must admit that when I was young and reckless, I envied those chaps with the very straight viking beards. While I have come to accept the beard I was born with, there are many good reasons to envy the straight beard.

    The Drawbacks of a Curly Beard

    Here’s why:

    Each beard grows at about the same rate–half an inch per month–whether it is curly or straight. However, curly beard hairs grow in a big loop, while straight beard hairs just keep on growing downwards. So, in the time it takes for a curly beard to grow, say, half a foot long, a straight beard has grown three times as long, because the curly beard hairs keep on looping in on themselves.

    A curly beard is distinguished from a wavy beard. Some beard strands have a slight spin in them, making them grow down in a spiral. But a true curly beard will get big loops in it, causing beard hairs to grow into other beard hairs, making it much more likely that you’ll get knots in your beard. Truly, owners of curly beards were placed on this earth to withstand great turmoil in order to attain finely honed patience. Take a bow, curly chaps.


    Here is a bad boy that fell out of my beard recently. It’s a perfect coil. In fact, it’s so perfect that as I was trying to stretch it out to take a photo of its length, it sprung out of my hands and flew away. I couldn’t find it.

    Photo of a curly beard hair. Use a beard straightener to straighten it.

    From follicle to tip, this coil measured only two inches, but when I stretched it out, it was six inches long. This, my friends, is why men with curly beards appear to have shorter ones.

    To illustrate, here is a photo of my beard in its natural state, compared to my beard after I have straightened it with a hair straightener.

    Photo of a man with a curly beard.
    A straight beard.

    As you can see, my beard is much longer straight, even though it is the same exact beard. Protip: Many of the award-winning beard champions use hair straighteners to maximize their length for competitions.

    A straightened beard will last a while, but it is not permanent. It will go back to normal once you take a shower. Here’s mine the next morning after straightening it. As you can see, it lasted, and is much longer than my normal beard.

    A straightened beard.

    Straightened beards feel silky and wispy. If you decide to straighten your beard with a hair straightener, be careful! Many hair straighteners get too hot and can actually burn through your beard, or permanently damage your beard hair. If you use just the right amount of heat, you can get by without any lasting damage, and your beard will be straight and smooth.

    After much research, I bought a highly rated small ceramic hair straightener that maxes out at a medium heat. It is hot enough to straighten a beard, but not hot enough to harm it.

    This is the one I use:

    Beard Straightener

    A beard hair straightener

    Brand: Remington
    4.5 based on 27 reviews
    $39.99 New

    I like this one because it is smaller than a regular hair straightener, making it easy to use one-handed, and harder to burn your chin with. You can see more beard straighteners here.

    Beard Relaxer

    Another option is to use a beard relaxing cream. Apply this to your beard and it will straighten it permanently. That’s right, this is a forever-change. Your beard will keep growing curly, however, so after a few months, you may need to go back and apply the relaxing agent to the new growth (not the old growth, which you already straightened with the relaxer). This stuff does not damage your beard! It is designed to fortify your beard hairs and make them more healthy. The one below has over 100 5-star reviews. You need to use it in combination with the beard straightening iron, however.

    Photo of a beard relaxing agent.

    Click to add all items to your cart

    Here is another relaxer that has over 50 great reviews. This one has more bottles you have to go through, but it does not require the beard straightening iron, like the one above.

    Photo of the beard relaxer.

    Click to add all items to your cart

    How to Straighten Your Beard

    Straightening a beard is an art in itself. I’ve done it quite a few times and I’ll share with you my steps:

    1. Moisten your beard ever so slightly. I like to use a good beard oil. Rub it into your beard, and then comb it through every strand. This will protect your beard from heat damage.
    2. Start at the top of your beard–the strands closest to your cheek bones. Find a good horizontal slice of beard, and separate it from the rest of your beard. Make sure it is flat. Then, clamp it with your hair straightener and quickly drag it along your beard. If you go too slowly, you can burn and damage your beard. I usually count to “1” with each stroke of the beard straightener.
    3. Go over the same section multiple times to get every strand straight.
    4. Move onto a new slice until you have all the top hair of your beard straight. Then, bend your straightened hair upwards to reveal your lower layer of curly beard hair. If your beard is long enough, it should hold up on its own. Do the same thing–grab a slice of beard, separate it, then run it through with your beard straightener until straight.
    5. Continue downward until your whole beard is straight. It’s important to get your under-beard as well. This part of my beard, at least, is the curliest and longest. I achieved significant new length when I straightened my under-beard.
    6. When done, brush it through with a nice beard brush or beard comb. You’ll immediately notice that your beard is easier to brush, and you get fewer kinks and pulled-out strands. Squirt on a few drops of beard oil to add weight to it, and go forth into the world with a perfectly straight beard, you classy chap.

