How to Use Beard Oil

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    You grew a beard to hang your manly dignity right on your face. But your beard is dry, brittle, and wiry. When your woman nuzzles up to you for a snog, her cheeks turn red from the irritation. When your boss comes to congratulate you for winning the million-dollar account, he mistakes you for a homeless man. You, sir, need beard oil. But how do you use it?

    Beard oil has exploded as the beard grooming product of choice among beardsmen. Many makers of fine beard oil brands have sent me samples over the years for me to try out and recommend on this site. Let me show you how to use beard oil, and some indications to keep in mind when using.

    Note: I’ve produced some gifs to illustrate. They are a tad large so the page may load slowly. Patience, young beardling!

    First Things First

    A reader recently told me about an amazing device called Misto. Misto is a small pump-action oil sprayer, originally marketed to chefs for misting olive oil on bread. It can, in fact, work with any oil, and I bought one to apply my beard oil.

    Since it is a pump action oil mister, there are no aerosol or canisters to replace. Simply fill the device halfway (or less) with your favorite beard oil, pump it two or three times, and then apply to your beard.

    As I demonstrate in my 5 methods below, it’s very easy to use too much beard oil. These vials are designed to last you months or even years, because you’re only supposed to use a little bit. That’s where the Misto comes in handy. One or two sprays is all you need to cover your beard in a nice, even film of oil, ensuring you don’t use too much. It will save you cash in the long run.

    Misto comes in a variety of different colors and designs. I have the houndstooth version, shown below.

    How to Apply Beard Oil – Misto

    A photo of applying beard oil using MIsto.


    Other Colors Available


    Smear Method

    The basic method for applying beard oil is to dab a bit in your palms, and smear it all over your beard. Like so:

    A photo of a man dabbing beard oil into his hands and smearing it all over.

    This is a tried and true method. However, I have noticed that I tend to use more beard oil than necessary when dabbing it into my hands. Also, it’s hard to get the oil into the fibers of my beard. The beard oil tends to stay on the surface of my beard.

    Squirt Method

    This is my preferred way to use beard oil. Some beard oils come with a handy pump bottle. This regulates the amount of oil you use, giving you much more control. Simply squirt some beard oil onto your follicles, and then use a brush to push it deep down between your strands.

    Squirt some oil into your beard with a pump bottle.

    I find that this way, I cover more of the beard. The only drawback is sometimes I miss my beard, when I’m in a hurry, and shoot it off into the distance.

    Squirt on Brush Method

    Instead of squirting it onto your beard, you can use the pump bottle to squirt it onto the brush itself. Then, apply it to your beard.

    A man squirting beard oil onto his brush.

    This works well, however some of the oil remains on the brush, and can collect skin cells over time. The brush will need monthly cleaning.

    Eye Dropper Method

    Some beard oils come with a handy eye dropper. This gives you precise control over how much oil you use, and exactly where it goes.

    Use an eyedropper to apply oil to specific places.

    Use this method to apply oil onto specific spots–like your mustache, for example. Then, brush it out, or use your fingers to rub it in.

    Under Beard

    Bear in mind to get beard oil on all your beard strands, not just the surface beard. To do this, you may need to lift the top of your beard up, apply oil to the under layer, and brush it out.

    Apply beard oil to the under beard as well.

    You can do this in layers. Separate a slice of under beard, apply the oil, then slice out another middle layer, apply the oil, and so on.

    Using these methods, you too can oil your beard like a professional.

    Next up: Which beard oil do you choose? I have collected my favorite beard oils on my Beard Oil page, where I also include my recipe for creating your own beard oil.

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    1. Charlie Purvis says:

      I have a quick question How often does one oil the beard?

    2. Hi there! What are your thoughts on Jamaican black castor oil? I’m thinking of using it thicken my beard a bit.


      • The oil by itself is good as a carrier oil when making your own beard oil, but I suggest you purchase or make a professional beard oil to use on your beard. Beard oil will have a number of properties castor oil doesn’t have, including dry skin and dandruff help.

    3. Does the oil tend to get on your shirt throughout the day? If it does how do you keep it from ruining your shirts?

      • If you find that the oil is staining your shirt, then you are using too much. Try using less beard oil, and that should fix the problem.

        The goal is to coat each beard hair with a very thin layer of oil–just enough to give it weight and sheen. If you feel it run in your beard, then you;re using too much.

    4. I have a short beard right now but its very thick, and its starting to get itchy dandruff, what kind of oil should i use if at all? im also a college student on a budget 😡

    5. With a daily regimine of beard oil treatment, how does one intergrate moustache wax or beard wax into the process if at all?

    6. In my face not beard hire how to growth please tell me all ready 27years

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