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    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items

    Fix Your Beard With These Top Items


    1. Joseph Brown says:

      As a beard enthusiast I agree with most of your advice . Although all products claiming to grow a beard is unbelievable .Genetics is the only thing that matters if you are able. You can’t make a beard grow.That information is misleading. Yes vitamins and health testosterone. I come from a family of Epic Beards. And also Own Illinois Beard Company. Small company which I do for my love of Big Beards.My Great Great Grandfather Haywood Morgan from Morgan County Tennessee a beard over 3 ft.Yes environment and health was a factor. But genetics is the key to a Epic Beard.Beard on Bearded brother .you’re good information helps the beginner .And before any of you sell your products. PLEASE GET A ATTORNEY TO PROTECTION YOU.AS PEOPLE HAVE ALLERGIES. BE INFORMED

      • Thanks for the comment Joseph. While I agree that genetics are the most important factor for determining good beard growth (as I say in many places on this site), there actually are ways to force a beard to grow, even if you can;t grow one very well on your own. Minoxidil is a proven substance that dilates capillaries and brings more nutrient-rich blood-flow to otherwise dormant follicles, helping them to grow. This will work on any human that has follicles where they apply the minoxidil. This is why Rogaine works.

        I also agree with your warning to people interested in producing their own beard care products. Please read the warning labels on any essential oils you use very carefully. If you use essential oils that are dangerous for certain people, like pregnant mothers, then these warnings should also be placed on the bottles of beard are product you produce for your customers.

      • What type of attorney should be consulted? Personal injury?

    2. Great blog

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