    If you use a beard relaxing cream, follow these steps instead:

    1. Wash your hair with the relaxing shampoo, and towel try.
    2. Put on disposable gloves, and divide your beard into smaller sections.
    3. Apply the relaxing agent to your beard segments, piece by piece. Try not to get any on your skin. You need to apply it all within 30 minutes, so work swiftly. Once applied, massage it into your beard hairs (remember to wear the gloves). Finally, use a fine-toothed comb to get the agent closer to the root of your hairs.
    4. After 30 minutes, rinse the agent out. Do not shampoo it!
    5. Use a blow-dryer to dry your beard. Don’t use a towel, or else you’ll pull the agent off.
    6. Once dry, use the beard hair straightening iron to iron the waves and curls out of your beard, using the instructions I gave above.
    7. Once done, use the agent neutralizer to deactivate the relaxing agent.
    8. Using the enclosed shampoo, wash the agent out of your beard three times. (That is, apply the shampoo, lather, wash it out, and do it twice more).
    9. Rinse out the shampoo, and apply the moisturizing conditioner. Then, put on the enclosed plastic cap and leave yoru beard alone for 30 minutes.
    10. After 30 minutes, rinse out the conditioner.
    11. Finally, towel dry your hair, and apply the “shine sealer” to your dry hair. Then, blow it bone dry.
    12. All done! You have a straight beard sir.

    What causes a curly beard?

    Curly beards, like curly head hair, are caused by the shape of your hair follicle, as pre-determined by genetics. Instead of having a straight hair follicle, a curly beard has follicles that are curved, like pieces of uncooked macaroni. The hair is formed in the follicle and forever grows at a curve, looping in on itself, giving you a curly beard.

    A graph depicting curly hair and straight hair in the follicle.

    Notice that the curvy hair in this diagram is twice as long as the straight one, but appears shorter in the line-up.

    This, incidentally, is an evolutionary enhancement to the straight beard. A curly beard keeps more hair closer to the face, and therefore holds more air trapped against the chin, providing warmer insulation. Back in the caveman days, a curly beard was an advantage to men who spent hours in the cold, compared to their straight-beard counterparts. So hey, you’ve got that going for you.

    Today, many see a straight beard as a more attractive beard, but don’t let that get you down. Why, look at this dear fellow. Now that is an intimidating curly beard.


    Whether your beard is curly, wavy, or straight, be proud of it, and sport it mightily! Take care of it using my beard maintenance tips, and it will serve you well for years to come.

    What type of beard do you have? Does your lady have a preference? Share in the comments below, chaps.

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    About the Author

    Brandon M. Dennis
    Greetings, fellow beardsmen! I'm a beard health expert and journalist working out of Seattle, Washington. I'm also an author, marketer, and story-teller. Read my swashbuckling fantasy sea adventure novel, The Tale of Cloran Hastings, and click my name to learn more about me. Enjoy the site!
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    1. I sport a full beard. unfortunately I thought it would look a little better if I had my barber shape it up and take a little of my neck beard off. bad choice. he trimed it far too much and I’m not a fan of the stubble on my neck. sure I look a little younger but that’s not really a problem for a 20 year old man. my woman isn’t fond of the aftermath either. live and learn I guess. I know I’m going to do all my own trimming from now on.

      • The good news is that beards grow back! Thankfully, your beard will hide the stubble of your maimed neck-beard until it grows back. It will itch like a mad-man for a while, but power through it and you’ll be thankful.

    2. This dosent have to do with this topic but I have a question for you sir. I’m 17 and my beard is I’d say a novice level beard how long should the average 17 year olds beard be?

      • Men start growing beards at different ages based on their genetics, so it’s impossible to say how long your beard should be right now. That said, at your age, it’s normal for a beard to be small and thin.

        As you age, it will grow more robust and thick. You can, however, speed things up by activating nascent follicles. Use beard vitamins to jump-start your beard.

