Testosterone for Beards

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    Does testosterone help facial hair growth?

    The short answer is, yes: testosterone helps men grow thicker, longer, and fuller beards.

    I recently concluded an interview with Dr. Alan Bauman, a facial hair transplant specialist. I asked him what effect testosterone has on facial hair growth, and he responded:

    Testosterone has the opposite effect on beard hair as it does on the scalp.  On the scalp, testosterone causes hair loss. In the beard, testosterone is responsible for thicker hair growth.

    Now before you start throwing away your testosterone supplements for fear of going bald, let me explain what he said. There is a certain steroid found in testosterone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short. While the human male body responds to testosterone by growing male body hair, including the beard, DHT collects in head hair follicles over time and chokes them.

    This is why older men go bald. Their follicles have collected so much DHT over their lifetimes, that their head follicles are choked, cutting off hair growth.

    Now, each man has different levels of DHT in his testosterone, which is why some men bald early, and others never go bald. DHT doesn’t harm facial hair or body hair, which is why bald men can grow epic, massive beards.

    Thus, you can increase your beard thickness and health by taking a testosterone booster and compliment it with a DHT blocker.

    Here is the mixture I recommend

    TEST WORx Testosterone Booster



    Brand: Superior Labs
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    DHT Blocker

    Photo of beard regrowth DHT blocker.



    Using these two supplements, your body gets the testosterone it desperately needs to fight off estrogen production and grow an epic beard; and at the same time you block DHT, so that you don’t go bald.

    Alternatively, you can jump-start your body’s optimal testosterone growth by adopting a testosterone-friendly health regimen. Christopher Walker’s famous program Testosterone.IO is one respected option.

    For more information on growing beards and facial hair growth, see my list of beard growing guides, here.

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    1. im 23 years old and i can grow some facial hair but the problem areas for me are my cheeks and my the connections from mustache to make the full goatee, will taking the testosterone booster help it will filling in ive been taking vitabeard and i bought a bottle of testosterone booster but i havent tried it yet so i figured i would ask you first on what i can possibly do

      • All of these things will help. It’s up to you to decide which you will try first.

        I suggest starting with what you have first. If you don’t see results, then switch to a testosterone booster. Check with your doctor first though.

        • Hey Brandon, Im going to purchase both supplements the booster and the DHT blocker. I was wondering on how to take these, do I just take both of them at the same time? Or do I take the booster first and wait a week later? Thank you.

      • Don’t waste your time and money on a legal testosterone boosters, they may only increase testosterone production by extremely minuscule amounts, nothing that will even begin to produce any noticeable androgenic effects that will lead to secondary male characteristics such as beard growth. You would genuinely have more luck using something like minoxidil which actually stimulates hair follicles and encourages vellus hairs to transition into terminal hairs. At the end of the day, we all know what’s going to provide the most bang for your buck, it’s actual fucking testosterone and trenbolone, one of the most androgenic steroids which the Germans graced us with 30 odd years ago.

    2. Jeff-Beard says:

      So if I’m to use a testosterone booster, I would need to use the DHT blocker as well? Seems a bit trouble some. Would it be worth it, I mean they’re both a bit pricey.

    3. Johnny Dee says:

      I’m an older Gentleman of 66. Would Testosterone benefit me? Also if I’m using a beard balm to condition, do I need to use beard oil as well?

      • You don’t need to use both beard balm and beard oil. Choose one and use it every morning to condition those bristles.

        Yes, testosterone can help many men improve their beards, especially those over 50. In your 40s, your body slows down its production of testosterone, and over time, it starts producing more estrogen and less testosterone. Testosterone supplements, and physical exercise, can significantly improve beard growth for men over 50.

        However, please check with your doctor before taking a testosterone supplement. Testosterone is available over-the-counter without a prescription, but it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before taking any new supplements.

    4. Im 21 years old and have very little facial hair. would this product help me grow a beard or am i pretty much out of luck by now? and is it also dangerous to use at such a young age?

      • Some men produce beards later in life–even in their 30s–but for most people, they have beards by their early 20s. So yes, it is unusual that you have not grown a beard yet.

        I urge you to speak with your doctor before taking a testosterone supplement, but yes, testosterone can help men produce thicker beards. Men lose about 3% of their testosterone each year after age 30, so you should still be producing your max testosterone at your age. However, men produce less testosterone than they should for a variety of external reasons, including bad diet, and lack of exercise.

        I encourage you to read my article about beard growth serum. It will help you find a minoxidil substance to help you force your beard follicles to grow.

    5. Hi brandon
      I combine minoxidel 5% with testosterone booster and i purchased vita bear can i use vitabeard and testosterone booster together or i have to finish my T booster then start with vitabeard ?

    6. I’m 66 years old and am a professional Santa Claus. My beard has a lot of gray in it. Is there anything on the market that will whiten my beard naturally, wear as I don’t have to color it everyday?

      • No, sadly. You can’t use a substance to keep your body from producing melanin in just your beard hair. However, you can consider bleaching your beard, but results will be different for different people–sometimes results are pure white (blond and light brown beards) sometimes results are yellow-ish (black and dark brown beards).

        See my article on how to bleach a beard.

    7. hi iam 26 years old my mustaches and beard is thin and not on full face even if i dont shave for months hair grows very slow and turn back into skin cause itching also .i want to grow thick facial hair please suggest me some thing

    8. Nagaaraju P says:

      Hello, I am 23 years old. my beard is very thin and not having complete face.i wanted to see my face with full thicker beard. please suggest some good medicine to improve the beard

    9. Sandeep p says:

      Hi I am 33 years old. I have no hairs in the middle part of the mustaches.as well as the hairs are very thin. Please suggest any remedy if there

    10. Johnny Damato says:

      Hey Brandon good to see you are back (after your absense of a few years!) I always enjoyed your comments, and looking forward to reading them again!

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