    3. Hey there, I have been growing a beard for three and a half years, and it seems to be shrinking! I have never trimmed it at all, and when I look at pictures of it from 2 years ago, it was easily 3-4 inches longer. I do brush it daily, and was thinking of trying the beard straightener. Any tips or tricks for getting maximum length out of a curly beard? Thanks!

      • Shrinking? Wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that. Are you, by chance, a little fat (like me, no offence intended)? I have found that fatter faces make beards look smaller, and in fact, fatter faces have follicles that run deeper into the skin.

        The only other explanation I can think of is that your hormones are changing over time, creating an imbalance of testosterone, which is causing facial hair loss. Consider using a testosterone booster, or beginning a testosterone-friendly health regimen. Are you balding? It could be that your beard is no longer growing due to testosterone imbalance, and as hairs fall our, your beard looks thinner and shorter. In that case, I’d recommend taking some beard growth vitamins.

      • This can also be caused be breakage. If you don’t use essential oils or vitamins, your hair will start breaking away every time you brush.

    4. I appreciate your insight on curly beards. I have been blessed/cursed with the same plight as you. I’m just past the one year mark, and I have no plans on stopping. Have you come across any products or regiment that has smoothed your beard out any? Like you, my beard is twice as long as it shows, and I feel like I’ve earned a little bit extra visible length. Any pointers you have would be greatly appreciated.

      • Sure thing, you can try using a beard hair relaxer. Here is one with over 100 5-star reviews. You’re supposed to use it along with an electric hair straightener, like the one I mentioned above.

        Note that this is a permanent change–it will make your beard hair straight and healthy permanently, and will now wash out.

        Here is another one that you can try using. It comes with a few more steps you have to go through, but you don’t need the iron. It, also, straightens your beard permanently.

        Good luck mate! Tell me how this works for you.

    5. Great info!

    6. I have been blessed( or cursed) with a curly beard as well. I believe I have access to a small hair straightener but my question is does it have to be a special beard straightener(not even sure one exists) or can you use a normal everyday hair straightener?

    7. I have a full beard but up by my ears is curly I can’t fix it what should I do

      • It may be that as your sideburns grow, they will eventually get heavy enough to fall down with the rest of your beard. If you want to straighten them now, then buy the beard straightener on this page (the ceramic coating makes it safe for beards) and straighten your sideburns. Then, simply comb them down to meet your beard.

    8. Hey. I’ve been growing a beard for three months now. I plan on letting it grow for years to come. Anyways, here’s my deal. One side of my beard (the left one 2 be exact) is having issues. About mid-ways down my neck, my beard hair seems to start growing upward, meeting the hair that grows downward. It is pushing my hair outward where it meets, and causing my hair to curl up just at the very tip of my beard. Any tips on why this might be happening, or what I can do to stop it.
      Thanks in advance my bearded friend

      • Yes, this is normal and very common. You could try straightening it using one of the beard straightening methods I discuss on this page.

        Or, you could just let it grow out. Eventually, your beard will get heavy enough to pull down–even the strands from your neck that grow up. Then, your beard will stop curling.

        Hope that helps, keep at it!

    9. Great info…ive been tbinking about straightening my beard but fear that I wont like it. Im about 7 months in and at about 4-5 inches

      • 5 inches is good! The nice thing about using a hair straightener to straighten your beard is that it washes out. Take a shower, and your beard goes back to curly, so you can test it out before straightening it permanently to see if you like it.

    10. Howdy, nice page! Some very useful stuff here! I’ve been growing my beard for quite a while and it’s going great, the only issue is that my beard grows great around my chin/neck/mouth, however, the sides and higher up the face just don’t have the same coverage, apart from my moustache, nothing seems to grow higher than my bottom lip. Is there anyway to encourage the growth in these areas?

    11. Mr. Dennis, I need your advice: I have a full beard, about 9 inches long, and it is curled. I love riding my motorcycle, but my beard is hard to control. If I let it hang loosely, it will cover my entire face as I’m riding, and when I stop, it looks like it tore my beard in several pieces, making them unable to fall down again as “one beard”. I have used those elastic bands to keep it together as I’m riding, but then I end up with a beard that has dents where the elastic was. I would like to find a solution where my beard would fall back down after the ride, or that the elastics do not make such an imprint on my beard. I have used different conditioners to make it softer, and hopefully easier to return to a full beard.

      Do you have any advice for me?

      • A very interesting problem! Points to you for presenting me with something I have never heard before.

        I think you have 2 choices:

        1) Use a beard conditioner like this one. I have used it often and it really works well. My strands are loose when I use it, and go right where I want them to.

        2) Try using a beard wax. The wax will keep your beard in place, preventing it from getting all out of whack. I’m not sure how motorcycle wind will affect it, but it’s worth a try.

        My favorite is the extra grit wax, but you could always try the heavy duty stuff too.

        Good luck!

    12. harley evans says:

      I am a 20 year old and am currently growing out my first beard! i decided the stubble seemed to be coming through thick enough to go for it I’m around 2 months and was wandering how I can tame it.. I have brown hair but have been blessed with red facial hair (something I’m very proud of) however now its got to around an inch and a bit long the sides are looking a little wild..? they seem to be growing outwards.. I have invested in a little beard/mustache comb which does the trick on the tash and the main body at the front the sides are very wild… is there anything I can use to help get them growing the right way?

      Thank you

    13. I am a proud servent of a very curly red beard (the face-carpet does not match the brown curtains) and I absolutely love the beard grooming advice from this site.

    14. Sir help me out! I don’t have these beard products available in my country! And I don’t want to use a straightener, as I just grew it! After the morning shower my beard’s fine but when I leave for work it looks like someone threw a grenade in there! What should I do to keep it growing straight?

    15. Adam Sechrist says:

      Hey Brandon. I’ve tried the beard wax on my side burns And my cheeks are really wavy doesn’t work to great, get lots of compliments on it but gets out of hand a few hrs after work and I Carry a small comb but doesn’t work to well at this point.

    16. Brently TN says:

      Hello. I am African American and just started on the journey to bearded glory a few months ago. Of course due to ethnicity, and genetics, I have VERY coarse hair. I was wondering if there was a way to straighten my hair as well? I understand that some hair products are meant for certain hair types. I’ve done a relaxer a few times but I’m scared to much use of those chemicals would damage my already fragile beard. Also ive noticed the relaxer works on my chin, but on my underbeard or side burns! My hair very resiliant lol..And would it be safe to use the ceramic straitener close to face? Any advice and input is welcome and very muchappreciated. Thx in advance!

      • You have to be very careful when using it close to your face, but yes, it can be done safely. The trick is to use a small, one-handed hair straightener, and then go through your beard slowly, one slice at a time.

    17. I heard horror stories of people getting chemical burns to their face using relaxers. Is there any way to do it without getting chemical burns? Do you know of anyone who has done it successfully without any harm to their skin? What methods did they use if so. Thanks so much for all the help.

      • Every person’s skin is different, and responds differently to chemical relaxers. If you have sensitive skin, then you may want to try it out on a small patch of skin before placing it all over your face.

        I don’t know anyone personally, but I do know of men on the professional beard competition circuit who use hair relaxers to straighten their beards. These relaxers are the only permanent way to straighten beards, as heat styling washes out.

    18. I have a question, I have been growing my beard out for close to a year now but I got a haircut about 2 months ago, and the guy trimmed by beard up a bit, and now that it has been growning back, my chin seems to be longer than any other part of my beard and I wonder if I could possibly trim it up and it still look ok? I hate to trim it up bc I really dont want to mess with the growing process… any ideas? tips?

      • It’s really up to what you think looks good. Many men like having beards that are longer than they are wide. Others like having a round poof-ball effect, like I do. See my list of 54 different facial hair styles for inspiration.

        If you still think your beard looks bad the way it is, then yes, I’d trim it to the style you like best, and let it grow out from there.

    19. I don’t have a specific type, peculiarly enough my mustache is straight and the hair under my lip down to my chin is straight but the hair under my chin and on my neck including the sides of my face is curly, it’s a peculiar mix as I mentioned but I quite like it.

      Now I just need to thicken up the sides a bit, my cheeks are a tad spotty at the moment but they’re thickening up nicely… just so slowly (well, I managed to get rid of the bald spot on my chin that looked really bad, I’m almost at a nice and full beard)

    20. love the advice I have a curly beard as well, unfortunately I cant grow it too long with my employer, so my question is are there straighteners I can use without a hot iron, because my beard is to short for an iron Thank You

    21. I started growing my beard in December and I have never used a beard balm or oil and now I do not know what brand or kind of beard product to use? And which method is better combing my beard or brushing it? (My beard is curly)

    22. Daniel Picknell says:

      Hi there!
      I’m 25 and am just able to grow a beard although I have jawline patches. I’m powering on in pursuit of a full and glorious beard but it seems to grow so slowly… I take multivitamins, B vitamins and even Biotin supplements to help my beard along as best I can. I’ve taken much advice from your website and have recently ordered some beard wax, oil and a comb but as my beard is still fairly short I feel like I’m maybe doing all this too soon?
      I’ve been growing it now for about 4 months and its no more than 2cm long :(
      Sorry to ramble on but I’m just so determined to reach beard glory! Thanks again for all your advice and I’m happy to be a regular reader of your work!

      Dan (London, England)

      • Thanks very much Dan!

        At 2cm over 4 months, your beard does indeed grow slowly. Do you trim it at all? If you trim it, you may be cutting your beard success short. Try leaving it alone for at least 6 months before taking a trimmer to it.

        Another possibility is that your particular genetic makeup has a short anagen phase length. Do you find whiskers on your pillow or in the bottom of your shower drain? If so, then your beard is naturally shedding whiskers after they grow a few cm long, meaning that you naturally grow a very short beard.

        If neither of these are true, then you just have a super slow growing beard. It sounds like you are doing things right in terms of health. Make sure you get a full serving of protein each day (preferably animal protein, but vegetarian protein works too). Finally, consider using Lipogaine on your patches, and a Lipogaine shampoo every morning on your face.

        Happy bearding!

        • Daniel Picknell says:

          Thank you so much for the reply! :)

          Yes I have trimmed it but I have since stopped as of a few weeks ago to just let it grow out and deal with the initial craziness. The beard oil, wash and wax, however is helping massively!

          No there’s no signs of natural shedding or anything you mentioned so I think your right in just letting it grow. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

          Thanks again!


    23. Great Thread! I am a fellow bearded one…But I have an issue/question. Before I was introduced to the manly world of beards, I had a goatee..for maybe 8 years. Now from cheek area is all gray hair, and my mouth area (where my goatee used to hang) is black. It kind of reminds me of a reverse skunk look. Aside from dying it (which I refuse to do at 30) do you have any hints on how to get the natural color back?

      • Men gray at different times. I also have some gray hair in my beard, even though I have none on my head. My gray beard hair grows only on the tip of my chin.

        Even though your genetics are likely the cause, it is possible that your overall health could be a contributing factor to your early gray beard hairs. My only suggestions are to eat healthier, with lots of natural proteins, and to start exercising.

    24. Pete Pandazis says:

      Hey Brandon, thanks for the article. I am just starting to grow my beard out, but have often needed to trim it because the longer it got, the more directions it seemed to grow in. My beard is not all that thick and grows in wavy/frizzy. I am wondering which one single product you would recommend to get started. I am going to add more as I proceed, just do not know where to start. I was thinking about going with a beard balm, please let me know if this is the right way to go, and which one you would recommend. Or if there is something else I should begin with, please let me know that as well. Thank you my friend!

      • Hello Pete, thanks for the comment.

        First, try not to trim your beard until it gets very long indeed. If you trim it while it is growing, you slow down your beard’s overall progress, taking you longer to discover what your beard will actually look like.

        Instead of trimming, use a beard wax to keep your bristles in their place. This is the number one product I recommend for keeping stray hairs in line. For blonde or red beards, I recommend Honest Amish’s original beard wax. For dark beards (brown and black), I recommend Honest Amish’s Extra Grit beard wax. See my article on beard waxes for more information.

        Now, if you want to grow a straight beard, the only thing you can do is straighten it after it grows. Since a hair’s shape and texture is determined by your hair follicle shape, there is no product you can use to change the way your beard naturally grows.

        If you want to permanently straighten your beard, I suggest using the PhytoSpecific Relaxer kit. This works well, and will straighten your beard hair permanently. New hair, however, will continue to grow curly. Many months later, you may need to re-straighten the new hair with more PhytoSpecific Relaxer.

    25. I am having a hard time with a beard that looks great on the right but started to curl around on the left starting at the jawline. The effect is that the right looks full and orderly but the left looks thinner as it gets away from where the curly hair sits closer to my jaw. Kinda like someone thinned out the left side. Any thoughts?

      • In your situation, I would use a strong beard wax to keep the left side tame and in line. A strong beard wax will allow you to shape your beard the way you like it.

        • I’ll give it a try — thanks my beardy brother

        • A Truly Curly Beardsman says:

          This doesn’t work. All that does is mask the problem. It won’t go away, I should know I’ve tried. I wake up every morning looking like a psychopath. You’ll spend much more time trying to tame your beard than it’s worth. Just let it grow for a while. If it gets too bad I recommend you straighten it like mentioned above. Taming it with wax just masks the problem and you will realize you spend 4 hrs a day grooming your beard which is just not worth having a beard. Oh really you say? I can tell from just looking at the author of this blog I’ve had a beard longer than this dude has been alive so trust me in what I say. He’s a beard rookie I’m a beard OG.

          • Hello Beard OG, welcome to the blog. I think most rational people will agree that topical authority doesn’t come with age, or even experience. Mark Zuckerberg is still the most qualified person in the world to be CEO of Facebook, despite being young, and despite not being the man to have invented social media. Just ask Tom Anderson.

            It sounds like you have enough experience and options to start your own beard blog. I encourage you to do so. It’s easy to talk big. True OGs are the ones who do.

            To other readers curious about straightening their beards, both hair irons and beard wax will help. This article clearly says that hair ironing works temporarily, but washes out in the shower (as does beard wax). It need not be said that both solutions are not permanent.

            What is permanent is the use of hair relaxers, which I mentioned earlier in this post. The bio ionic hair straightening system will straighten your existing beard permanently. It uses a hair iron to do the initial straightening, but the solution is what keeps the hairs straight.

            The PhytoSpecific Hair Relaxer is currently unavailable, but it also permanently straightens hair (without the need of a hair straightener). It is a popular product, so I am sure it will be back in stock soon.

            Of course, new beard hair will grow in curly, because curly hair is formed due to the shape of our beard follicles. We have curly beard hair because our facial follicles are curved. There is no way to straighten hair follicles, so there is no way to “cure” curly beard hair. Thus, the only solutions we have are those that alter the shape of our hair once it has grown, which we will have to reapply periodically throughout life (like hair dye).

            These tactics will work on all bearded men. Even Beard OGs.

    26. Hello! Completely unrelated to the article, but where did you buy your glasses? They’re gorgeous!

    27. Hi
      I am struggling with a problem related to my beard kindly reply if u have a solution. One side of my beard is straight down i.e the growth is toward jaw but from chin it is growing towards the other side ear. At the mid section of just below the chin it is growing towards ear. Now i have a confusion that what is the correct pattern of growth it should be towards ear from the mid section of chin or otherwise. I want a symmetrical beard. I have a patch beard but committed to have full beard so i am growing.

      • Wow, it sounds like you have quite a magical beard indeed!

        There is nothing wrong with your beard at all. That’s just the way your follicles are shaped, and it is unique. Similarly, some men are born with hair that grows in swirls on their heads, and others have “cow licks” where rogue follicles break the swirl and grow in a completely different direction. This is just part of the wonder of being unique.

        Now since you want a symmetrical beard anyway (I can’t blame you), I suggest combing your beard downward. The hairs on your chin that want to grow towards your ear should be combed downward. Then use beard wax to keep them in place during the day.

    28. A Truly Curly Beardsman says:

      Hello. I just wanted to comment the fact that what you have is not really a curly beard. Sure, it’s somewhat curly but a true curly beard is one that is like yours on one side and then on the other the bends up halfway and curls up like crazy. What you have is a “manageable” curly beard which is no problem at all. And since looking at your hair you have no idea what a truly curly beard is. I do. It’s a nightmare to manage. My beard is slightly longer than yours but one side of my beard bends straight out or curls straight up. I’d kill for a “curly” beard like yours. You can easily manage a beard like yours no problem. Try having half of your face look crazy cause on part barely goes below your chin and the other goes to your nipples. That’s my boss level of curly. It’s a whole different ballgame than what you got. The only remedy for people like me is to just let it grow. As it gets longer it will lay down flatter. Or, use one of the straightening tips you mentioned above but again you don’t need it. Your beard is fine. Try living with this then you will know what curly is. It’s like a healthy person talking about how hard cancer must be. You haven’t a clue my bearded friend.

      I don’t knock what you are doing you just comment on a subject you have no experience with.

      • Thanks for the comment friend. I think my beard is curly enough to be considered “curly” by most people. In one of my photos above, I showed you one of my beard hairs that was so curly, it formed a perfect coil. If that is not curly enough for you, then there is just no pleasing you.

        Of course, there are beards that are far curlier than mine, just like there are heavy things that come in different weights. My car is still heavy, even though it is not as heavy as the Statue of Liberty.

        And let’s try to not equate living with a curly beard to living with cancer. There is no comparison.


    29. justin haydock says:

      Brandon Sir, great article. I have been growing my beard now for almost a year (one more month) and I couldn’t be happier. Recently my wife and her friend had gottwn bored one evening and decided to straighten my beard. Until they did this I did not know it was even possible. Then a couple of days later I come across your article.

      My problem sir is that I am experiencing dry skin and what I would call dandruff, what can I do to fix this? I use a OTC dandruff shampoo and I condition, I’ve even gone to such lengths as globbing lotion in my beard and letting it set for an hour or so. Not much seems to help. Can you help me please?

      • I have the same problem my friend,s o I can help you here.

        Did the beard dandruff appear only after you straightened your beard? If so, then I suggest coating your beard with beard oil before straightening it, or just stop using a hair iron all together.

        Read my article on beard dandruff. I have lots of good stuff in there.

        For me, I shampoo my beard with either Grandpa’s Pine Tar Shampoo, or T-gel, whichever I happen to have on hand. T-Gel works wonders, and Grandpa’s works well enough (I prefer the scent of Grandpa’s to Tgel).

        Then, use a baby hair comb to comb all the flakes out of your beard after your shower. Finish off by using a beard balm (which has shea butter, which is excellent for soothing flaky skin).

        This should work. If not, let me know!

    30. Thanks for this great blog kind sir! Just started growing my beard about a month ago. As the beard gets to 1/2 or 3/4 inches long, I notice several individual hairs starting to twist or curl, many times pointing sideways. When this happens at the edges of my beard and the hair noticably sticks to the side it drives me bonkers. I actually just have just a goatee which is growing out– no hair from an inch away from ear to my goatee line.

      Is it common or practical to let my goatee just continue to grow instead of a full beard or would that be just weird? Thank you!

      • There are many men who have long and flowing goatees. It is totally normal!

        I personally prefer a full beard, and I use beard wax to tame my stray beard hairs when they try to twist up and away. But if you prefer a long goatee, charge onward good sir!

    31. Wow! This is a really great and informative blog you have here! I am 20 years of age and I recently trimmed my beard as I thought it was time for a change. However i trimmed it to a 4 with a normal pair of electric hair clippers and it was quite short after the trimming. It has now been 3 months and my hears have grown back to 3-4 inches long. I am trying to get it back to my original 8 inch length after 8 months of growing and with the power of your information, it should help me get there with a much healthier beard around my chin. If you have a facebook page by any chance, i would be much appreciative if you could provide the details. Thanks for your time and effort of finding this information, we bearded men need to stick together!

    32. Branden Welday says:

      I just purchased a mini hair straightener from Remington. It is ceramic which I’ve noticed you said is better than metal. I haven’t opened the package yet but on the outside it says it goes to 400 degrees so my question to you is will that be too hot? What would be my ideal temp for a hair straightener to be used on my beard? Thank you in advance for your help!

      • Start with the lowest temperature. Make sure you use quick straight strokes. If that doesn’t straighten your beard, slowly crank it up until it does. If you see smoke or smell anything that smells foul like burning hair, stop! You have it too hot.

    33. What i’d like to ask you is that as aforementioned the type of beard or the natural style of beard depends upon genetics, my dad has a straight beard though he shaves it every morning but if he ever grows it long its totally straight where as i have a curly beard. I’m 21 years of age with a beard length of almost 4 inch and I’ve never shaved i only used to trim, so my question to you is that if i shave for a month or so will i be able to grow a straight beard or not ?

    34. Carl T Banks says:

      Your genetics are what they are

    35. Completely off topic, but are you Oxhorn, the guy that used to make WoW videos?

    36. William T Weeks says:

      Mine grows straight until it gets below my chin, then the sides want to make a big loop outwards. I’ve tried balm, oil, everything I can think of but it always ends up making big loops below my cheeks. Any suggestions?

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